Essays on Homosexuality

Writing a homosexuality essay is a great way to research the subject of same-sex relationships and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community in general. When we address same-sex relations in homosexuality essays, we discuss attraction, romantic, and/or sexual relationships between people of the same gender. Nowadays homosexuality is socially acceptable and not prosecuted, but it was decriminalized only in the 1970s. Since then society and legislation about same-sex relationships have come a long way – in 2015 same-sex marriage was legalized across all 50 states. Essays on homosexuality often highlight this process. Change of public opinion is also supported by statistics, which many essays refer to. Over 60% of American citizens state that they find same-sex relationships acceptable and support adoption by same-sex couples. View homosexuality essay samples below – we chose informative essay samples you can read before writing your own.

The Case for Homosexuality

John Corvino discusses different aspects of homosexuality defense, including the rare or pathological nature of homosexuality. As a result, he claims that homosexuality’s uncommon nature cannot be equated with immorality since individuals will participate in other unusual behaviors as well. Another argument discussed is the idea that since animals do…

Words: 1475

Pages: 6

The Sleepers image created by Courbet in 1866,

The picture of the Sleepers that Courbet created in 1866 gives us a brief overview of the culture of lesbianism in the 19th century and how it was treated. Using tools such as sculptures, artists such as Courbet were bold enough to publicly portray homosexuality in the media. He was…

Words: 130

Pages: 1

Are “Homosexuals” Born or Made? – Sexuality and Sexual Construction

In the last few decades, it has become contagious that homosexuality is hereditary or created. New research reveals that homosexuality can be genetic. First, lesbians and gays claim even before they may be conscious of sexual attraction, that they have something else to do. This shows that homosexuality may be…

Words: 255

Pages: 1

Genetics and Homosexuality

Homosexuality is the sexual conduct where a romantic relationship develops between members of the equal sex. The project will explore the connection between same-sex sexual orientation and the genetic shape of the respective individuals. However, homosexuality is not determined through genes alone, but environmental factors additionally play a part in…

Words: 392

Pages: 2


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