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A church essay may define the Church as a temple where people come to pray and worship God. Word church is borrowed from the Greek word “kyriake”, which means “of the Lord”. In ancient times it was also called “kyriakon doma” – “the Lord's house”. Some church essays define church In Christianity as a gathering of people who believe in Jesus Christ. So it is not a material building but rather the assembly of faithful – many essays on church specify that. In the Bible, the church was never associated with a building. In this case, all who have believed in Jesus Christ become part of the Church. Our church essay samples are a must if you want to keep your essays relevant and easy to read. Don’t hesitate, just take a look at the essay samples below!

The Roman Catholic Church

The Catholic Church: A Historical Institution The Catholic Church has been part of the Christian religion for as long as the church has been established. "The Catholic Church that is also referred to as the Roman Catholic Church to be exact has about a billion followers around the globe" (Stanford, 2017)....

Words: 2079

Pages: 8

Saturation Church Planting: A Vision for 2025

The primary mode of evangelism in the world’s religions is mainly fulfilled through the establishment of worship places all over so that the words of God are transmitted to the other people in a most convincing way. In Christianity, it is believed that every word that told by Jesus is...

Words: 1040

Pages: 4

The Relationship Between The Ancient Church and The State

The Relationship Between the Ancient Church and the State The most important issue that faced the ancient church was its relationship with the state. According to John Roberson (2015), the ancient church tried not to draw close to the state; however, some tendencies led to it having close involvements with the...

Words: 617

Pages: 3

The Challenges Facing the Basilica Church Community

Basilica Catholic Church Community focuses on multiple Christianity activities that help in disseminating the canonical gospel among both converts and non-converts. We integrate modern cultures, trends as well as the values of Christians’ lives by ensuring that the challenges preventing individuals within the community to understand the bible and follow...

Words: 1067

Pages: 4

The Church of Scientology

Introduction There are few groups in the country - and truly in the world – that inspire more confusion and outrage than the Church of Scientology. Here in Saint Paul where I live, the church has a chapter built on the site of the old Science Museum that gives me those...

Words: 2208

Pages: 9

Catholic Social Thought

The Catholic social thought (CST) comprises of principles that portray a society that embraces justice and at the same time offers an approach that will lead to achieving a just society in the long run. These principles outline the measures needed in making prudent judgments and giving appropriate directions for...

Words: 1194

Pages: 5

History of Christianity in Western Europe:

Because of the development of western culture starting in the first century, the history of Christianity includes the church, churchgoers, Christian religion, and Christian denominations. The term "Western civilization" refers to the civilization that originated in Europe and spread to other parts of the globe, including Australia, America, and New...

Words: 826

Pages: 4


What could be better than giving your time to a neighborhood nonprofit? Young people are eager to attend networking events held in bars and restaurants, I've lately discovered. A young person's goal might not always be to set aside time to take part in a volunteer project at their local...

Words: 1014

Pages: 4

Middle Ages

Europe's Middle Ages Europe's Middle Ages included the Medieval Period, which was characterized by the dominance of Catholicism and Christian traditions. Religious and cultural expectations placed severe restrictions on the actions of women in medieval society. However, women were able to navigate and occasionally use these discouraging circumstances to achieve their...

Words: 881

Pages: 4

Religion and Theology: Organization of the Church

First off, the church in Christianity has a history that is parallel to that of the religion, which goes back to the early church. The issue of church discipline is made clear in 1 Corinthians 11 when the apostle Paul sends a letter to the Corinthians instructing them on how...

Words: 391

Pages: 2

Augustine Hippo Philosopher

Augustine Hippo was an early philosopher and theologian who made significant contributions to the development of Western philosophy and Christianity. After the church introduced Trinity doctrine, Augustine wrote about it. In the early church, individuals were trying to understand the notion of Trinity and its application in gospel preaching. As...

Words: 1653

Pages: 7

Wilken- religion and theology

Wilken's Analysis of Early Church Leaders Wilken talks about how some church leaders in the past dictated how quickly the church was built and how quickly the gospel was spread. Many other intellectuals, like as Gregory of Nyssa and St. Augustine, were inspired by the ancient thinkers' initiative to construct a...

Words: 558

Pages: 3

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