A Commencement Speech by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a global media leader and a philanthropist. In 2013 Oprah Winfrey was awarded the Medal of Freedom which is the highest civilian. Honor. She has been in the media for the last Twenty Five years and is the most respected women leaders in media. Agnes Scott College...

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The Cultural Capital of Oprah Winfrey

I will use Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological concept of the cultural capital to analyze the Oprah Winfrey show. I will start with defining the cultural capital concept from the sociological perspective of Pierre Bourdieu. Cultural Capital is the state of possessing both tangible and intangible assets enhance an individual’s social mobility...

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Analysis of Cultures of Oprah and Simon Cowell

Social media has dominated the 21st century with the main intention to keep individuals connected regardless of the difference in geographical locations. Some of the notable social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Landy and Conte, 2016). Personally, Twitter is my most preferred social media. The social media tend...

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The Theory of Everyman in Breaking Bad

The theory of everyman mainly talks about an ordinary man in a movie with whom the viewers can easily identify since he/she is occasionally placed in extraordinary circumstances. According to breaking bad film, Mr. White is such a character who is allover and can be identified easily by the viewers;...

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The Importance of Gender in The Big Bang Theory

Masculinity refers to a set of attributes, role, and behavior which are traditionally associated with men (McDermott 3). They vary across cultures and historical periods. This kind of trait can also be possessed by females because there are women who are strong. There are two types of masculinity; hegemonic which...

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Reading Disorders and Disabilities

According to Lyon (2015), a leading impairment is characterized by a disorder in one or more fundamental psychological processes relating to the comprehension or use of language, whether written or spoken, which may manifest itself as erroneous reading, speaking, listening, spelling, or writing skills. The phrase "reading disability" refers to...

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Burger King’s Subservient Chicken Ad Campaign

Early in the twenty-first century, Burger King unveiled one of the most fascinating and innovative advertising efforts. With the launch of their "Subservient Chicken" in 2004, they gave a whole new meaning to the slogan "Have it your way." The Subservient Chicken promotion was initially launched to promote and market their...

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Rossum's Universal Robots, A literature review

Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R. ), written by the Czech author Karel Capek, is one of the earliest tales to address the topic of robots. It is a utopian story of a society in which humanoid robots are developed to help humans. The robots end up, through no fault of their...

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‘A Negro Love Song’

Paul Laurence Dunbar's book "A Negro Love Song" contains a poem the author wrote to convey his feelings of love. For instance, the author uses the phrase "Seen my lady home last night, Jump back, honey jump back" to convey his feelings for his lady. The presence of his woman...

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Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

This book has been able to retain a significant presence in world literature since its publication in 1948. However, it's crucial to remember that this book has its detractors, particularly those who argue that—due to its violent character as a horror story—it should be taken off the school curriculum. Overall,...

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The evolution of television

Reality television shows are presently steadily advancing in the evolution of television content. The switch from reality shows to fiction drama series has made regular television watchers into compulsive voyeurs. Diverse opinions on reality television's impact have been expressed, spanning from support to criticism. In his piece "Reality television: oxymoron,"...

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Viewer Demands Driving Change in Television Programing Priorities

Previously, people would assemble in front of their televisions in living rooms to watch their favorite programs on a broadcaster-determined schedule in bite-sized chunks every week. The shows' stories and protagonists were what kept viewers interested during watching. Terrence Rafferty contends that viewing patterns are changing in line with the...

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