Essays on 19Th Century

Chicago Poems

Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems is a book of his poetry that was published in 1916. They offer a vivid overview of the state of Chicago during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as people’s perceptions of the inhabitants. Sandburg wrote the book of poetry after living in the…

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influence of jack london on american literary

Born on 12 January 1876 in San Francisco to a rich single mother, Flora Wellman, he was known by his full name as John Griffith London but later adopted the name “Jack” in his teenage stage. Since his mother became ill, John was raised by an ex-slave woman named Virginia…

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19th-20th Century American Literature

The primary goal of this literature reflection is to demonstrate certain individual viewpoints on American literature from the nineteenth to twentieth centuries. The reflection will show how works such as Kerouac’s “Big Sur,” Ginsberg’s “Howl,” and Lowell’s “The Captured Goddess” represent America. The research would also demonstrate how the literature…

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Modern Art and Politics relationship

Artists deviated from old styles at the end of the nineteenth century to create new era of art. The origins of modernism and contemporary art can be traced back to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution’s advances in technology, production, and transportation had a significant effect on the economic, social,…

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thoreau and emerson

Many philosophers stand out from the crowd of the rational world and inspire the lives of some. They seem to do this through their literary skills, through which they create essays that help people think in a way that necessitates thorough and consistent brainstorming. Philosophers such as Henry David Thoreau…

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In the 17th century, there was a domestic method of producing goods. The industrial revolution, on the other hand, prevailed. The invention of computers capable of doing the function of a hand tool was one of the most dramatic developments brought on by the revolution. Second, in the nineteenth and…

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Comparative analysis of three architects and their works

Modernist architecture, also known as Modern architecture, refers to a variety of architectural trends that emerged in the twentieth century. Architects emerged in the middle of the century and rose to prominence after World War II. It included the use of reinforced concrete, steel, and glass structures as the foundation…

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The Sleepers image created by Courbet in 1866,

The picture of the Sleepers that Courbet created in 1866 gives us a brief overview of the culture of lesbianism in the 19th century and how it was treated. Using tools such as sculptures, artists such as Courbet were bold enough to publicly portray homosexuality in the media. He was…

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Romantic Ballet

The lecture today delved into the origins and components of romantic ballet, a dance that started in the 19th century. The lecture class concentrated on the roots of history, the reasons for its success and its debut by prominent actors. The purpose of ballet was to represent both art and…

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Story of an Hour

Kate Chopin’s The Tale of an Hour is a reflection of late-nineteenth-century customs in which most of American society retained the profoundly rooted norm that women are inferior and should therefore remain dependent on their husbands. Women were essentially supposed to cook, clean, and see to their husband’s needs. The…

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Harriet Tubman role in Abolishment of Slavery

The 18th-century commercial revolution in America resulted in a surge in slave trading. People were captured in Africa and made to work for Americans in the cotton and tobacco industries. Slavery existed in America until the 19th century when campaigns began to advocate for the abolition of slavery (Petry, n.p)….

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During the late 19th century, strikes happened in many regions of the United States.

In the late 19th century, there were numerous incidents of protests in many parts of the United States. In some areas, including the Pullman, strikes progressed to a warlike scenario. The type of management style was the key reason why staff strikes became widespread in the late 19th century. The…

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