Essays on Role of Government

Margaret Thatcher: The style of a prime minister

In a Washington Monthly piece, Raymond Smith explains the facts regarding Belgium and its ability to live for twenty months without a government (Raymond, 2013). This was triggered by the Prime Minister's resignation, which made it difficult for the opposing parties to compromise in order for someone to fill the...

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Public health and nursing: Morbid Obesity

Public health is a government regulatory organization tasked with overseeing the duties and conduct of the public health sector. Their rules that have been put in place by the public health sector have been advantageous to some countries in controlling the health of its population; some of the countries that...

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The regulation of railroads

Railroad regulation began in the late nineteenth century as a result of the recognition that railways controlled the transportation business (Gómez-Ibáez, J. A., & de Rus, 2006). Around this time, the automotive and aviation industries were in their infancy. As a result, railroads were the dominant mode of transportation for...

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Economic crisis in Russia in 1998

One of the direct reasons of Russia's 1998 economic crisis was the Russian government's failure to address fiscal imbalances. The structural issues were the indirect but more basic culprits. The government had a poor tax framework that did not produce enough money to meet its fiscal responsibilities (Moffett et al...

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The United States Department of Homeland Security

One of the government security departments that actively deals with safety issues is the United States Department of Homeland Security. Its aim is to provide innovative and efficient methodologies, information, and solutions that are important for homeland enterprise security demands. The five important areas are the prevention of terrorism and...

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Negative Externality Microeconomics

One of the negative externalities that directly affects me is air pollution created by industries as they manufacture things for consumption. There is a small oil refinery nearby that emits a lot of pollutants into the air during the day. The other is a closely linked negative externality: in order...

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Commodification in medicine

People talk about 'commodification' in medicine as if it's always a terrible thing, but it's not; being viewed as a commodity is not always a bad thing. A commodity is an item produced for sale and valued because of its utility to the consumer. Price, cost, distribution, and availability are determined...

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The Australian paid parental leave

The Australian paid parental leave program began in 2009, with women receiving a pay during their maternity leave. Long periods of leave have been linked to an increase in cases of high order fertility. This is because they have the right to take extended leaves of up to a year...

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Primary Mechanisms of Corporate Governance in India

The Companies Act and the SEBI Act are the fundamental tools of corporate governance in India. The Companies Act of 2013, which superseded the Companies Act of 1956, and the regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India play an important role in governing business operations. SEBI was...

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The criminal justice system

The criminal justice system includes the establishment of governments and practices that help maintain social control, deter and minimize crime, or discipline lawbreakers through rehabilitative initiatives and criminal penalties. Courts, law enforcement, and corrections are the three main components of the criminal justice system that work together to prevent and...

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The analysis of the data collected from different fields

The examination of data from several fields shows that weather has a direct influence on the pace of cycling. Weather has an impact on both discretionary travel and commuters. Yet, the governments of several countries, such as Denmark, have supported increased cycling in order to lower the high costs associated...

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Effects of open market operations in US on gross domestic product

The Federal Reserve Bank's open market operations involve the purchase and sale of US Treasury securities. This policy tool is used to control bank reserves, interest rates, and the money supply. Open market operations are simple to undertake and are typically used as the primary monetary policy tool (Arnold, 2010)....

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