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As you go about writing your entertainment essay, remember that people were after “bread and circuses” since the 1st century CE. There is no surprise that the entertainment industry has been on the rise ever since, captivating people's attention with cinema, theatre, music, and other ways to spice up the routine. Many entertainment essays nowadays feature more contemporary forms of entertainment – TV shows, YouTube videos, podcasts, live streams, etc. Writing good essays on entertainment is not easy, as this topic provides an extra requirement for your work – entertainment essay should be not just informative, but also fun to read. We prepared some entertainment essay samples you can draw inspiration from. Our best samples of essays on entertainment are presented below for your viewing pleasure!

Monitoring Technology and Toddlers

Common entertainment in modern culture is primarily in the form of violent media content seen on televisions, movies, and video games. Violent movies, horror movies, news on our television about countries fighting, and even violent media games like world champion wrestling (WCW) and other contents on the internet sites such…

Words: 798

Pages: 3

The film District 9

The film District 9 was directed by Neil Blomkamp and told how humans treated aliens after they arrived in a spaceship and landed in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aliens are initially assisted, but they are eventually treated as refugees and separated. With bigotry and xenophobia directed at the aliens, racism…

Words: 470

Pages: 2

“On the Waterfront”

The movie “On the Waterfront” was released in 1954, and the following is a review of the film. Many critics, including Stephen Whitfield, Roger Ebert, and Peter Biskind, were drawn to the film “On the Waterfront” in 1954. According to Roger Ebert, the story behind the conceptions of conscience is…

Words: 369

Pages: 2

Movie Review: Gulliver’s Travels

Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels is widely regarded as his masterpiece. This book is divided into four sections, each of which details one of Gulliver’s four journeys to fictional exotic locations. His first journey takes him to the land of the Lilliputians, a diminutive race. His journey then proceeds to Brobdingnag,…

Words: 988

Pages: 4

Is it appropriate for cities to use traffic cameras on their roads?

The installation of traffic cameras on city roads is a proposal that some people can easily support while others can easily object to. Individuals who always follow traffic rules are unconcerned about traffic cameras being installed because they believe the cameras will improve traffic management in cities in some way….

Words: 1472

Pages: 6

racism and the film industry

Movies, which consist of photographs representing human stories, are one of the most common types of entertainment. Most people recognize them as a work of fiction on an unconscious basis. What most people do not know is that movies have an effect on how people think. Strong movies, such as…

Words: 2215

Pages: 9

Flight recording devices

Flight logging systems were created in order to identify the causes of air accidents, which are nearly invariably fatal. David Warren, an inventor with the Aeronautic Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia, invented the flight recording systems that are still in use today in the 1960s. Flight recording instruments are usually…

Words: 2817

Pages: 11

Syrian Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis on a global scale has been on the rise year after 12 months due to various reasons and mainly due to civil wars. An instance of the aforementioned that has contributed significantly to increased migration is the civil war in Syria that has been underway for greater…

Words: 269

Pages: 1

about mary reid kelley

Mary Reid Kelley is a New York-based American artist whose career has mostly focused on short narrative films. She was born in Greenville, but her work has since spread to other large cities in the United States. Mary is known to collaborate with her husband Patrick Kelley on all of…

Words: 1697

Pages: 7

Analysis of Artistic Monuments

The following article examines monuments of historical depictions of fallen heroes. The ‘National War Memorial’ in Canada and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in the United States were selected to demonstrate how landmarks have been used to commemorate fallen veterans. Vernon March planned the ‘National War Memorial,’ which is located in…

Words: 989

Pages: 4

Scott Poole’s book ‘Monsters in America

Scott Poole’s novel, ‘Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting,’ depicts Americans’ nightmare rather than their fantasy. It is not a children’s book and many of the monsters depicted, from colonial times to the modern, have been a part of American culture. Poole’s focus on…

Words: 286

Pages: 2

Compare the Differences between Western and Non-Western Cultures On the Definition of Monsters

Monster tales abounded in ancient times. Given how little most people knew most of the world’s phenomena during those ancient times, it’s easy to see why chimera tales were so popular. People were using monster tales to describe phenomena they didn’t understand in the universe. Despite this, tales about freaks…

Words: 2124

Pages: 8


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