Friendship Expressions

Friendship is the emotional relationship between two persons, by definition, and is generally independent of the partner’s kinship or roots. Friendship was somewhat different from modern culture in medieval Europe.
In medieval Europe, unlike in contemporary society, friendship was almost like marriage. Having friends kissing or sleeping together was not an uncommon situation; nowadays, such acts are only seen between married couples. Studies have actually shown that friends who marry end up being the happiest, and this goes back to understanding why, unlike today, there were limited chances of divorce in the medieval ages. Couples who marry after duration of lasting friendship do not attribute their marriage only to, depending on the point of view, love or lust but it is more on the bond and the partnership they have created over the past years.

In expressing friendship to one another, it is very common to experience the regular ups and downs of the partnership and therefore there are as many gains in a friendship relationship as there are losses in the same relationship.

Both in the medieval and contemporary society, trust was/is a major gain the union. The time spent together is very precious as it is the moment the couple talk and bond, in the talks, there are elements of promises and honor and if everyone plays their respective parts well, then trust builds. Consistency strengthens the trust and for sure that is a major gain in the relationship.

In both times, happiness is inevitable in the union. Since the friendship is stronger, the bond is so strong that thoughts are somewhat starting to be alike. Whatever on party thinks is not very far away from what the other thinks and therefore, when it comes to passing time together, the element of like minds synchronize for both and the time seem of much quality as both parties are in a jovial mood.

Ultimately, there is always love for a union to be together and surpass the test of time. Both in the medieval and contemporary society, love is one of the major gains in the union. Love in itself cannot provide enough bond for the union since it has to be coupled with trust, happiness and honesty. Without love the union too losses meaning.

In conclusion, the practices that friends used to have in the medieval ages seem to have had a better ricocheting effect in their later day marriage as they needed little transition from one phase to the other. In Africa and parts of Asia, the same practices continue unabated and the benefits are more often long-lasting. Why shouldn’t the western society adopt the same? It will be for the common good.

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