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Any community essay strives to understand how communities evolved and why people need them. Word “community” originated from Latin “communitas”, which means “community”, “public spirit”, and also from Latin “communis”, which means “common”. Community essays define the subject as a historically established union of people with stable social connections and common features that have common values, objectives, customs, religion, and guided by the same norms. As some essays on community curiously point out, sometimes a community may not even have a physical location but will be defined by a group of people with common interests. People are social beings, so being a part of a community is what most people find a comfortable way of living. View our community essay samples and you may learn something new. Listed essay samples are various yet equally interesting!

Smart Cities Approach in Barcelona

The chapter shall analyze different smart city approaches that are used for the modernization of four urban areas which are London, Barcelona, and Bangalore. London and Barcelona have developed economies, while India and Bangalore are developing economies, hence the results of the analysis are expected to be different in terms...

Words: 4360

Pages: 16

A Review of Yishun Community Event

Following weird events that have been happening in Yishun which is a small estate in Singapore, the group decided to come up with a community event. The event is meant to stop the fear of residents residing in this estate and thus making the area a new place. However, the...

Words: 691

Pages: 3

Relevance of Daycare to the Community

Daycare is a requirement for most parents as many families need the income of both parents to be financially stable. However, some guardians prefer raising their children as they work. Unfortunately, the single and low-income parents often cannot bring up their young ones by themselves and work at the same...

Words: 624

Pages: 3

Death Certificate

In Australia, certification of deaths is a mandate of either a medical practitioner or a coroner. Medical practitioners major in distinguishing deaths caused by natural causes while coroners identify deaths from unknown sources. In the year 2012, 88.3 per cent of the deaths recorded were those certified by a doctor....

Words: 1268

Pages: 5

The Concept of Social Support

Working in care homes: One of the happiest moments of my life was receiving my niece. When my sister indicated that her pregnancy was almost coming to an end, members of my family started telling me that I have to realize that I am now an adult. My mother explained...

Words: 642

Pages: 3

Tobacco Control in Oklahoma

Substance abuse is one of the most pertinent issues facing most communities. States and nations today. Mainly, tobacco smoking takes the center-stage for its widespread use. Additionally, the effects of tobacco traverse both users and non-users due to exposure to the smoke. As such, approaches to limit the use of...

Words: 1512

Pages: 6

St Joseph's Healthcare Care Center

A Community and St Joseph's Healthcare Center A community refers to any group that is living together and sharing something in common. A community may include smaller geographical areas such as a rural area, a church, working mates, among others (Wenger, 2011). In my assignment, I decided to take a photograph...

Words: 648

Pages: 3

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in International Agreements

Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) refer to organizations set up or formed by individuals or associations, whereas intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) are institutions established by treaties, with several sovereign member states.[1] One of the channels through which NGOs can formulate demands on, and lend support to IGOs relates to the NGOs’ participation in...

Words: 533

Pages: 2

Applewood Avenue: A Community in the West End of Toronto, Canada

Different neighbourhoods have different issues that affect the social lives of people. However, some of these problems such as crime rates are not specific to single areas. They generally affect the contemporary society. Community policing, also known as community-oriented policing has been identified to be one of the most efficacious...

Words: 684

Pages: 3

Wendy Brown Overview on The Waning Sovereignty

Globalization is putting increasing pressure on the and strains on the resources, coherence, sovereignty and principles of self -governance on the nation states.  As result to this, the rate of emigrants and immigrants has tremendously increased making some of the nation states adopt the principle of walling their states for...

Words: 1648

Pages: 6

Civic Engagement in Democratic Societies

Am James. The problem at hand includes the importance of civic engagement in democratic societies. The issue is a primary concern in any democratic society and represents practices and attitudes that involve the political and social life of individuals. Any person would wish to live under a government or a...

Words: 646

Pages: 3

Health-Related Issues in Informal Settlements

Jane is a 22-year-old and an HIV positive single mother living in the slums located on the outskirts of the Chicago state. Jane was born to the African American parents who came to the U.S. in search of better living. When she was fifteen, her parents divorced based on the...

Words: 988

Pages: 4

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