Essays on War on Terror

Analysis of Terrorist Groups

Revolutionary terrorism is a form of terrorism where the practitioners intend to totally abolish a political system and replace it with new structures. It is the application of force in countering revolutionaries. An example of a revolutionary terrorist group is the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). I strongly believe...

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The Use of Electronic Surveillance of U.S Citizens

I support the use of electronic surveillance of U.S citizens without a court order in cases of suspected terrorist activities. Advancement in technology has enabled terrorists to exploit any security lapse and attack innocent people. Terrorism remains to be a threat to the national security, and the act of National...

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The Role of the NSA/CSS in Countering Terrorism

The NSA/CSS has the mandated to uncover the progress of U.S. rivals in weapons, determine their capacity, and retrieve their critical data or secretive information through cryptology (, 2017). NSA/CSS protects America’s secrets. Another vital role is to safeguard Americans’ privacy rights. The goal is to avail critical information to...

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Causes of terrorism in Pakistan

Thesis: Ineffective law enforcement strategies are the leading causes of frequent attacks in Pakistan. I. Introduction A. Thesis: Ineffective law enforcement strategies are the leading causes of frequent attacks in Pakistan. II....

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Alternative Strategies of Countering Boko Haram Attacks

Nigeria's Battle against Boko Haram Nigeria is one of the countries that have faced terror attacks over a long period. Almost all the attacks that Nigeria encounters originate from a terror group known as Boko Haram. Boko Haram was just a quiet religious group which offered religious studies to its members...

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Relevance of The Crucible

As nations around the world work to create policies that will counter the escalating threat to the security of their citizens, terrorism has emerged as a global threat. Although every country has a different strategy for combating terrorism, most have specialized groups tasked with preventing and reducing the harm caused...

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Terrorism - Ideologies and Motivations

Terrorism and National Security Terrorism is an issue for international security as well as domestic security. Terrorists carry out their operations within organized groups and systems that are aware of their objectives. Therefore, it is important to research the causes and ideologies of the different acts of terrorism. In order to...

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Signal Detection - A case study

The Case of Richard Reid The case study focuses on a man named Richard Reid, a terrorist who used signal detection theory to his benefit to get past the French airport security system. His main objective was to use homemade bombs to destroy a Boeing 767 airplane. With the explosives concealed...

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Terrorist’s activities

The goal of terrorist activities is to intimidate people into complying with requests by posing as threats. Since Antifa uses tactics like using violence and vandalism, being an enemy of speech, acting without a legal identity, and threatening people while recording their voices, it is classified as a terrorist group....

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Methods used to counter terrorism

The fight against terrorists The fight against terrorists can be waged using a variety of strategies. The primary financing sources for terrorists are reduced, the military is strengthened in terms of resources and intelligence, and international organizations work together to address terrorism-related issues as some of the methods used to combat...

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Three Methods of Cyberterrorism Attacks

A physical assault One of the three types of cyber-terrorism, aims to compromise hardware dependability by employing conventional weapons. The technique targets machinery and installations like computer facilities and transmission lines. The deliberate action is primarily motivated by a political goal to obstruct information processing and flow. The goal of the second...

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Transnational organized crime (TOC)

From the standpoint of organized crime, transnational organized crime (TOC) can be comprehended. Crimes committed in an organized manner, such as acts of terrorism, property devastation, or environmental harm, are those that are planned, coordinated, and carried out by people with a specific goal in mind. (Miraglia, Ochoa & Briscoe,...

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