Essays on Church

A church essay may define the Church as a temple where people come to pray and worship God. Word church is borrowed from the Greek word “kyriake”, which means “of the Lord”. In ancient times it was also called “kyriakon doma” – “the Lord's house”. Some church essays define church In Christianity as a gathering of people who believe in Jesus Christ. So it is not a material building but rather the assembly of faithful – many essays on church specify that. In the Bible, the church was never associated with a building. In this case, all who have believed in Jesus Christ become part of the Church. Our church essay samples are a must if you want to keep your essays relevant and easy to read. Don’t hesitate, just take a look at the essay samples below!

Catholic Church attendance

I stood at 701 California Ave in Santa Monica opposite the shopping centre, and it was 9 o’clock on the Sunday morning. I noticed instantly that many cars ran into a well-built house, and more people ran to it. I began to track them in order to see where they…

Words: 1458

Pages: 6

Gothic Art

Gothic cathedrals are the equivalent of city skyscrapers today therein they dominate the skyline and emphasize verticality. Why, in both contexts, is height such a crucial factor? what’s achieved with height? Gothic cathedrals are more often than not very tall. In fact, they’re the equivalent of city scrapers today because…

Words: 809

Pages: 3

Teachings by the Church

Various scholars have come up with various references to biblical principles from different backgrounds. Some of them have preferred to examine developments across the world and only make a few comparisons to the Bible based on their places of concern, while others choose to do an in-depth study of the…

Words: 823

Pages: 3

“Beat! Beat! Drums!

Walt Whitman’s poem “Beat! Beat! Drums!” is divided into three stanzas, each of seven verses. The poem was composed in free verse and contains many stylistic devices such as language, repetition, alliteration, metaphors, and onomatopoeia, among other literary devices. The poem’s first stanza begins with the lines “Bang! Beat! Drums!…

Words: 592

Pages: 3

Goffman’s Dramaturgy Perspective Analysis

I visited a nearby church over the weekend to see how people act in social settings. I have chosen this venue because people from diverse backgrounds have come together, processes are followed according to the protocols and the code of conduct. I arrived in church earlier enough, so I did…

Words: 643

Pages: 3

What religions or religious groups were most significant, especially looking at the development of the thirteen American colonies?

In the history of the United States, faith started with the first pilgrim settlers who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. (Bonomi 12). It is said that the pilgrim settlers professed the Protestant religion that is said to have inspired their migration from the European area to the New World…

Words: 582

Pages: 3


Details written about the cathedral to Santiago de Compostela is the pilgrim guide. Evidently, the guide gives a representation of different parts of the church. It aids the understanding of the readers of the church religious culture by representing verses of the bible in imagery. Most imageries used for the…

Words: 304

Pages: 2

Lord Save My Church: Taking Tough Issues By Richard W. O’Ffill

Richard O’Ffill is a Christian and Adventist author who has worked at the seventh-day Adventists’ conference in North America in South America and South Asia and also as a departmental director. In his footsteps, “God saves my family,” and many more, he has written a number of chrétien novels. The…

Words: 596

Pages: 3

Review of taking heaven by storm

It’s unusual to hear that historians haven’t written about a breathtaking institution like American Methodism. Following the Revolution, the Methodists introduced a new regime in order to capitalize on opportunities in faith and church in order to become the most prominent denomination by 1830. The revolution saw a meteoric rise,…

Words: 960

Pages: 4

The Ballad of Birmingham

The Poem “Ballad of Birmingham” organized by Dudley Randall is fundamentally about a young female wrapped in discussion with her mother in a discussion about her mobility inside the downtown. The mother stands firm on her stand about the freedom of a young and little lady as her kid. She…

Words: 793

Pages: 3

Knowledge brought to me by Helping the Community Through Church

One of the lessons I learned after completing a 50-hour community service organized by the church was that it was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a community service and it helped me to develop a positive self-esteem. I could see and measure the difference that we made in the…

Words: 797

Pages: 3

The Scientology Cult

Several evidence link Scientology to a cult rather than to a faith. In the first place, the Church of Scientology is considered a sinister and vicious cult masquerading as religion. Really, the primary aim of this cult is to make profits. Scientology practices different methods to manipulate people’s minds. In…

Words: 1253

Pages: 5


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