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Social Media and Popularity Through Instagram

Social networking sites have immensely redefined the manner in which people perceive popularity in the society. A majority of social media users have resorted to some unethical practices to help them attract a large number of followers or comments on the various status updates which they make on social media...

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The Influence of Stars in Hollywood

According to Carman, (1966) the Hollywood fame can be traced back to the 1910 where D.W Griffith produced his first film, In Old California. Although there have been changes in the film industry, the star system is still solid. The system refers to an approach used by studios...

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Identity Theft Crimes

The internet has grown in popularity, and many people use it to do various online activities such as banking and online shopping, among others. However, many individuals throughout the world have expressed concern about their privacy being jeopardized because a lot of information may be or has already been obtained...

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Gaming community ethnography

Today, gaming has become a vital part of life. Many people, primarily teens and young people, like gaming. Because of the virtual reality aspect that they convey, video games have grown in popularity. Gaming has a variety of consequences on communities, both positive and negative. The following is an ethnography...

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Hip Hop and Politics

The evolution of the hip hop genre in politics has less to do with ideals and more to do with enlightenment and the popularity of its teachings. Hip hop charts and billboards in the current decade incorporate statements that address key social and political concerns. To begin, a basic history...

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Is a National Primary a Good Idea?

The idea of a national primary to pick the presidential party nominee has been around for decades. The national primary has gained popularity because it appeals to a simpler type of modern democracy. It is still majoritarian, direct, and clean. Some proponents have recently advocated for a nationwide primary as...

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The Internet of Things and Fake News

In the last five months, the term "fake news" has grown in common. The term is interpreted differently by different individuals. The media publishes news on the internet, which is dependent on people's reactions to the news and inner behavior. This can decide whether or not news is labeled as "fake...

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Merits of Electric Cars

Electric vehicles have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of supportive technologies. One of its primary benefits being the ability to reduce fuel consumption as opposed to an internal combustion engine (ICE). According to surveys, the average buyer spends nearly 3000 dollars on car gasoline (Simmons et...

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media communication

The two sets that stood out to me were the Sony - 65"" Class (64.5"" Diag.) - LED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range – Black and the LG - 65"" Class (64.5"" Diag.) - OLED - 2160p - Smart - 4K Ultra...

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Baseball history

Baseball's Origins and Early History Baseball is a common game played in a wide field of two teams made up of nine players each who attempt to score points by striking a spherical ball with a bat and making runs on each of the four bases without stopping. The root of...

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