The War in Syria Essay

Recent reports that both parties in the civil war in Syria used chemical weapons on civilian populations have been a significant and puzzling aspect of the conflict as it continues to rage and draw attention from around the world. Under international law, such as the Geneva Conventions, the use of...

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Location and Connectivity

Ankara, Turkey: 39° 55' N, 32° 51' E (the capital city of the region's northernmost country) and Sanaa, Yemen: 15° 21' N, 44° 12' E (the capital city of the region's southernmost country) are the absolute locations of the Middle East region (East, & Long, n.d.). The Middle East consists of...

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Terrorism is defined as the use of intimidation or violence to instill fear in a society in order to achieve a specific political goal. Terrorist acts by various terrorist organisations target locations of interest and may result in large casualties, primarily among civilians and terrorists themselves. Terrorist groups use various...

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A Policy Brief

In 2010, the Arabic revolution began It brought about numerous changes in the Middle East region. Syrian civilians who had been banished from their country sought sanctuary in neighboring countries where there was calm. This was one of the most serious crises since World War II (Al-Salem, Waleed et al. 931). The...

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Gains for Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria

The world is full of mysteries, and every move a person takes cannot be revealed to others. In the case of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, however, it is clearly known in the public arena that they have been heavily funding and arming Syria's opposition since the commencement of the civil...

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Multidimensional Impact of Immigration from the Middle East in the Contemporary Socio-Cultural and Political Context

In recent decades, the Middle East conflict brought on by the rise of ISIS has greatly destabilized the area and affected the lives of common people. Today, the crisis that is raging in Syria, Iraq, and Iran, among other countries, cannot be ignored because it is affecting the rest of...

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Syria and the United States of America

Syria and the United States of America are both sovereign countries and UN members. As a result, both countries are bound by international law. According to international law, a country's sovereignty must be respected, and any act of provocation to war by one country against another should be reviewed by...

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Material support for victims of military conflict

The activities of ISIS in the crisis that has erupted in Syria and many other adjacent countries have resulted in the eviction of many civilians. Individuals have been rendered homeless, making them reliant on any type of assistance that may be provided to alleviate their plight. People in the region...

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The missile attacks on Syria

The missile assaults on Syria and the potential hazards The missile assaults on Syria were intended to impose a cost on the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on its civilians while also affecting the government’s future behavior (Finnegan). However, the shift is likely to introduce new hazards. As a result,...

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The war in Syria

Syria's civil war has disrupted Middle Eastern stability, as countries such as Turkey have used the conflict to further political and economic objectives. The battle has evolved into a regional crisis, endangering both the region's security and economic prosperity (Arslanian, 2014). Turkey, as a prominent military force in the region,...

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syria and conflict

Conflicts in Syria have culminated in a seven-year-long civil war that has taken the lives of over a million civilians. The war is being waged between soldiers defending Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, and rebels who do not want the president to remain in office. The violence began in 2011 in...

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Research Proposal on the Humanitarian Crisis in Syria Since 2011

As the world's highest political forces negotiate and debate the measures to be introduced in coping with Syria's political crisis...The citizens of that country continue to suffer the worst types of human rights abuses. According to Human Rights Watch's (HRW) 2017 report on the events of 2016 in Syria, 470,000...

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