Essays on Identity

Pornography and Gender Inequality

Throughout history, women in the society have been viewed as the weaker gender who constantly dominated by the male gender. The current society, for instance, is not exempted in the act, have carried on with the viewing of women as being weaker (Banyard, 2016). In the below review the main...

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Pornography and Gender Equality

This research will explore feminism and Porngraphy, looking at how porn links to feminist politics and thus, shows gender equality. The study will explore the sociological context of pornography and how various feminist theories interlink. The study aims to analyse pornography as something which is created and interpreted within the...

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Self-Presentation and Identity in Social Media

The section chiefly evaluates existing literature on social media and self-presentation and how it influences the formation of identity among adolescents. In the recent days, there has been tremendous development in technology which have significantly influenced the level of interaction among people and the way they present themselves in social...

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The Degree of Interdependence Between Gender and Business Start Up Success

The research methodology proposed for the present research will define logical steps and research methods used to solve the research problem, as well as to achieve the proposed research objectives and to illustrate how the research question(s) will be answered. With the choice of a research philosophy, approach, strategy, and...

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The Impact of Migration on Art

Migration is one of the most serious issues affecting the contemporary world, with thousands of people displaced every day. Today, there are several refugee camps accommodating people who have fled their homes and are not expecting to get back any time soon. Several issues account for the unforeseen global population...

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Private Residential Land Developers in urban Zambia and Lusaka

In Zambia, the provision of residential land which is serviced has been on the National Housing Authority (NHA). However, in the recent past, there has been an increase in private residential land developer providing residential housing. Despite their focus on meeting the housing demand in the country, private residential land...

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Why I want to write my dissertation in another specialisation

If applicable: Give reasons why you would like to write your Final/Dissertation in another specialisation: Purpose of the form This form is designed for you to create a concrete research plan for your assignment. Give a brief description of what you want to know What is the central problem or question that you hope...

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Heritage Language Acquisition in Portuguese Immigrants in Ipswich

For a long period of time, The U.K has had a migration tradition with people from other neighbouring European countries residing in the country following their immigration. The important part of this migration movement into the UK is comprised of both Europeans as well as Non-Europeans thus suggesting the absence...

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The Impact of Gender Discrimination on the Quality of Education

A larger extended historical background of literature explains the significant role education plays in the economic growth of a state. In addition, the level in which education has impacted nation’s potential to adopt measures such as technological change, women and youth empowerment, level of job creations, the international relation among...

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Gender equality in the workplace

1. A research to investigate the primary hindrances preventing the attainment of workplace gender equality in the UK’s financial sector and the contemporary society at large? 2. A study examining the origins of workplace gender disparity and their presence in the modern society 3. A study of the UK organisations to investigate...

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Prejudice and Discrimination against Sexual Minorities

The oppression of the sexual minorities started many years ago, and it is still practiced in the current century. Many societies discourage same-sex attraction claiming the behavior is harmful not only to the individual but also to the larger society. Before the 1970s, very few researchers such as Dr. Harry...

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Gender Stereotyping and Theory of Mind

The study protocol and participants The research assistants conducted interviews at the respondents’ school, where they sat at a table and told that they were to listen to some stories and view pictures from the laptop. The study was carried out using the gold star stickers and the Microsoft Office PowerPoint...

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