Essays on Augustine

Both good and bad are present.

In the universe, there is both good and bad. Since it causes people to suffer, the bad tends to be prominent. According to Augustine, it does not take much learning to notice that something is moving in the wrong direction. My point is that there is much more good in…

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Pages: 6

Paper on the History of Interpretation: Philippians 2: 9-11

Many biblical scholars believe that Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians was a thank-you letter to the congregation who assisted him in founding the first Pauline Church in Europe. The letter was written to express gratitude to the parishioners of Philippi Church, to strengthen their faith, and to inspire them…

Words: 1364

Pages: 5

The Evil Problem

The problem of evil is one of the most significant obstacles that has plagued believers since the dawn of time. Evil is a constant reality that necessitates some unique explanations. The origins of evil, its purpose, and what evil entails are unavoidable questions. The preoccupation with evil, it appears, not…

Words: 654

Pages: 3


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