Essays on Inequality

Gender and Cultural Inclusion in the Aviation Industry

Women remain an integral part of the history of the aviation industry. However, the stereotypes which portray women as inferior are having a crippling effect on the aviation industry (Zirulnik, 2014). However, despite being looked down upon for a long time, women have indicated a relentless desire to concur their...

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How consumerism will solve the issue of inequality in America

Consumerism is the idea that increasing consumption is the best way to improve a country’s economy. It involves putting the needs of the consumers first and could be the motivation behind terms such as, “The customer is always right.” Furthermore, consumerism enables consumers to have access to luxury goods (Barber...

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Allocative Inefficiency and End-Result Equity

Economic Efficiency and Equity Economic efficiency is the process by which resources in a particular state are allocated optimally to individuals while ensuring that waste of resources is minimized. Therefore, in an economy whereby the resources are efficient, they must be distributed equally so that no harm can be caused to...

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The Role of Gender-Based Diversity in the Performance of Organizations

Deliberations on Gender-Based Diversity in Top Levels of Management Deliberations on the role that gender-based diversity in the top levels of management plays in the performance of organizations have been raging for ages. Ruiz-Jiménez, Fuentes-Fuentes and Ruiz-Arroyo in 2016 attempted to contribute to the topic through their research focused on knowledge...

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The Reproduction of Inequality in Schools

This is a persuasive paper about the reproduction of inequality by parents and children in the schools. Inequality is a severe condition or situation in the society where specific individuals' have more opportunities than others. Parents together with children reproduce inequalities in school in different ways. Different aspects of various...

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Income Inequality and The American Dream

America's Dynamic and Robust Economy America boasts of a dynamic and robust economy despite criticism by the citizens. Not every American believes that the economy is in a good state as purported by the bureaucrats. The article Inequality and the American Dream: The world’s most impressive economic machine needs a little...

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System inequalities

Recently, the criminal justice system has seen a rise in systemic injustices. (Briggs, 2014). Other people are excluded from enjoying their rights and privileges because justice is not administered to everyone equitably as it should be. The most prevalent injustices in our society are racial profiling and implicit prejudice, which...

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the existence of inequality

Inequality in today s society serves as its defining characteristic. Discourse on the Origin and Foundation of Inequality among Men by Jean-Jacques Rousseau provides significant insight into the issue of moral inequality among men. Despite the early unity that existed amongst men in society, the author has shown how the idea...

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Underserved communities

Underserved Communities and the Nursing Corps Underserved communities are mainly found in vulnerable areas that have been ignored in terms of receiving adequate services and facing health equity inequalities. The purpose of the Nursing Corps clearly shows the goals of providing excellent services, improved health workstations, and health equity to all....

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Maluku Indonesia - Conflict Analysis

Many societal conflicts, in my opinion, are the result of economic inequity. Politicians then utilize the feeling of unjust treatment as a tool to defeat their opponents. When a social issue is colored by a sensitive feeling, such as religion, it is referred to as a conflict between religions. Religion...

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United States’ health care system

The Inequities in the United States Health Care System The health-care system in the United States is one of the public administration areas with the greatest inequities. The inequities dilemma has resulted in inadequate health care, lesser quality, and fewer health priorities for individuals on the receiving end (Barr, 2008). The...

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What a Trump Administration Might mean for Income Inequality by Erik Sherman

Sherman (2016) suggests that the problem of economic inequality in America is unavoidable in his piece, What a Trump Administration Might Mean for Income Inequality. Apparently, a sizable proportion of the middle class felt neglected by the previous administration, making their lives in the region even more difficult. Clearly, the...

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