Essays on Augustine

Augustine's Pathway to Conversion

Augustine’s pathway to conversion is one enclosed by a lot of internal tussles. His conversion to Christianity was not an easy one for him since he had many attachments to his old life and his many problems in regards to belief. He takes a winding road to conversion but eventually...

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Doubt and Scepticism

Uncertainty often arises when people lack precise knowledge about specific topics because others have influenced their understanding. People s skepticism contributes to the uncertainties. Sceptics were ancient scholars who referred to themselves as investigators. As a result, the ancient doubt is a way of life in which people are devoted...

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Nan Braymer's Five Day Requiem for Vietnam

The theme of profound depression is illustrated in this poem, which is based on the Vietnam War. The poet depicts needless war and aggression, as well as a senseless desire to fight and be killed. At the start, there is a clever use of imagery that conveys the war's carefree...

Words: 343

Pages: 2

Contemporary Approach to Augustine’s Ontology and Ethics

Many commentators have expressed varying opinions on Augustine s philosophies on ontology and ethics. The theorist developed a new line of reasoning in response to diverse questions regarding the nature of good and bad, as well as the question of whether God exists as the supreme creator. In his works,...

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The Roman Empire was never defeated Research

During the fourth century ADThe Roman kingdom was divided into two parts: the Eastern Roman Empire and the Western Roman Empire. The term fall of the Roman Empire only refers to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, not the Eastern Roman Empire. The territory of the Western...

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The Exercise of Virtue: Aristotle's Argument

Many philosophers have addressed the subject of virtue, but Aristotle's argument appears to stand out. Virtue focuses on moral philosophy and the role of character rather than doing or acting in a certain way in order to achieve positive results. When faced with similar circumstances, a virtuous person acts in...

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Both good and bad are present.

In the universe, there is both good and bad In the universe, there is both good and bad. Since it causes people to suffer, the bad tends to be prominent. According to Augustine, it does not take much learning to notice that something is moving in the wrong direction. My point...

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Paper on the History of Interpretation: Philippians 2: 9-11

Many biblical scholars believe that Apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians was a thank-you letter to the congregation who assisted him in founding the first Pauline Church in Europe. The letter was written to express gratitude to the parishioners of Philippi Church, to strengthen their faith, and to inspire them to...

Words: 1364

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The Evil Problem

The problem of evil is one of the most significant obstacles that has plagued believers since the dawn of time. Evil is a constant reality that necessitates some unique explanations. The origins of evil, its purpose, and what evil entails are unavoidable questions. The preoccupation with evil, it appears, not...

Words: 650

Pages: 3

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