Essays on Identity

Identifying a Real-World Event Related to a Song of Solomon Theme

The modern world is full of events, some of which are intolerable to a person, particularly when they consider their family history. The exponential development of capitalism has transformed the human race into a greedy being that is only obsessed with money production and has no regard for family and…

Words: 1962

Pages: 8

About Sexual Harassment against Women in the Workplace

Sexual abuse of female workers is a subject that has received a lot of coverage in the modern world. Women are victims of such abuse because, more frequently than not, they lack control. A vulnerable number of women today belong to the working class, contrary to traditional beliefs that they…

Words: 1657

Pages: 7

about strategic intelligence

The United States and Russia have had a tense relationship-focused mostly on rivalry. There was a time when the two countries were both rivals and adversaries. However, the present relationship is focused purely on competition (Wiktorek Sarlo, 2016). The two countries are fighting to see which one is equivalent to…

Words: 416

Pages: 2

The Rights of Adoption

Gays and lesbians are becoming more welcomed and incorporated into today’s culture, but there are still problems when it comes to homosexual couples forming their own families. Homosexual couples will adopt children in most states in the United States, much like heterosexual couples. This controversial subject has caused several debates,…

Words: 2069

Pages: 8

Gender disparity

Gender inequality has been a topic of discussion in the media since the dawn of time. This is because women have had to struggle for their rights to be treated equally to men for a long time, something that was previously unheard of. However, as time passes, the issue’s simplicity…

Words: 1681

Pages: 7

In my Philosophical Backpack, I Apply Ethical Theories

I have the qualities of being kind to others without hurting their feelings, respecting everyone regardless of social class, and being fair and trustworthy in my ethical backpack. Several people have contributed significantly to the creation of a significant portion of my ethical backpack. My parents, for example, have taught…

Words: 1092

Pages: 4

Boys and Girls

Chosen Passage: “A girl was not, as I had supposed, simply what I was; it was what I had to become. It was a definition, always touched with emphasis, with reproach and disappointment.” The narrator who is a girl enjoys helping his father do work outside. However, her mother, grandmother,…

Words: 407

Pages: 2

Once More to the Lake

“The essay titled “”Once More to the Lake”” by E.B. White reflects on the like of a man with his son. The reflection focuses on a trip the narrator takes to a camping web page by a lake where they used to go as a family a lengthy time ago….

Words: 1627

Pages: 6

American Identity

Since the country’s founding, English has been an important language in America, and it has continued to play an important role in uniting the ethnically diverse American people. In their articles “Talk the Talk” and “Language Politics and American Identity,” Eric Miller and Jack Citrin elaborate on this subject. Though…

Words: 1199

Pages: 5

The meaning of being a man

The narrator and his friends struggle to understand the meaning of being a man. They comply with the common misconception of being a man in that they try to take the whole thing from their fathers. Being a man according to them is having bulging muscles and being tough. One…

Words: 694

Pages: 3

Family Traditions and Self Identity

One’s personality is formed by the family in which they are born and raised. Tabb claims that a child’s sense of self is shaped by the atmosphere in which they are raised (1). According to Tabb, the family atmosphere usually plays a vital role in shaping the personality of such…

Words: 1150

Pages: 5

Language Perception

Toni Morrison advised a tale of an old blind woman who was challenged by group of young human beings who believed her to be a fraud. The young people bagged on the one weakness which she had that she should control; her blindness. So they went to her and told…

Words: 303

Pages: 2


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