Essays on Community Violence

Terrorist’s activities

The goal of terrorist activities is to intimidate people into complying with requests by posing as threats. Since Antifa uses tactics like using violence and vandalism, being an enemy of speech, acting without a legal identity, and threatening people while recording their voices, it is classified as a terrorist group....

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Violent behavior

The intentional use of physical force or power against another person that could result in their death, suffering, harm, or psychological harm is referred to as violent conduct. (Cavaiola & Colford, 2011). Violent behavior has a variety of reasons. Among them is mental disease. For instance, a person who suffers...

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Understanding and preventing gun violence

It should be a top concern for the US to understand and stop youth gun violence. The need for policies that succinctly capture social order and confidence is reinforced by the ongoing rise in gun violence incidents in both inner city streets and schools. Notably, both murders and assaults with...

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Lone wolf terrorists

Lone wolf terrorists or homegrown extremists are phrases used to describe individuals who commit violent acts against humanity on their own, without the assistance of others. In other words, increased incidences of violence and harassment committed by individuals who do not represent or get support from any certain group or...

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Politics and Violence

Political leaders appointed and elected by citizens have been perpetrators of violence since time immemorial, dating back to the Holocaust (Arendt, 5). Political leaders claim to be upholding law and order while encouraging violations of citizens' rights. According to Arendt, the accused, Adolf Eichmann, a former Nazi soldier and active...

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The FLN's Evolution

The FLN (Front de Libération Nationale) is a political movement founded in 1954 that uses violence to achieve its claimed political goals. Algerians experienced sleepless nights and concern about their future as a result of the movement. Algeria appeared to the rest of the world as if it would never...

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The Real Essence of Anarchism

The first reading aims to teach ordinary people about the genuine essence of anarchism, which is both practical and critical. It so strives to dispel the myth that Anarchism is synonymous with violence by informing people that the most violent factor in society is ignorance, whose power and destruction Anarchism...

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Bothe, Michael, Karl Josef Partsch, and Waldemar A. Solf. New Rules for Victims of Armed Conflicts

This source describes how violence should be maintained in times of armed conflict utilizing international standards. The book describes how the shifting character of such norms is dictated by the changing form of violence. The author advocates for various legal procedures in order to safeguard innocent victims. In dealing with...

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The politics of Latin Americans

Many conceptions of social interest are present in Latin American politics. Cities in Latin American countries, for example, have been rife with violence. Majorities in most of the nations analyzed stated that they would prefer that their governments work on eliminating urban violence within cities. The majority of violence in...

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Forms of Violence and Agression

Violence is defined as the purpose to cause harm through the use of physical force. Causing harm might include destroying goods and property or injuring another person. Violence and aggression are sometimes used interchangeably, although they are not the same thing. While violence is the act of causing harm, aggression...

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Healthcare and Structural Violence

When people who are a member of a certain social order are subjected to systematic acts of violence that prohibit them from fulfilling basic human needs like access to healthcare, this is referred to as structural violence. Because of this, structural violence disproportionately affects members of certain socioeconomic strata, subjecting...

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The meaning of Gender-based violence

Millions of women and girls around the world are victims of gender-based violence, which is a major issue. About 70% of all women worldwide experience gender-based violence at some point in their lives (Johnson 6). Sadly, it is not unique to any one culture, location, nation, or socioeconomic class; rather,...

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