Essays on Community

Any community essay strives to understand how communities evolved and why people need them. Word “community” originated from Latin “communitas”, which means “community”, “public spirit”, and also from Latin “communis”, which means “common”. Community essays define the subject as a historically established union of people with stable social connections and common features that have common values, objectives, customs, religion, and guided by the same norms. As some essays on community curiously point out, sometimes a community may not even have a physical location but will be defined by a group of people with common interests. People are social beings, so being a part of a community is what most people find a comfortable way of living. View our community essay samples and you may learn something new. Listed essay samples are various yet equally interesting!

Saving dying languages

Saving dying languages is important due to countless reasons. One of the causes, why it is necessary to hold languages that are almost vanishing such as Kakuma in Peru, is to supply future generations the chance to hint their cultural origins and understand their past (Silver). It is also quintessential…

Words: 333

Pages: 2

Cultural Perspectives Comparison-Contrast

Culture is described as shared behavioral behaviors and experiences learned by socialization. Religion and diet are examples of cultural elements, as are dress, marriage, and people’s values. Many cultures have firmly ingrained traditions and convictions in ancient theology. Polytheism, polygamy, wife succession, and patriarchy are some of the traditional group…

Words: 1391

Pages: 6

Volunteering at Community Welfare Group

The recollections of working as a volunteer in the community welfare group during vacations are still vivid. The chance to offer free offerings presented an opportunity to help the deprived when everyone else seemed unconcerned. Initially, I felt frightened realizing I had to have interaction with the older men and…

Words: 179

Pages: 1

TechFite Corporate Policies

TechFite Corporate Policies ensure the provision of better remuneration to the community for jobs, protect the environment, build an environment conducive to workplaces and improve leadership, and provide a structure that provides a culture of growth and empowerment for employees. They want to maintain a stronger working relationship with the…

Words: 380

Pages: 2

About Global Management

Global management refers to the way a company conducts its business internationally, including its auctions, marketing, usage and funding. It gathers knowledge about industry, social practices, history and values in order to support businesses to meet their capital in the global commercial community and collaborate with other cultures efficiently. This…

Words: 332

Pages: 2

Harrison Bergeron and Politics of Today

Each system of government is governed by a series of laws set by the citizens’ governing jurisdictions, and while some nations rely on democracy and the people’s will, others favor the monarchical or oppressive form of governance. Kurt Vonnegut’s short story ‘Harrison Bergeron’ is a common composition that portrays the…

Words: 692

Pages: 3

The Importance of Volunteering

It is not possible to stress enough the need to be interested in a volunteering experience. There are quite a lot of advantages that accrue to both the user and even many other individuals just from a person who wishes to volunteer within the community. I was still at that…

Words: 785

Pages: 3

John Stuart Mill famous proclamation

John Stuart Mill’s famous declaration reads, “The only reason for which authority should legitimately be exerted over any member of a democratic society, against its will, is to avoid harm to others. His own good, whether physical or spiritual, is not adequate. The man is sovereign over himself, over his…

Words: 1105

Pages: 5

essay on National honor society candidate

The four significant virtues of the National Honor Society, namely scholarship, leadership, service, and character, are very important to the Chapelgate community and the community at large in the sense that they both jointly work at community advancement. The scholarship represents a devotion to learning; this element assists a pupil…

Words: 271

Pages: 1

Federal norm significance for local mitigation plans

The value of federal requirements for local mitigation strategies has been emphasized by Berke & Smith (2014, p.1-15). This was put in motion early enough in the local sector to define any local initiatives. In the long run, certain positive actions can be quickly adapted to minimize the danger and…

Words: 696

Pages: 3

Heritage in Culture

Cultural heritage can be described as an indication of the ways in which a culture grows and passes on to generations. Cultural heritage is generally traditions, beliefs, sites, artifacts and activities in the form of artistic expressions. It also provides a concrete image of a given community’s system of values,…

Words: 267

Pages: 1

Juries,the Law and Psychologists Roles

Attorneys are required to pick a jury that comes from members of the community that have presented themselves for jury duty before the start of a jury trial. The selection of juries has become one of the most significant services that law firms offer to the degree that they include…

Words: 608

Pages: 3


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