About a Gaming café

The proposal detailed below included opening a Gaming Café offering top-of-the-line games as well as high-speed broadband. The company tries to fix the issue that children have no place to go to have fun while their parents shop in the mall. High-speed internet does not guarantee latency gaming or computing. The following paper outlines the steps needed to make the project a possibility.
The first step is to raise the funding required to start up a business; this capital would be sourced from investors. Getting money from investors has its benefits as well as its drawbacks; nevertheless, the advantages overwhelm the disadvantages and are therefore the better choice. Having an investor on board will help raise the capital needed without the worry of repayment deadlines or interest. Also, the investor can take on risks such as unforeseen costs that can arise and cause the business to fail. The only disadvantage of using an investor is that he will own part of the business.

The second step will involve identifying a mall with high traffic and renting space that is easily accessible and visible to people visiting the mall. Easy visibility and access will attract customers to the Café. Partitioning the rented space is the third step; this task will help in the allocation of space for the gamers, the internet users as well as a waiting lounge where parents can wait for their child to play or where people can wait for their turn to play a game.

Purchasing of the equipment needed will follow after the rented space is partitioned. The equipment needed include printers, scanners, desks, chairs and 15 gaming pcs. Purchasing is an important step since quality equipment is required. Equipment will be purchased based on their quality and price; the gaming pcs, for instance, should have the best graphics the market has to offer. In addition, the pc should already have gaming software installed. The desks and seats, on the other hand, will have to be comfortable enough that customers will have an enjoyable experience at the Café.

After all the equipment is purchased, the next step will include installing the high-speed internet and connecting it to the gaming pcs as well as to the pcs meant for internet only. After the internet is installed, we will purchase top of the line games including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II just to name a few. The purpose of this will to ensure that gamers have the best gaming experience; top of the line games always have the best gaming experience and also attract many gamers.

After everything is set up, the next step will be to hire staff who will monitor and supervise what is being accessed at all times; this step will ensure the place is friendly for all age groups and families. The staff will have to be trained before the Café is opened; this will ensure that the staffs are competent enough to provide great customer support. After training, the final step will include opening up the Café to the public.

Advertising will follow after the Café has been opened; we will advertise using social media as well as using a billboard at the mall’s entrance. Social media marketing has a wider reach hence it is a perfect option to create awareness about the gaming café. Placing the billboard at the mall’s entrance will inform people visiting the mall about the café hence increasing the chances of them visiting the mall. Also, when customers visit the café we will offer them bonuses when they come back with friends; this will encourage word of mouth referrals.

Finally, we will open a bank account where the cash that is earned will be saved; this will enable us to save enough to expand the gaming Café. In turn, this will ensure that the café becomes a $300k business within three years of opening.

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