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The Big Bang Theory and the creation of the universe

Introduction Many versions try to explain the creation of the universe. Among them is the Big Bang Theory, which different scholars and researchers concluded that it is the ultimate hypothesis that explains the beginning of the universe. In essence, it is the most widely accepted and popular model because it tries...

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Evidence of the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is a model that explains how the universe and the matter within it was formed from a cosmic singularity. This model posits that in over thirteen billion years since the formation of the universe, it has expanded from a tiny yet dense and hot primordial fireball...

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The Similarities Between Friends and Big Bang Theory

Friends and The Big Bang Theory are TV shows, which were the case at different times. The two have been considered as bog sitcoms on TV. Both shows share many similarities, for instance, concerning building careers and relationships. The Big Bang Theory, which is the most recent show, seems to...

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The Importance of Gender in The Big Bang Theory

Masculinity refers to a set of attributes, role, and behavior which are traditionally associated with men (McDermott 3). They vary across cultures and historical periods. This kind of trait can also be possessed by females because there are women who are strong. There are two types of masculinity; hegemonic which...

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planets, stars and life

The origin of the Universe is explained using the most common explanation of the Universe's origin, e.g. the Big Bang Theory, which is based around a celestial cataclysm in all human history. When I watched the documentary Particle Fever (Levinson, 2013), I saw that all other galaxies were moving away...

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The Big Bang Theory Research

Origins of the Earth, Universe, and Life One of the most giant questions faced by humans including researchers, philosophers, and scientists are the origins of the earth, universe, and life. It is often enquired with the aid of children, and more so, adults, who seek to apprehend the idea better. Despite...

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