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If your friendship essay writing needs a little push, check our friendship essay samples for some pointers. Some essays on friendship determine the origin of the word "friend”. It can be traced back to the Germanic word "fron” which meant “to love”. Friendship essays define friendship as a close relationship based on mutual trust, affection, common interests. It forms a deep connection between people, which implies not only loyalty and mutual assistance, but also inner closeness, frankness, and love. True friendships are often spontaneous. Essays elaborate on some distinctive features of friendship, which are: selflessness, mutual affection, stability, occurrence to people of any gender. Below we listed some essay samples you may find helpful – please check them out!

Friendship in Adulthood

Friendship is a relationship between people with mutual affection. Friendship goes beyond association it is a powerful form of interpersonal bond. Various academic fields have tried to study friendship, some of these fields include; equity theory, attachment styles, social exchange theory and relational dialectics. Despite having various forms of friendships,...

Words: 887

Pages: 4

The Quality of Online and Offline Friendship

The emergence of the internet has enabled not only virtual communication but also virtual friendships.  The online communication and relationships have become part of the world today. They have affected a large part of the world’s population. However, the emergence of the virtual friendships has brought forth the question of...

Words: 1143

Pages: 5

Best wishes for the New Year 2019

I hope that you are doing well friend and having a wonderful New Year’s Eve, however, I am so eager to deliver my best wishes for you in the New Year 2019. First of all, may your New Year be full of renewal, success, love, such as a cell phone...

Words: 276

Pages: 2

The Limits of Friendship

Maria Konnikova in her article of the limits of friendship uses Robin Dunbar into exploring the eponymous number that he established almost through accident. Through Oxford University, in particular, the anthropologist department they were looking into the challenges that were dwelt in realizing the difficulty of why primates devoted most...

Words: 930

Pages: 4

End of Friendship

Human beings are social beings, and thus we find it necessary to associate with people at a deeper level. We all have people we regard as close, who are not family members and who we share a bond. Therefore friendship is a platonic relationship between two people who care for...

Words: 732

Pages: 3

The picture of how my friend committed self-murder

The image of how my friend committed self-murder is still vivid and agonizing in my memory to this day. After school on a Friday, I went to see how Mark was doing at his house as usual. As the loud music greeted me from a distance, something seemed out of...

Words: 281

Pages: 2

The Question of Personal Reflection

It s inevitable that friendships will develop in life. Friends play a big role in living. Some, however, have a detrimental impact on a person. To create the proper friendships that are advantageous, the process of friendship formation must be very thorough. The best friends at school are those who...

Words: 865

Pages: 4


Human life is impacted by conflict; the loss of human life is one of the worst effects. It has been observed that both civilian and military casualties are frequently reported during times of conflict. The psychological and physical effects of these conflicts are severe and have a lasting impact on...

Words: 1601

Pages: 6

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.” – Euripides.

"Friends don't show their love in good times; they do it in bad times." — Euripides. The classic story of friendship between a spider named Charlotte and a pig called Wilbur is found in Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. Charlotte befriends Wilbur, saves his life, and their friendship endures even...

Words: 5393

Pages: 20

Cross-sex Relationships and College Students

Close relationships are critical to how people live their lives, including college students. These people seek out two types of relationships: friendships and romantic connections. Such affiliations are crucial in the formation of an identity, the provision of support and companionship, and the fulfillment of the requirements of affiliation and...

Words: 3390

Pages: 13

What Does It Mean to Be Real?

Individuals often dislike associating themselves with phony items. Humans seek authenticity, and everyone strives to be genuine. So what does it mean to be genuine? Being genuine, in my opinion, refers to one's philosophies, morals, beliefs, thoughts, and personality attributes. It entails being authentic and living true to oneself. Couples, for...

Words: 1111

Pages: 5

Online Friendship in the Wake of Social Media: A Literature Review

Turkle (5) claims in his article our split screens that an individual's identity is altered by their engagement with virtual simulations and involvement in other computer devices. Furthermore, the author explains how artificial technology affects information processing by the human mind. Nonetheless, the world has yet to be devoured by...

Words: 1123

Pages: 5

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