The Rhetoric Traditions

The discipline of rhetoric as a whole has long been linked to ancient Greece (Worthington, 2008). Aristotle is credited with coining the term and defining it as “an available tool of persuading.” One of the important elements in the Western educational system’s preparation of writers to captivate audiences is rhetoric,…

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Feminism essay

Women have come a long way and traversed a difficult route to the social and economic liberties that they now enjoy (Dicker, 2016). Though the history of feminism has been recognized in other countries such as Greece, it is most firmly established in the United States and the Netherlands. This…

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Crisis in Eurozone

What gave rise to sovereign debt crisis in Greece? In Greece, the situation was already dire before the Eurozone agreement. The economy struggled for more than ten years, and during that time, people were living beyond their means while also struggling to make ends meet. Consistently rising government debt was…

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History tells a lot about the importance of art in ancient Greece and how it influenced culture. Various scholars have pointed to the Athenian civilization as one of the most sophisticated and distinguished ancient western civilizations. Examination of Athenian art pieces, such as Athenian pottery, showed the roles and functions…

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The ancient times

Classical art characterized ancient Greece, as evidenced by the masterpieces created by Jerome Pollitt in his work, Art and Experience in Classical Greece. The book is divided into five sections (chapters), which comprise Antecedents and First Principles; Consciousness and Conscience, in which the author discusses the early classical period between…

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modern american politics and direct democracy

In a direct democracy, the authority to rule is exerted solely by the people rather than by legislators. Direct democracy and indirect democracy are the two ways democracy should be practiced. Because of the size of the population, direct democracy was exercised successfully in Athens, Greece. Direct democracy is uncommon…

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Renaissance humanism

The study of classical antiquity, which started in Italy and then spread throughout Western Europe during the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries, is referred to as Renaissance humanism (Houston, 2014). Classical antiquity is a long period of human development focused on the Mediterranean Sea and encompassing the merged cultures of…

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Character Review

A story’s hero is a character who saves the day in the story so that the protagonist can use the character to carry out his storyline until the very end. According to Homer’s Odysseus, the lead character and hero of the story was Odysseus himself. He fought in the Trojan…

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The Philosophical Revolution in Ancient Greece

The Philosophical Revolution in Ancient Greece was divided into two parts: Pre-Socratic philosophy and Classical Greek philosophy. During these two centuries, Greek philosophy underwent a significant change. Philosophers such as Xenophanes and Parmenides, among others, lived during the pre-Socratic era. Their mission was to unlock the mysteries of the natural…

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Greek philosopher Aristotle

Aristotle was born in the city of Stagira in the province of Chalcidice in northern Greece, and his father died when he was a teenager. Proxenus of Artaneous became his guardian after his father died. Aristotle enrolled in Plato’s Academy in Athens when he was eighteen years old and remained…

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Study of Plato’s ideas about marriage, morality, and happiness

In one of his famous Symposiums, Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of ancient Greece, explains his concept of true love, and it is the most subtle and beautiful statement there is. In a subtle way, his love theory separated the elements of sexual love from friendship. He said that…

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Ethics from the past

The origins of ancient ethics can be traced back to Rome and Greece. It discusses people’s various requirements. People typically require wealth, health, love, academic and professional success, children, and respect, among other things. These things are seen by everyone as a path to happiness and a comfortable life. Ancient…

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