Essays on Disease

Does Emotional Stress Causes Type 2 Diabetes?

A typical metabolic condition is type 2 diabetes. According to Mezuk (2008), this disorder affects more than 220 million individuals worldwide. Due to the new lifestyles that contemporary people are adopting, the number is predicted to increase. Patients with this form of diabetes are more likely to acquire lifestyle diseases...

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Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip and palate birth defects are among the most frequent birth defects worldwide because they are consistently present in newborns somewhere in the world. These imperfections, also known as oral-facial clefts, impact the mouth and lip. It's important to remember that a typical fetus typically has a cleft lip...

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Summary of my Research Paper on Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is a condition that develops when cardiac muscles are unable to pump blood at a rate necessary for healthy living, according to my study paper. Weak cardiac muscles or a coronary artery's inability to operate normally are the two causes of heart failure. The article also touches...

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Margaret Garb - contagious diseases

Garb blames the influx of immigrant workers in the 1880s for the spread of infectious diseases like yellow fever, diphtheria, typhoid, and smallpox in Chicago. Their arrival coincided with the development of unhealthy circumstances in the city's shantytowns. As time went on, the authorities began to see it as a...

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Bipolar Disorder is a Mental Illness

times of elevated mood and times of depression alternate during bipolar disorder, a mental illness. Bipolar illness is a mood disorder that is characterized by unusual emotions, inadequate sleep, and abrupt changes in behavior. Social factors, genetic components, life events, relationship-related issues, and psychological disturbances are thought to be the...

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Personal Health Research Paper

Some of the modern lifestyle medical problems include diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. The fact that three generations of my family have the condition has piqued my curiosity in the topic. The three illnesses are present in my mother, grandmother, and great grandma. When I was a young kid,...

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Homeostasis and Graves ‘Disease

This essay's talk will center on Graves' disease, one of the illnesses that can lead to an unbalanced homeostasis in a person's body. A living thing is made up of various levels, and at each level, different things happen to make sure the bodily systems work as they should. (Rosen...

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Prevention of Diabetes with L-Carnitine and Nuts

Diabetes Mellitus has been identified as an area with promising potential for health improvements due to its rapidly rising prevalence, distinctive contribution to disease burden both globally and within Australia, and increasing importance in public health policy streams. Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of disease in Australia, according to...

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American Health Care System

The fact that illness prevention receives little attention in the American health care system is one issue. Even though the nation spends over $2 trillion annually on healthcare, tens of millions of Americans still experience everyday suffering from chronic diseases and illnesses that could be avoided. (Boulware, et al., 2016)....

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Cardiovascular diseases

Globally, the prevalence of cardiovascular illnesses is increasing among people. (Mendis & Chestnov, 2013) Cardiovascular diseases are regarded as lifestyle diseases and require a more all-encompassing strategy to their management than infectious diseases, which can be readily treated with antibiotics. One of the most prevalent cardiovascular diseases, valvular heart disease...

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Reason for Death

By 1607, 174 people from various socioeconomic classes and backgrounds had migrated to Jamestown, Virginia. However, when they arrived in the new country, these immigrants encountered many difficulties, and the majority of them began dying. (Potter, 13). In light of this, the colonizers' extremely arduous lifestyle, which left them extremely...

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Ethical issues in the film

The caregivers have a responsibility to provide the patients with treatment and medication. But eventually, the likelihood of getting treatment and beating the illness becomes all but impossible. Because of a nearly fatal brain hemorrhage, Jason became sick. He nearly lost his singing career as a result of the disease's...

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