Essays on Community

Any community essay strives to understand how communities evolved and why people need them. Word “community” originated from Latin “communitas”, which means “community”, “public spirit”, and also from Latin “communis”, which means “common”. Community essays define the subject as a historically established union of people with stable social connections and common features that have common values, objectives, customs, religion, and guided by the same norms. As some essays on community curiously point out, sometimes a community may not even have a physical location but will be defined by a group of people with common interests. People are social beings, so being a part of a community is what most people find a comfortable way of living. View our community essay samples and you may learn something new. Listed essay samples are various yet equally interesting!

Evaluation of Ethnic Groups in America

An ethnic group is defined as a population category, with significant similar characteristics, such as ancestral history, language and common cultural and national experiences. In America, for example, there are a number of ethnic communities which show certain similarities. Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indian Americans and Asia Americans, among others…

Words: 1408

Pages: 6

Is there a difference in differently abled friendships

After watching the film “Rory O’Shea Was Here” and analyzing both the concept of Hutchinson in the film and in my experience, it is clear that there are numerous ways in which people who are able to enjoy deep and meaningful friendships differently from those outside the group could be…

Words: 779

Pages: 3

Crime from gangs

In organized gangs, stealing, substance addiction and disputes that end in fighting are three of the most common types of antisocial behavior. Organized gangs typically search for criminal means to support themselves by earning profits. Since they own illicit guns, they choose to steal and engage in crimes such as…

Words: 314

Pages: 2

After reading The Conscience of a Conservative

Since reading The Conscience of a Conservative (2007), one can infer that conservatives hold certain values that are correct and lead to the improvement of the ethical norms of society’s members. Conservatives’ commitments also compel them to express acceptable liberal positions on community issues. Goldwater contends that liberals are obsessed…

Words: 563

Pages: 3

Health Education and Health Promotion

Empowerment refers to a person’s willingness to participate in or do anything due to the power or authority given to them. It also applies to a person’s self-assurance and resilience when discussing issues such as human rights. Empowerment increases sovereignty and encourages self-determination. Psychological empowerment is the process of manipulating…

Words: 301

Pages: 2

Health Services

People of the United States should have access to reliable healthcare programs organized within the public health system to enjoy optimum health as a community or person. Similarly, all healthcare industries, including professional societies, organizations, and public and private purchasers, should reduce the burden of accidents, disabilities, and illnesses. The…

Words: 726

Pages: 3

“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops.”

“Eat Healthy • Be Active Community Workshops” is the title of the workshop. The workshop’s main subject is “Dietary and Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.” During the workshop, a community representative who works for the Public Health Department acted as the moderator. The seminar aimed to educate community members about…

Words: 182

Pages: 1

Reader Analysis

Perl Communications, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a global technology company. Computer software development, hardware manufacturing, and installation are the three main departments. The company’s customer base is estimated to be 50.000 people. On its website, technical communication studies receive an annual 15.000 monthly visitors. The Organization has separated all…

Words: 1289

Pages: 5

Zionism is a political movement that is both secular and religious.

Following national movements such as Buddhists and Zionists, different facets of Jewish life in Europe undergone a revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. The acts posed a collection of conflicting ideas among the Jewish people on issues such as nationhood, ethnicity, and civilizational problems. Prior to that, the Jews had to…

Words: 1757

Pages: 7

Daily operations of a community

Any facets of a community’s everyday activities must not be ignored. The fact that discipline is closely linked to justice in society has always held a lot of weight. To be able to pursue justice, one must be self-disciplined. As a result, if a person has no respect for the…

Words: 365

Pages: 2

Reaction to Religions Around the World

Before reading this post, it will be difficult to comprehend how the world’s religions are organized. I’ve discovered that the world’s religions are divided into small communities. Smith claims that the religious system is made up of small communities for better communication (365). People of similar ethnic backgrounds were also…

Words: 974

Pages: 4

Minority Education Experience

A community experience is a field study that is undertaken with the goal of gathering information about whatever appropriate, focused information is available (Balcacer & Angela, 2015). Interviews of people who have a clear understanding of the subject study in question are used to collect knowledge about group experiences. My…

Words: 1449

Pages: 6


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