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As you go about writing your entertainment essay, remember that people were after “bread and circuses” since the 1st century CE. There is no surprise that the entertainment industry has been on the rise ever since, captivating people's attention with cinema, theatre, music, and other ways to spice up the routine. Many entertainment essays nowadays feature more contemporary forms of entertainment – TV shows, YouTube videos, podcasts, live streams, etc. Writing good essays on entertainment is not easy, as this topic provides an extra requirement for your work – entertainment essay should be not just informative, but also fun to read. We prepared some entertainment essay samples you can draw inspiration from. Our best samples of essays on entertainment are presented below for your viewing pleasure!

Social Media Addiction Explained

Social media platforms have become easy ways to connect with friends and family and catching up with the trending issues. Studies have established that mental health community has become increasingly interested in examining ways in which technology impact people’s lives. Although the positive impacts outweigh the negatives, social media is...

Words: 2008

Pages: 8

The Success of The LEGOLAND California Park

LEGOLAND California is an enjoyment country park that is located in Carlsbad. LEGOLAND California concentrated on LEGO blocks. The park was opened on 20th March 1999, and it is the third LEGOLAND Park to be opened. LEGOLAND Billund was officially opened in the year 1968; ever since then, it has...

Words: 1742

Pages: 7

Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo

Vertigo is a film by Alfred Hitchcock, who is dubbed ‘the master of suspense.’ It has its fair share of suspense, although the core message is about the mental manipulation that can happen in our daily lives, in the society, and amongst those who think they are immune to such....

Words: 915

Pages: 4

Automated Lighting System for Clubs

One primary problem about nightclubs which can apparently be done away with is the issue of light intensity increment over certain limits. It is very common in clubs which are done at night, and my observation is that the challenge is substantially affecting the parties. According to my invention, I...

Words: 552

Pages: 3

Social Media Marketing Process

In the present era of digital communication, the social network gives a business more exposure to potential clients. Many companies would wish to use these online platforms to advertise their products and in return get customer feedback and even make sales. The aim of this paper is to give a...

Words: 990

Pages: 4

A Truss Analysis

A truss is a structure consisting of beams that are triangularly connected and applied in costructing buildings and bridges (Taranath, 2016). A framework comprising of cross-members that are connected using pin joints and supported at both ends using rollers or hinged joints is considered to be statically determinate (Hibbeler, 2015)....

Words: 1068

Pages: 4

Goal Setting in a Documentary

Somm is a documentary by Jason Wise that talks about the master sommelier exam. The documentary is about four men, DLynn, Dustin, Ian, and Brian, who have spared their lives to prepare for an exam. The four men memorize facts about making wines and wine regions, and are not sensitive...

Words: 309

Pages: 2

KYEG Multimedia Project

Kamburu Youth Empowerment Group (KYEG) is a community based group committed to uplifting the socio-economic status of youths and children in its target localities. KYEG is base in Kamuchege Location in Lari County. Started in 2016, KYEG has had spectacular success in organizing charitable events and Talent shows in the...

Words: 1172

Pages: 5

The Benefits of Social Media

The emergence of social media and networking has made it easier for people to send and receive information around the world. Through simple posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other media platforms, anyone can become aware of various issues existing across the globe.  According to Kietzmann et al. (2011), the...

Words: 1425

Pages: 6

The Evolution of American Culture in "San Francisco"

The movie "San Francisco" positions the evolution of America's culture away from the past notion where the church dictated how everything had to happen towards business-oriented culture. In the movie, Father Tim tries to reform Blackie; however, the nightclub owners are urging him to run for the San Francisco Board...

Words: 574

Pages: 3

The Use of Social Media in Organizations

The advent of social media has revolutionized communication. A photo or video going viral can elicit public outrage or support to a particular cause. Social media is a handy tool for changing the status quo in our societies. When used correctly social media can help improve the performance of a...

Words: 1672

Pages: 7

Social Media and Its Impact on Society

In Rey’s article, “Alienation, Exploitation, and Social Media”, he examines capitalism and its adaption to the continuous emergence of sites which take time to create content that is user-generated. He discusses how the social media’s structural conditions relate to the ideas of alienation and exploitation. According to Rey, people who...

Words: 708

Pages: 3

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