Essays on 19Th Century

Robber Barons and the Industrial Age

The presence of two groups of people—the captains of industry and the robber barons—was what defined the American economy in the late 19th century. Through the creation of large corporations that sparked contentious discussions about the role of government regulations and the authority of private businesses, these people have played...

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“A Plea for Compromise”

According to Robert C. Winthrop's "A Plea for Compromise," the idea of manifest destiny was widely believed to exist, especially during the eighteenth century. The idea originated from the notion that the potentials of the new earth could be used to redeem the old world. The freedom of conscience, equality,...

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The Contemporary Constitutional Significance in the United Kingdom of the Rule of Law

According to constitutional expert Albert Venn Dicey from the 19th century, the rule of law operates in three different ways: (i) the dominance of regular law as opposed to the influence of arbitrary power; (ii) equality before the law; and (iii) the laws enshrined in the constitution are not the...

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Blithedale Romance

In support of Nina Baym's argument, Blithedale Romance creates a sentiment and behavior that influences one's ability and a vision of reforms that unites the neighborhood. The narrative is founded on Hawthorne's observation of the middle class's underlying anxiety. Two romances and four key characters are seen as being built...

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Effects of the political upheavals on the arts of the nineteenth century.

Effects of the political turmoil on nineteenth-century painting. America and Europe underwent significant social, political, and intellectual changes during the eighteenth century. For instance, the civil war in America between the northern states and the southern confederacy had a significant impact on this time period, causing a great deal of...

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eighteenth-century writers

The different ways that authors from the eighteenth century portrayed various issues relating to female power and agency in their published writing. In their published works, some eighteenth-century authors portrayed various issues relating to female power and agency in a variety of ways. The paper examines these three pieces of literature:...

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Europe’s history

In the 19th century, European history underwent transformation. This was caused by the rise of nationalism at that time. The French Revolution with Napoleon and Napoleon's code influencing lawmakers and resulting in political transformations was the primary cause of nationalism. (Samson, 752). The liberalism and national self-determinism of the movement...

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Burton Folsom’s book The Myth of the Robber Barons

Contrary to how it has been viewed for years, Burton Folsom's work offers a completely different perspective on American history. Based on their business strategies—political and market—he divides the 1900s' businesspeople into two different groups. While the actions of political industrialists are unacceptable, the traits of market businesspeople are desirable....

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Balzac’s Pere Goroit

One of Balzac's literary works, Le Pere Goriot, is a harsh critic of the capitalist ideologies that dominated 19th-century French society and the larger population's pursuit of material success. Le Pere Goriot, in my opinion, transcends the typical social norms of the 19th Century, when it was challenging to shift...

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German Artist and World War I

At a time when the artistic community was going through significant changes was the First World War. Various artistic forms were introduced during this time. The invention of photography in the 19th century drove realism out of art. (Winter 12). Expressionism was made possible by photography. The goal of the...

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United States Immigration

The United States witnessed significant mass immigration at the beginning of the 19th century. This took place in the colonial period, which spans the years 1880 to 1920. The immigration to the United States occurred for a variety of causes. The main driver, though, was the desire for the economic...

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Rebuttal Essay on the Topic: The Gilded Age

The United States of America's late 19th century was referred to as the "Guilded Age" by Mark Twain. This is parody because the situation in Maine at the time appeared to be glittering on the outside but was actually rotten on the inside. In reality, the era was marked by...

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