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(Washington DC) Emergency Planning

An emergency plan for states is a thorough plan of action established to assist during or reduce the harm caused by potential occurrences in a specific region, organization, state, or country that could threaten or endanger a state's capacity to function and run successfully. Such an emergency plan should contain...

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The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is an award developed by General Washington in 1782 that is offered as a merit reward to troops who are either injured or killed while protecting the United States of America against perceived or real enemies (Borch, 2010). During the Revolutionary War, Daniel Bissell, Jr., William Brown,...

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political pundit

Every political commentator and even casual onlookers appear to support this proposition. Everyone seemed to believe that the government is dysfunctional and that something must be done to remedy the issue. There appears to be so much hatred and partisanship in Washington that legislators are unable to pass budgets. Even...

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US Capitol to Greek/Roman/Egyptian architecture comparison

Architecture in the United States Because of the architecture of its capital city, which is truly a common blend, the United States is often referred to as a global melting pot. The influences of ancient Egypt, classical Rome, and Greece can be seen in the architecture of our most iconic structures,...

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The Washington Post

The Washington Post is one of the biggest media outlets in the Americas with a market share of more than 45 per cent. As one of the oldest newspapers in the world, it has millions of readers around the country and is owned by a daily company. In addition to...

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Starbucks is a coffee house of American origin with several chain stores all around the world and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company is recognized for its prowess in the coffee industry, thanks to its many years of industry experience, to improve production and efficiency. The company is recognized...

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