The Impact of Television on Adolescents

The Impact of Television Viewing on Children and Teenagers The debate regarding the relevance of television viewing among children and teenagers has been ongoing for quite a long time and seems to gain momentum every day. Parents are concerned about the impact that social media platforms which include the internet and...

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Plato's Definition of Utopia

A nation according to Plato is structured in a way that it strengthens and supports the need for a philosopher-king. Because through a philosopher king, the Kallipolis is brought to life and the society achieves genuine happiness. In this case, Plato understood the utopia just as a concept but not...

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The Big Bang Theory and the creation of the universe

Introduction Many versions try to explain the creation of the universe. Among them is the Big Bang Theory, which different scholars and researchers concluded that it is the ultimate hypothesis that explains the beginning of the universe. In essence, it is the most widely accepted and popular model because it tries...

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Evidence of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is a model that explains how the universe and the matter within it was formed from a cosmic singularity. This model posits that in over thirteen billion years since the formation of the universe, it has expanded from a tiny yet dense and hot primordial fireball...

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The Influence of Plato's Republic on Thomas More's Utopia

Plato’s ideas as espoused in his writing, “The Republic” greatly influenced Thomas More’s utopian society. Irrespective of this heavy borrowing, the book reveals some highlights which greatly undermine the setup of Plato’s commonwealth because of the contrasting perspectives of More and the context in which the writing takes place. There...

Words: 1689

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The Handmaid's Tale: A Feminist Analysis of Patriarchy in Gilead

The Handmaid’s Tale: Feminist Critiques of Patriarchal Structures The handmaid’s tale contains numerous feminist critiques of the patriarchal structures and inclinations in the society. However, the same story illustrates that there are power structures in Gilead that evaluates the role women play in the support and oppression of another woman in...

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The Importance of Heroes in Society

Over the years, stories have been regaled of ordinary people that lived amongst other people and accomplished extraordinary works. From assisting people affected by natural disasters to protecting innocent and defenseless civilians from evil harm, the achievements of heroes are emulated and envied. The society holds these individuals in high...

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The Similarities Between Friends and Big Bang Theory

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are TV shows, which were the case at different times. The two have been considered as bog sitcoms on TV. Both shows share many similarities, for instance, concerning building careers and relationships. The Big Bang Theory, which is the most recent show, seems to...

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A Commencement Speech by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a global media leader and a philanthropist. In 2013 Oprah Winfrey was awarded the Medal of Freedom which is the highest civilian. Honor. She has been in the media for the last Twenty Five years and is the most respected women leaders in media. Agnes Scott College...

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The Cultural Capital of Oprah Winfrey

I will use Pierre Bourdieu’s sociological concept of the cultural capital to analyze the Oprah Winfrey show. I will start with defining the cultural capital concept from the sociological perspective of Pierre Bourdieu. Cultural Capital is the state of possessing both tangible and intangible assets enhance an individual’s social mobility...

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Pages: 2

Analysis of Cultures of Oprah and Simon Cowell

Social media has dominated the 21st century with the main intention to keep individuals connected regardless of the difference in geographical locations. Some of the notable social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Landy and Conte, 2016). Personally, Twitter is my most preferred social media. The social media tend...

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Pages: 12

The Theory of Everyman in Breaking Bad

The theory of everyman mainly talks about an ordinary man in a movie with whom the viewers can easily identify since he/she is occasionally placed in extraordinary circumstances. According to breaking bad film, Mr. White is such a character who is allover and can be identified easily by the viewers;...

Words: 2142

Pages: 8

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