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The Theory of Everyman in Breaking Bad

The theory of everyman mainly talks about an ordinary man in a movie with whom the viewers can easily identify since he/she is occasionally placed in extraordinary circumstances. According to breaking bad film, Mr. White is such a character who is allover and can be identified easily by the viewers;...

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Breaking Bad Actors

Breaking Bad is an American television series about a high school chemistry teacher named Walter White. He struggles to make ends meet on a meager salary, while his pregnant wife and teenage son with cerebral palsy need his money for medical treatment. When he learns he has terminal cancer, he...

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Breaking Bad Review

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows on television right now. It's created by Vince Gilligan and stars Rian Johnson and Michelle MacLaren. The show's action-packed plotlines grew an audience like Heisenberg's meth empire. It is now on its fifth season, and fans are still raving. If you're...

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