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As you write your God essay take time to explore his image in different religions, not just Christianity. The concept of God appealed to mankind since the dawn of time. God essays mention different angles from which people perceived God. Essays on God show God as a higher omnipotent being, an ultimate force of good and justice, a Shepherd to guide mankind to peace and eternal living, someone who looks after people. The first recorded God in history was Aten of ancient Egyptian religion Atenism. People believed in many gods throughout history, like Zeus, Odin, Allah, Brahma, Krishna, Shiva, and Jesus Christ. Read through our God essay samples below. We added only the best essay samples for you to enjoy!

Role and Lives of Women in Ancient Athens.

Ancient Greece has many enticing features that we can still remember today. It is the culture of elaborate mythology, involving gods, heroes, and various myths and legends, that enriches a large portion of literature and art. Antiquity’s Greeks believed in the presence of multiple gods. They seemed to have a…

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Pages: 8


The three major world religions, Judaism (Schultz, p.2067), Christianity, and Islam, all revere a supreme, all-knowing divinity as the only power of the universe. Allah and God are credited with creating the earth, as well as the forms that occupy it, and, most ominously, mankind. Founded to lead their adherents…

Words: 1563

Pages: 6

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein critical analysis

Victor eventually succeeds in constructing the beast that emerges vividly in a dream in this passage. Victor’s experimental fascination leads to the creation of the monster, which turns out to be evil and sickens him both physically and mentally. The passage’s intent is to instill terror in the reader, which…

Words: 593

Pages: 3

The Culture of Death vs The Culture of Life

Since humans are created in God’s picture, life is incredibly precious to Him. Furthermore, He has shown His deep love for humans by sending His only son to atone for their sins. Christ came into the world so that those who believe in Him could have life and have it…

Words: 909

Pages: 4

Hindu Temple Research

Kandhan karunai (1967) is a mythological movie directed by A.P. Nagarajan. The film covers the incidents experienced through Lord Murugan and his position in Hindu temple. The principal actors in the movie consist of Sivaji Ganesan, Sivukumar, Jayalalithaa, Asokan, K.B. Sundarambal and Manoramer among other players. The film offers insight…

Words: 1101

Pages: 5

Can God be both benevolent and All-powerful?

The claim that God is both kind and powerful derives from the assumption that God of Christians and the scriptures of the Judeo who are believed to be the supreme creator of all (living and not living) are both benevolent and all-powerful; this evolutionary progress is evidently the cause of…

Words: 5573

Pages: 21

A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a narration written by Mary O’Connor because of the odd yet intriguing characters, the ferocious storylines, and her moral worldview. The article is packed with fanatics and outcasts from the American South who elaborate on subjects such as religion and violence. Initially,…

Words: 886

Pages: 4

God and Faith

When it comes to faith many people have different methods of presenting their God according to their trust that supports them. In Egypt, it is believed that the Christians were the human beings who were greatly worried in presenting their God in the form of icons and physical figures which…

Words: 361

Pages: 2

Movie poster of the titanic

Through theater, film, and music, Western culture has been spread to the rest of the world.” The Western film industry thrives on the kindness displayed by the rest of the world as it marvels at the technologies used in production as well as the sentimental appeals that come with such…

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Evil and Good

Religion is one of the most difficult concepts to describe, but one truth about it is that it exists as a bond between man and God or between man and his belief in the presence or non-existence of the supreme being. The view of good and bad is one category…

Words: 1059

Pages: 4

Galileo Galilei

Galileo believes that God is the creature of the universe and the whole thing that in it, these creations are practically expressed in the bible and it is the work of human being to translate the work of God and to and to elaborate the true which means of the…

Words: 323

Pages: 2

World History through 5 Major Religions

The five principal faiths worldwide are Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. From the beginning of the world until today, these religions have formed the history development and profoundly impacted the human species’ path. In the subsequent lines, you can read an in-depth summary of every one of these principal…

Words: 648

Pages: 3


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