Overfishing (1992 Cod Collapse)

Overfishing is described as capturing more fish than the population can replace by natural reproduction, resulting in total depletion. Many animals are being driven to extinction as a result of human impact on the climate. Because of the high demand for larger fish, the stock of fish is decreasing dramatically,…

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Culture Research

Culture is a facet of human nature that permits for the interaction of people within the community. Indeed, the knowledge and therefore the characteristics of particular individuals defined by the utilization of language, social interaction, the religious activities of the group and therefore the art and music. there’s little question…

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Spike Jonze’s “Her”

Spike Jonze’s film Her depicts an argument/idea that can revolutionize our perspective on robots and their potential impact on human existence. Spike Jonze attempts to expose the essence of the relationship between machines and humans in the film. While many may claim that artificial intelligence is still shown in science…

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People and Animals

Thesis: Everyday, human beings abuse animals. The cruelty is ignored in most cases. The state of affairs is worsened by the truth that government has little contribution in animal protection. Foregoing animal welfare for financial gain A .Zoo animals are already under stress B. Poor accountability of the issue C…

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Why does violence exist in humanity

Human beings are unpredictable species, but one thing remains constant: everyone is engaged in conflict, whether actively or passively. They are either actively involved in violence by participating in violent acts against their fellow beings or passively involved in violence by arranging or hoping for their counterparts to be involved…

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Values are applied

Every person must demonstrate modesty, accountability, and honesty. The three social principles are critical in people’s interactions in a variety of settings. The aim of this paper is to elaborate on the implementation of the outlined principles in human welfare and everyday activities. Integrity is essential for the realization of…

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The Great Man Approach Theory

In the nineteenth century, “The Great Man Approach” was a common philosophy. It was suggested that “great men” form the course of human history, and that particular historical figures were responsible for the majority of the world’s events. This hypothesis was popularized by Thomas Carlyle, who thought that the world’s…

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concrete and recycled plastic

Globally, there has been a rise in the use of plastics due to the advantages of human life. However, the rise in these plastics has had devastating consequences on the atmosphere in particular. Due to the lack of plastics due to their non-degradable origin, experts have been exploring for decades…

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Social Justice, Utilitarianism and Intersectionality

Human life also has numerous sociological and ecological problems. The response depends on the personal viewpoint when exposed to various factors. Some social influences can, however, influence an individual’s psychological disposition. The philosophy of man has been clarified. This is a talk of intersectionality, utilitarianism and perception of intersectionality as…

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History of Humanity

Homo Neanderthalensis (Neanderthal) is assessed as Homo sapiens’ subspecies since it’s believed to possess evolved from the primary Homo along a path that was very almost like that of the modern human. The last common ancestor of anatomically modern humans and Neanderthals appears to be Heidelberg man . mtDNA analysis…

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Different states of consciousness experience

Different states of recognition experienced in the past 24hrs Consciousness is a country that can involve wakefulness or stages of sleep. Every day from time to time we have a tendency to think differently, things that we bear in mind and do not remember encompass in shifts of consciousness. Our…

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Color of the Eyes

The human eyes have captivating shades of colors that fluctuate depending on the race of the person. The amount of melanin in the iris and the collagen fibers in the eyes mix to give the different colours of colors such as blue, black, and green. The brown color of the…

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