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A church essay may define the Church as a temple where people come to pray and worship God. Word church is borrowed from the Greek word “kyriake”, which means “of the Lord”. In ancient times it was also called “kyriakon doma” – “the Lord's house”. Some church essays define church In Christianity as a gathering of people who believe in Jesus Christ. So it is not a material building but rather the assembly of faithful – many essays on church specify that. In the Bible, the church was never associated with a building. In this case, all who have believed in Jesus Christ become part of the Church. Our church essay samples are a must if you want to keep your essays relevant and easy to read. Don’t hesitate, just take a look at the essay samples below!

American history

The Puritan course scheme showed how closely faith and politics were intertwined in Massachusetts. The Puritan justice system dealt with a variety of offenses, including crimes against the clergy, such as witchcraft. Anyone who was strange or out of the ordinary was hated and branded as a witch. The Puritans…

Words: 292

Pages: 2


Glossolalia is the most visible divide of Pentecostal and other denominations, but it is not the only one. Today, the desire to speak in tongues after a term they interpret as the presence of the Holy Spirit will easily classify a Pentecostal church. It’s curious because, using the same holy…

Words: 2982

Pages: 11

Martin Luther is believed to be the founder of the Protestantism in Christianity.

Martin Luther is generally regarded as the father of Protestantism in Christianity. He was also a priest and a theology lecturer in the German Church. He, along with other early Christian opponents, led the first revolt against the 15th century’s early teachings. Among the teachings, Luther firmly opposed were Holy…

Words: 1077

Pages: 4

Church and People

In many societies where faith is regarded as a crucial element of society, attending church services is important. There are a few types of people who go to religious institutions; some are frequent visitors, and others only go once in a while. Some denominations hold services on Fridays, while others…

Words: 931

Pages: 4

My Rebuttal to Philo’s Rebuttal to Cleanthes’ Design Argument

Humans have a limited understanding of the world. As a result, they lack the ability to fully comprehend God, the universe’s creator and designer. The creator, God, and the creation, which includes living things like people, are not the same thing. The purpose of this paper is to examine Philo’s…

Words: 1590

Pages: 6

April 2 Sunday 6:30 pm at Garden City Community Church, Alanon Meeting

On April 2 at Garden City Community Church, my first AA meeting exceeded all of my expectations. Many people form their perceptions of AA meetings based on what they see in movies and on television (Rice et al. 47). Unkempt hair, improper hygiene, and alcoholic odors, for example, are some…

Words: 1402

Pages: 6

Photo Reveiw of Paul Strand

Christo with Thorns Is a picture portrait photo by Paul Strand take at some stage in his time in Mexico between 1933 and 1934. The photograph entails the image depicts the picture of Christ having thorns placed on his head. The lighting of the photograph is neutral with a clear…

Words: 1153

Pages: 5


Counter-Reformation was the period of resurgence in religion. The Catholic Church reformed in response to the protestant movements in 1500. The Protestants demanded reforms in the Catholic Church. Its dreams were to make reforms that included clarifying the Catholic teaching, correcting abused and altering the strategies for winning again people…

Words: 613

Pages: 3

Beat! Beat! Drums!

The poem “Beat! Beat! Drums!” by Walt Whitman consists of three stanzas, each of which has seven verses. The poet composed the poem in free verse, taking the reader through a variety of stylistic devices such as language, repetition, alliteration, metaphors, and onomatopoeia, among other literary devices. First of all,…

Words: 605

Pages: 3

Paper on the History of Interpretation: Philippians 2: 9-11

Many biblical scholars believe that Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians was a thank-you letter to the congregation who assisted him in founding the first Pauline Church in Europe. The letter was written to express gratitude to the parishioners of Philippi Church, to strengthen their faith, and to inspire them…

Words: 1364

Pages: 5

Images of Theotokos

Theotokos pictures are the artistic images that focal point on the Virgin Mary as used in the Eastern Orthodox Church or the mother of God as known via many Christians. There is a great amount of such photographs but the paper will delve deeper into three. One is the image…

Words: 1573

Pages: 6

Gothic and Catholic Cathedral Churches

The Gothic church used to be a place of worship for the Anglicans. It comes into existence due to the arrival of Benedictines Nuns to Kylemore. In 1920, the Gothic Church was re-dedicated as the Catholic Church. It is also a stunning testimony of the Mitchell Henry love for Margaret….

Words: 408

Pages: 2

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