Essays on 19Th Century

Thomas Stephen Szasz YouTube video

In his YouTube video, Thomas Stephen Szasz (Szasz) makes the case that both psychiatry and religion are committed to restricting people’s freedom. Sociologically speaking, religion is a unifying force that, by fostering coherence, has the ability to influence societal beliefs as a whole. Religious organizations cared for the community’s mentally…

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islamic art

The nineteenth century saw the development of Islamic art in the West. It does not define art with a proper set of theological imagery, unlike Christian or Buddhist art. Although there aren’t many religious symbols in Islamic art, the phrase applies to all work that was created under Muslim rule,…

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Public Relations

With its promotional efforts on railroads and industry, Nazi Germany’s employment of propaganda, and the thriving post-war industry, Germany has a long history with public relations. “ffentlichkeitsarbeit” (working for the public sphere) is a phrase used in German. According to this definition, the industry is understood to involve serving the…

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Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia

In his artwork, Eduardo Manet created a link between realism and impression. He regarded himself as a realism artist and classified his work as honest (Bass, 2014). His personal life was so contentious that he depicted it in his artwork. His darkly toned paintings were some of the most derided…

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Romanticism and Realism; Art and Protest in the 1800s

Romanticism gained momentum as an artistic movement in France and Britain in the early several years of the nineteenth century and flourished there until the middle of the century. It was first described as tasteful in popular opinion around 1800. Romanticism, with its emphasis on creativity and emotion, emerged in…

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The incomes and general well-being of people around the world have improved as a result of globalization and technological advancement. Although it has gained increasing attention in the recent three years, globalization has roots in the nineteenth century, during the time of Karl Marx (Dicken, 2007). The advantages of digitization…

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The telegraph revolutionized communication in the Victorian age

In the Victorian era, the telegraph revolutionized networking in the same way as the internet did several decades later. Prior to the invention of the telegraph, correspondence was extremely slow and unreliable. People were able to transmit messages and news quicker than ever before thanks to this new innovation. As…

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Jacques-Louis David and Neoclassicism

Jacques-Louis David, born in 1748 in France, rose to become one of the most influential painters of all time, owing to his pivotal role in the establishment of Neo-Classicism as an art school. During David’s early years, the prevalent fashion style of the period, Rococo, was competing with the new…

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art and fashion

Fashion is a type of creative expression (McRobbie 14). People may use fashion to convey their moods, times, activities, professions, or some other aspect. Fashion may also reveal a person’s cultural background. The way a person dresses and the kind of fashion to which he or she is strongly associated…

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Political Myths

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war between the United States and Mexico. The deal signed on February 2, 1848, is still in effect today. The pact is the oldest contract between the United States and Mexico that is currently in effect. This contract resulted in the United States…

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Dickey, in his book Empire of Mud: The Secret History of Washington

Dickey beautifully portrays the essence of Washington City during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in his book Empire of Mud: The Secret History of Washington, DC. It gives a throbbing reason for the distressing political force and the adverse way of life. For several decades, the area was considered one…

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Chicago Poems

Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems is a book of his poetry that was published in 1916. They offer a vivid overview of the state of Chicago during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as people’s perceptions of the inhabitants. Sandburg wrote the book of poetry after living in the…

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