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As you go about writing your entertainment essay, remember that people were after “bread and circuses” since the 1st century CE. There is no surprise that the entertainment industry has been on the rise ever since, captivating people's attention with cinema, theatre, music, and other ways to spice up the routine. Many entertainment essays nowadays feature more contemporary forms of entertainment – TV shows, YouTube videos, podcasts, live streams, etc. Writing good essays on entertainment is not easy, as this topic provides an extra requirement for your work – entertainment essay should be not just informative, but also fun to read. We prepared some entertainment essay samples you can draw inspiration from. Our best samples of essays on entertainment are presented below for your viewing pleasure!

Discuss the Use and Limitations of Space in Live Theatre.

Stereotypical portrayal has been a feature of cinema for a century. The social scientific theories that largely concentrate on the psychological and sociological effects of stereotyping should be used to investigate these stereotypes. Latin males are stereotyped as passionate, womanizers, and sons of the night in the clichéd character The…

Words: 2547

Pages: 10

Youth Culture in film Mean Girls

The film Mean Girls incorporates images of subcultural fashion. The Plastics, a group of three females from a bigger high school group, are a subcultural style. The ruling three, led by Regina the Queen Bee, was the school’s most elite group. The Plastics were three females named Gretchen, Regina, and…

Words: 1748

Pages: 7

The Relationship between Appearance Objectification of Women and Wages in Film

According to Chemaly (2014), there are 2.24 male actors for every female character in an American movie, with a negligible 17% of women appearing in crowd scenes. However, a generation of gifted and attractive people who have recently graced the global film industry have emerged as icons and representations of…

Words: 5203

Pages: 19

Social Media in USA and China

One of the most widely used communication platforms in recent years has been social media. This has been made possible by both the ease of use and the advancement of technology, particularly the internet. As a result, many people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities have subscribed to the feature…

Words: 1961

Pages: 8

American History X is an American crime drama film

In the American criminal drama movie American History X, Edwards Norton, Ethan Suplee, Fairuz Balk, and Beverly D’Angelo all appear. The film’s American debut was on October 30, 1998, under the direction of Tony Kaye (McKenna 12). The movie tells the tale of two brothers who join neo-Nazi organizations as…

Words: 422

Pages: 2

Ethics and murder essay

Mary Thompson saw Tom being cut down with a machete. She lied to the authorities when they questioned her about the incident and the unfortunate occurrence. She insisted that she remained silent. An anthropologist named Thompson was present to study a South-East Asian civilization. She asserted that she adhered to…

Words: 581

Pages: 3

About The Shallow in the Deep

The Jeffersonian crew is tasked with identifying the skeletons recovered from a shipwreck that was a slave ship headed for New Orleans in Bones’ Season 6, Episode 6. The gang had the benefit of having the ship’s manifest, which contained the vital information about the slaves. A skeleton that appeared…

Words: 877

Pages: 4

13th by Ava Duvernay

Ava Duvernay’s 13th is a fantastic movie whose major goal is to show how mass incarceration is a continuation of slavery. The movie itself is a documentary that challenges the audience’s assumptions about the junction of three factors—race, mass incarceration, and race in the United States. The movie begins by…

Words: 1115

Pages: 5

Ethnographic Review The “slut walk”

This study was conducted on October 22nd in Northampton, Massachusetts, during a time when social media was a significant part of society and was responsible for movements like the “slut walk.” According to feminists, the campaign was a response to a police officer’s anti-women remark (Reger, 2015 p.86). In response…

Words: 948

Pages: 4

Arrival Film Analysis

What does this movie tell about a distinct culture or social structure? According to the Arrival movie, language and communication determine a cultural system. A particular cultural structure’s communication and language may also be complicated, especially if it include aliens, who lengthen it. Humans are, by nature, not just paranoid…

Words: 733

Pages: 3

Neoliberalism in Modern City

According to the neoliberal ideology, “an open, competitive, unregulated market free from all types of state involvement constitutes the best mechanism for economic progress. 2012 (Lin & Mele). While Bourdieu (1998) asserts that “the ideology’s intellectual basis is a utopia of unrestricted exploitation” The article’s core claim is that cities…

Words: 1153

Pages: 5

Stereotypes of women in video games

This issue is crucial because past research have shown how contradictory the representation of female characters in video games is. Even while some academics have made progress, there are still many outdated studies that explore the stereotyping and depiction of women in video games. Nevertheless, despite whether there is an…

Words: 3293

Pages: 12

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