Essays on Gender Differences

The Biological Sex Differences in the Human Intelligence Quotient

Abstract Many academics have debated whether there is a biological sex difference in IQ, the measure of a person’s level of intelligence, or if IQs are similar throughout the gender spectrum. This article includes a longitudinal investigation of the sex difference in IQ, which suggests that boys start to have…

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Gender Differences between Men and Women

Differences between guys and women are not solely attached to the physical variations but also how the two events convey a message in conversations, speech delivery as nicely as in general communications. The past researches that have been finished on this particular topic have proven that men and women fluctuate…

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Male vs. Female Writers: How Female Characters Are Portrayed Differently

The disparities between viewpoints that male and female authors add to literature are often palpable. The characters they build as a result of these variations are also noteworthy. Even when reflecting on common characteristics of characters in a novel, their points of view are often diametrically opposed. Consider the depiction…

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Gender Issues in Pygmalion and the Importance of Being Earnest

The most important theme in Pygmalion is gender. Eliza was used by Shaw to represent his ideal woman. He transformed Eliza into a better person by Higgins and Pickering, his idea of a real woman; one who stands out from all others (Conolly-Smith 95121). The play depicts how much society…

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Friendship and Gender Differences

How do you think that women have a better chance than men to establish better relationships? What does the playing field for men have to adjust to level the friendship? Women have a greater chance than men to establish relationships, mostly because their friendship lacks rules and roles. Their relationship…

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Communication and gendered differences

Men and women differ not only in human anatomy but also in their debates and remarks. According to studies, female and male phrases vary in terms of themes, type, usage, and content (Wolin & Korgaonkar, 2003). The previous study in this area has found that men are more directive and…

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