Essays on Disease

Importance of nutrition and health

The importance of diet and wellbeing. Is good health and nutrition leading to a more productive, long-lasting life? Health and diet are an important part of a productive and long-lasting life. This is demonstrated by the impact on the physical and emotional well-being of the individual’s fitness and nutritional status,…

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Effects of Clomipramine and Fluoxetine

Mostly, the Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is described in simple terms as a condition of depression which lasts for two or more weeks. Majority of the patients go through from lack of interest or displeasure in most events in their every day activities. Similarly, difficulty in sleeping, lack of appetite,…

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The effects of Stroke

Stroke is a disease that affects the functions of the body and its physical conditions. Researches have attributed the origin of the disease to a large reduction or termination in blood flow to the brain. Little or no oxygen is delivered to the brain in this period, which leads to…

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Overcoming Bias and Attitudes towards Vaccination

Despite evidence that vaccinations minimize and spread disease incidences, some individuals doubt the use of the vaccine and typically refrain from vaccination. The lack of security raises the risk that certain pathogens will attack populations and increases the cost of health care. One difficulty in convincing is to resolve the…

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Genetic Testing

Multifactorial diseases demand greatest medical interest today. They are becoming responsible for the biggest number of deaths in many parts of the world today. Health deviations make a contribution largely to these diseases. Some of the common multifactorial illnesses include cancer, diabetes, psychiatric infections and among others. Diseases distribution amongst…

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Children with ADD and ADHD over-medication

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD or ADHD) is an illness that can have severe effects that can therefore be of great benefit to certain people with the diagnosis. It is one of the most prevalent psychiatric illnesses affecting children, but it affects so many adults (Parekh). The major signs of ADHD are…

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Food biology

High-fat diets are ingredients containing a lot of fats, especially saturated fats (animal or tropical oils). High-fat diets are unstable for those with arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity or stroke and hypertension. A food plan high in saturated fats and transfats (oils that have been hydrogenated to flip them…

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Cons and pros of drinking water

When a specialist visits a particular disease, there is a strong possibility that they will often investigate one’s actions on the basis of drinking water with respect to the volume of consumption each day. Many doctors believe that drinking water has tremendous social, economic and health benefits (Hulton, 91). However,…

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Pros and cons of drinking water

When a specialist visits a specific disease, there is a strong possibility that they will often investigate one’s actions on the basis of water consumption in terms of both the volume of drinking per day and regularity. They show that water use has tremendous social, economic and health benefits (Hulton,…

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Obesity in America

Obesity has become an increasing issue in the United States of America in recent years, particularly with the rise of the fast-food industry. Obesity has become such a serious health problem that one out of every four residents in some counties, such as Mississippi, is obese. According to recent estimates,…

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