Genocide is described as the act of intentionally murdering a large number of people in a specific country or ethnicity. In the 1948 UN Genocide Convention, the killing of an ethnic group, a racial or even a religious group deliberately refers to genocide as a murder. The first genocide in…

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Phillip Hallie’s Cruelty and Evil outlook

Cruelty, according to Hallie (13), is a continuous cycle of humiliation that lasts for years in a given society. He argues that members of a given culture have the right to control how the evil characteristic manifests itself. Cruelty, according to the author, is a manifestation of society’s failure to…

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Both good and bad are present.

In the universe, there is both good and bad. Since it causes people to suffer, the bad tends to be prominent. According to Augustine, it does not take much learning to notice that something is moving in the wrong direction. My point is that there is much more good in…

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The Evil Problem

The problem of evil is one of the most significant obstacles that has plagued believers since the dawn of time. Evil is a constant reality that necessitates some unique explanations. The origins of evil, its purpose, and what evil entails are unavoidable questions. The preoccupation with evil, it appears, not…

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The concept of evil

In all religious practices around the world, the idea of evil is a significant concern. The claims that bad deeds result in everlasting punishment have sparked a heated discussion about the evil narrative. There is a strong desire to learn where evil came from in the religious world, what its…

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Problem of Evil

There is no debate that the majority of human beings would agree that “evil” is something that is not good both morally, socially, spiritually, politically, or in any other context. The definition of the word evil is dependent on the distinct context in which the word may be used. For…

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Animal tests

Animal studies are laboratory experiments on live animals that cause them discomfort, anxiety, suffering, or even permanent injury. They are also used by scientists in their quest for vaccines and curative medicines. Animal research has been the topic of many debates over the years. Although some people consider it a…

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Satire is the use of satire to highlight flaws or negative characteristics in a culture, a person, or a government. Voltaire and Swift use parody in their literary works Candide and A Modest Proposal to highlight societal horrors and folly. They convey their messages to their readers in both toothed…

Words: 1912

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The Effects of the Ring on Frodo

J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, uses the ring of power to represent power, despair, and corruption. This iniquity is conceived by the ring of power, which is thought to exist solely for the purpose of bringing evil to the world and annihilating the human race….

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Young Goodman and the Man in the Black Suit

There are some parallels and variations between the two novels, The Man in the Black Suit and Young Goodman Brown. The comparisons focus on essential facets of literature, such as the controversy about the existence of good and bad. However, obvious variations mean that the tales are distinct in their…

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Evil in the environment

There are many occurrences of evil in the world that have detrimental effects, such as causing death and destruction. Evil is something harmful to the well-being of living beings and evil, according to James Waller, contributes to the loss of land, deaths, and damage to the integrity of individuals. Water…

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