Essays on Saudi Arabia

Women's Rights to Drive in Saudi Arabia

The royal order that lifted the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia could not have come at a better time. The lift on this ban was a reprieve to the many who felt disfranchised by the discriminatory rule that selectively allowed men to drive while locking out the woman...

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Women Rights in Saudi Arabia

About 27years ago, some women were found roaming around the Saudi Arabian capital city, Riyadh in vehicles. The driving by women was a case of open defiance and blatant violation of the rules set by the state and the religious community banning women from driving vehicles in Saudi Arabia. This...

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Saudi Aramco Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a notion of concern to both the social and business world in the recent years. This fact has led to an increase in interaction between the business, government, and society as a whole. In the past years, the primary concern of most business was the economic results...

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The Saudi Arabian government Health Care

The Saudi Arabian government has made improving the healthcare system a top priority. (Gallagher 183). Particularly recently, the population's level of healthy living has significantly increased. As stated by Jannadi et al. (44) due to the government's complete control, Saudi Arabian health care services fall within the category of national...

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The gender inequality in Saudi Arabia

A section of the community may mistakenly believe that it is the dominant group in the area as a result of gender inequality. Based on their gender, these individuals are treated differently. However, there are some generalizations made about the kinds of responsibilities these individuals must carry out in society....

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“Saudi Arabia and the War of Legitimacy in Yemen”

Several layers of ingrained propaganda are exposed in Lara Aryani's 2015 essay "Saudi Arabia and the War of Legitimacy in Yemen." It explains how Saudi Arabia has used its clout within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to wage wars throughout the region, particularly in Yemen. Since she provides the strategy they...

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Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain

Following an escalation of the crisis, countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain have barred Qatar from entering. As a result, they terminated diplomatic connections and, as a result, cut all transportation links with the country (Aljazeera, 2017). The main objective was to isolate Qatar,...

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Saudi Aramco Valuation

Saudi Aramco is a Saudi Arabian state-owned and controlled petroleum and natural gas company headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It was created in 1933 as the Californian-Arabian Standard Oil Company and was renamed Arabian-American Oil Company or Aramco in 1944. Petroleum, natural gas, and various petrochemicals are among its products....

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Gains for Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria

The world is full of mysteries, and every move a person takes cannot be revealed to others. In the case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, however, it is clearly known in the public arena that they have been heavily funding and arming Syria's opposition since the commencement of the civil...

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China's Middle Eastern Energy and Trade Relations are Growing

China has grown its involvement in the Middle East over the last few decades in an effort to secure energy supplies that are crucial to its economic and industrial expansion. Several Chinese enterprises have increased their presence in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Prior to this engagement, Chinese industrial output was...

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Women Rights in Iranian and Saudi Arabian

Iranian and Saudi Arabian Women's Rights Iranian and Saudi Arabian women both experience social, political, and economic discrimination. In Iraq, women have had the right to vote since 1963, while in Saudi Arabia, women have been able to vote in municipal elections since 2015. (Powell 21).Marriage Laws No matter their age, women...

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Interfaith Marriage and Ritual

Islam is thought to have developed from Judeo-Christian traditions and the cultural ideals of the nomadic Bedoun tribe in the seventh century in Saudi Arabia, then known as Mecca. During this time, the Islamic religion extended into regions that the Sassanian Empire and the Byzantine Empire had previously ruled (Ahmed,...

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