Essays on Propaganda


Jesse Willcox Smith, a native of Philadelphia, studied at the Pennsylvanian Academy of Fine Arts, a school of designs for ladies. She was a Red Rose Girls member and a student of Howard Pyle at the Drexel Institute. She was hired by the American committee for public information to produce…

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Public Relations

With its promotional efforts on railroads and industry, Nazi Germany’s employment of propaganda, and the thriving post-war industry, Germany has a long history with public relations. “ffentlichkeitsarbeit” (working for the public sphere) is a phrase used in German. According to this definition, the industry is understood to involve serving the…

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Direct types of propaganda in artwork

Louis Davies painted one of his art piece in 1784. This was one of his notable artworks which succeeded in spreading propaganda. The work of this artist has been applauded, recognized and at the same time alluding to Rousseau’s social contract. The three sons positioning themselves to comply with thier…

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Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising Americans

McClintock’s blog post “Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising Americans” focuses on propaganda advertisements and how they influence Americans when it comes to making choices. Overall, the article capacity that although some ads might be informative, most of them, in particular political ones are propagandas are intended to seduce, mislead, and…

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