Essays on Mahatma Gandhi

Each Mahatma Gandhi essay mentions some inspiring facts about this extraordinary man. Mahatma Gandhi essays explore the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948) – an activist, nationalist, anti-colonialist, politician, who became one of the leaders and ideologists of the Indian national liberation movement. He was called “Mahatma” which translates from Sanskrit as “great-souled” – not many essays on Mahatma Gandhi mention this curious fact. He advocated for nonviolent resistance and fought against racial discrimination and oppression of Indians by organizing peaceful demonstrations, writing petitions to the government. He spoke at rallies, inspiring people to fight for freedom and fights. Many essays share his insightful quotes. He was a member of the Indian National Congress that in 10 years under his leadership achieved the independence of India. Read our Mahatma Gandhi essay samples if you want to learn more! Reading different essay samples helps to get a well-rounded perspective on the subject.


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Find remedies to the injustices committed by the British during their reign in India.

The author’s goal is to persuade Lord Irwin to stop colonial exploitation through nonviolent threats and a petition for justice. 2. To inform and reassure British officials that their administration in India is unfair and that Gandhi will vigorously oppose it. 3. If the British refuse to put an end…

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Defining Nonviolence as a Concept

Nonviolence is an wonderful technique of harmonizing relationships amongst people and all other creatures for the accomplishment of justice and the eventual well-being of everyone. Non-violence has emerge as a form of protest against the oppressive regime or the fight in opposition to something. It is not only the lack…

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