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The Impact of Tourism on Kailua Community

One of the main issue affecting Kailua Hawaii community is the rising number of tourist visiting the community. Tourism is primary revenue generator of the state of Hawaii and Kailua community. According to tourism officials in the state, more than four million tourists visit Hawaii every year with most of...

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La Mer Restaurant

La Mer Restaurant is in Hawaii, right next to Waikiki Beach, in a beautiful setting. Diners arrive early enough to witness the sundowner thanks to the restaurant's magnificent ocean views and sunsets. La Mer boasts of international recognition and the exclusive five star accolades that sets it a bar from...

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The History of Chinatown Honolulu

When Captain James Cook first sailed to the island in 1778, the Chinese influence in Hawaii started in the late 1770s. Chinese immigrants to Hawaii first arrive in European-sailed ships. According to Wong (147), a carpenter who was in charge of fixing a swivel gun on a double canoe in...

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My experience in Hawaii

Paragraph 1 It's always a treat to visit a location that corresponds to the physical characteristics you've learned about as a geography student. Marine life has always awed me because it is a world unto itself that we are unaware of. As a result, I enjoy going to the sea whenever...

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