Essays on Community

Any community essay strives to understand how communities evolved and why people need them. Word “community” originated from Latin “communitas”, which means “community”, “public spirit”, and also from Latin “communis”, which means “common”. Community essays define the subject as a historically established union of people with stable social connections and common features that have common values, objectives, customs, religion, and guided by the same norms. As some essays on community curiously point out, sometimes a community may not even have a physical location but will be defined by a group of people with common interests. People are social beings, so being a part of a community is what most people find a comfortable way of living. View our community essay samples and you may learn something new. Listed essay samples are various yet equally interesting!

Reader Analysis

Perl Communications, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a global technology company. Computer software development, hardware manufacturing, and installation are the three main departments. The company’s customer base is estimated to be 50.000 people. On its website, technical communication studies receive an annual 15.000 monthly visitors. The Organization has separated all…

Words: 1289

Pages: 5

Zionism is a political movement that is both secular and religious.

Following national movements such as Buddhists and Zionists, different facets of Jewish life in Europe undergone a revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. The acts posed a collection of conflicting ideas among the Jewish people on issues such as nationhood, ethnicity, and civilizational problems. Prior to that, the Jews had to…

Words: 1757

Pages: 7

Daily operations of a community

Any facets of a community’s everyday activities must not be ignored. The fact that discipline is closely linked to justice in society has always held a lot of weight. To be able to pursue justice, one must be self-disciplined. As a result, if a person has no respect for the…

Words: 365

Pages: 2

Reaction to Religions Around the World

Before reading this post, it will be difficult to comprehend how the world’s religions are organized. I’ve discovered that the world’s religions are divided into small communities. Smith claims that the religious system is made up of small communities for better communication (365). People of similar ethnic backgrounds were also…

Words: 974

Pages: 4

Minority Education Experience

A community experience is a field study that is undertaken with the goal of gathering information about whatever appropriate, focused information is available (Balcacer & Angela, 2015). Interviews of people who have a clear understanding of the subject study in question are used to collect knowledge about group experiences. My…

Words: 1449

Pages: 6

About cultural appropriation

Selena Gomez’s usage of the Bindi as a symbolic object at the MTV awards ceremony is an example of cultural appropriation. This article was also widely circulated on social media and in art publications such as the Autostraddle. In this case of cultural exploitation, she used the Bindi for a…

Words: 580

Pages: 3

about nationalism

A nationalist, according to Max Weber, is a culture of sentiment that expresses itself in a state and retains notions of collective descent. According to this definition, nationalism requires both an aim and a conviction. If the aim is to attain statehood (imagine a nation’s history and present), the idea…

Words: 1177

Pages: 5

What does it mean to have a social imagination?

What does it mean to have a sociological imagination? Wright Mills describes social vision as an understanding of an active partnership between a broader community and an individual’s personal experience, according to Archibug (510). According to Wright Mills, using various mechanisms on what is perceived, to be honest is what…

Words: 705

Pages: 3

What should you give- and what should a billionare

Morality depends on cultural traditions, human values, and societal expectations that make up the world in which one develops. Therefore, what to give to support the poor is often a personal decision that depends on the intended intent of the act. The underlying dilemma that crosses one’s mind is how…

Words: 667

Pages: 3

Generalist Practice Skills for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in our societies has been limited in recent years and hence the conceptual explanations for abuse between relationships have not been properly studied. The current marginal awareness did not train personnel to solve the issue (Coady and Peter 77). It is different today because they have specific expertise…

Words: 413

Pages: 2

Unworking community in Sandra Cisneros’” The house on Mango Street.

The House on Mango Street is a novel about the challenges of living in cities where there is little to no access to basic necessities such as adequate shelter, electricity, food, and sanitation. It also uses imagery from a female viewpoint to present topics such as spatial belonging and gender…

Words: 405

Pages: 2

about cosplay

Cosplay is seen differently by many people; for others, it is a way of life, and for others, it is a sport. If you have engaged in cosplay or not, it has become common in today’s culture. Labor and a significant amount of time are expended in creating these costumes…

Words: 2340

Pages: 9


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