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Any community essay strives to understand how communities evolved and why people need them. Word “community” originated from Latin “communitas”, which means “community”, “public spirit”, and also from Latin “communis”, which means “common”. Community essays define the subject as a historically established union of people with stable social connections and common features that have common values, objectives, customs, religion, and guided by the same norms. As some essays on community curiously point out, sometimes a community may not even have a physical location but will be defined by a group of people with common interests. People are social beings, so being a part of a community is what most people find a comfortable way of living. View our community essay samples and you may learn something new. Listed essay samples are various yet equally interesting!


A ritual is a ceremonial that consists of many actions performed in a specific order. Yet, these actions are frequently performed depending on a certain tribe in a country and cannot be considered innate acts (Quantz, O'Connor, & Magolda, 2011). Various modes of expression are critical to the continuation of...

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A windshield assessment

A windshield assessment is a survey that is completed while riding in a car with someone who is familiar with a specific area or location. In our review, our team embarked on the project in order to unearth health specifics and issues in the organization's service region. Numerous meetings and...

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Cooperative Ownership

According to Nembhard, a cooperative is a company founded by individuals who band together to address a certain need (107). He explains that cooperatives boost low-income earners' income by cutting the cost of necessities such as housing, food, and energy. This technique is realized through cooperative fundamental principles such as...

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Pages: 2

Mission, Vision, and Framework of Baptist Health

Baptist Health is committed to achieving great health outcomes and increasing people's entire well-being. The organization's mission is to promote and protect life in its different communities of operation (Baptist Health, 2017). The organization is established on a strong Judeo-Christian philosophy that leads its employees in providing services that are...

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The Aims and Core Business of Health Institutions From the Perspective of Both the Organization and the Nursing Sector Within the Organization

Both care institutions and nursing sectors have similar conceptions of the functions of medical establishments (Van den Broek, Boselie & Paauwe, 2014). From the organizational and nursing perspectives, hospitals and clinics' aims and key businesses include: providing clinical services to citizens and clients The health facilities are expected to provide care...

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Pages: 12

Gender Inequality and Corruption

Corruption and gender inequality are inextricably linked. Gender inequity undermines proper administration, development outcomes, consistent growth, and poverty alleviation. Females perceive, experience, and suffer from corruption in ways that men do not (International 1). Women's political, social, and economic responsibility in a country shapes how they interact with others and...

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Fairs can be as short as an afternoon or as long as several weeks (Laughlin and Beattie 09). Fairs come in a variety of forms. One example is a street fair, which is usually conducted on the main street of a community to highlight the essence of that particular neighborhood....

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The City of Florissant

Florissant has a population of 52,168 people according to the 2010 census (American Fact Finder, 2017). Wade (2015) stated that it is difficult to design a good scenario for the future without considering historical tendencies. For the past 20 years, the pattern has been a rather modest drop in population...

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healthy community concept

Following an in-depth examination of the notion of healthy community, I believe that a healthy community can be defined as one with optimum health condition. Such communities have gained this status as a consequence of an extensive concentration on activities that aid in the improvement, protection, and maintenance of profound...

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Connection between socioeconomic class and access to healthy food

Food availability refers to people's capacity to have easy access to and afford fresh and healthy foods such as low fat meat, vegetables, fish, fruits, and low fat dairy products. Social and economic variables are the primary drivers of health outcomes and have a substantial influence on health behaviors. The...

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Operational Performance in a Small Operation: Hotel

Hotel A is a restaurant in Bromsgrove, Birmingham. It is owned by a local businessman who also serves as its manager. He has hired ten employees to help with day-to-day operations in order to serve the nearby working-class regions. The cafeteria provides low-cost cuisine to the local community. Yet, the...

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Exercises in Disaster Preparation

In recent years, there has been a fast increase in the importance of disaster preparedness exercises in communities across the United States. Furthermore, the devastating 9/11 terrorist attack, which resulted in many fatalities among American citizens, as well as natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, have compelled the federal, state,...

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