Essays on Modern Architecture

Le Corbusier's Contemporary City and Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City

The contemporary city was an idea that was developed by Le Corbusier who lived between 1887 and 1965. Born Charles Jeanneret, Le Corbusier was one of the respected pioneers in the field of modern architecture. In 1922, Le Corbusier “presented the public with his Contemporary City” that was enough to...

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Modern Architecture in the United States

The Impact of the Museum of Modern Art on Modern Architecture in the United States The article, “Codifying Modernism” outlines hows the Museum of Modern Art in New York had an immense impact on modern architecture in the United States (US). This commenced in 1932 when a group of architects presented...

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Eclecticism at the Sagrada Familia Church

Eclecticism in Architecture Eclecticism is a style of architecture that combines aspects of gothic architecture with contemporary features to produce an authentic design. Zekrgoo (2017) claims that eclecticism is used to create designs while simultaneously preserving historical advancements in building. The builder can be more creative and expressive with this style...

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Kelvin Jones’ Review of literature and methodology

Kelvin Jones' paper Kelvin Jones' paper has a succinct and compelling title that expresses its subject effectively. To be sure, a cursory glance at the article informs the reader that the topic is the electrical wiring connections in Birmingham's International Convention Center. Despite a well-articulated topic, the opening of the article...

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Architecture And Virtualization

What is the MAC architecture, how does it impact wireless networks if it is not configured correctly, and what might occur if a configuration element is missing? What are the different forms of scans and why are they important? What layers are included in the MAC architecture? The source and destination...

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Architecture and Importance of the Dallas City Hall

The Architecture of Dallas City Hall The architecture of Dallas City Hall not only blends distinctive style but also incorporates technical advances in its construction. The structure exemplifies the interdependence that occurs in engineering practice as well as the efficient collaboration of various teams. The building's architecture is iconic, and it...

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MU’s Campus Historic Quadrangle Appearance

A building's facade: A critical component of architectural architecture A building's facade is a critical component of architectural architecture. It is the main external component of any structure that is visible to the public (Charlen). It plays an important advertisement role in an economic climate, allowing a company to stand out...

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US Capitol to Greek/Roman/Egyptian architecture comparison

Architecture in the United States Because of the architecture of its capital city, which is truly a common blend, the United States is often referred to as a global melting pot. The influences of ancient Egypt, classical Rome, and Greece can be seen in the architecture of our most iconic structures,...

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Comparative analysis of three architects and their works

Modernist architecture, also known as Modern architecture, refers to a variety of architectural trends that emerged in the twentieth century. Architects emerged in the middle of the century and rose to prominence after World War II. It included the use of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass structures as the foundation...

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sustainable design principles

The phrase "sustainable design" has been used in a number of contexts. Graphic design, fashion design, architectural design, and interior design are examples of these. This type of method incorporates an environmentally sustainable approach as well as taking natural capital into account. The Virginia chapter president of the American Society...

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Comparison of Architecture

Norman Forster and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) Designs Norman Forster is one of the world's most productive architects coming from the classical age with his well-known historical building designs. Unlike the modern architects, Forster designs are precise to every constructing depending on the locality, the structure and architectural culture. The Bjarke...

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Successful Architectural Design career

After almost two decades of working in the architectural design industry, Anne-Rachael Schiffmann can be declared one of the most experienced in the field from her country. Due to her versatile experience, she has spearheaded important projects such as The New Central Library in Calgary and Ryerson University’s Student Learning...

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