Essays on Obesity

Obesity essay writing can help learn more about this dangerous yet so common health condition of the modern world. It is characterized by excess fat deposition in the body, which results in excess of normal body weight by 20% or more. Obesity is a growing problem worldwide, so obesity essays are becoming more plentiful too. In industrialized western countries, where there is a huge variety of high-calorie and low-cost foods, and the way of life is not active, obesity is already a significant and serious threat to public health. Essays on obesity teach us that it can lead to multiple health problems, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, various heart conditions, heart attacks, strokes, varicose, back pain, anxiety, depression, and many others – more mentioned in essay samples below. Read through our obesity essay samples to discover other consequences of obesity, as well as ways to treat it – your essays will for sure benefit from this info.

Reasons of Obesity

Obesity is a health disorder that results from an unhealthy accumulation of body fat to the point where an individual’s health is at risk of negative consequences. This disorder is primarily caused by a rise in high-energy foods combined with insufficient physical activity, resulting in fat accumulation under the skin…

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Mary has non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is a type of chronic liver disease (NAFLD). Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is intimately associated with metabolic syndrome, as risk factors for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease are also metabolic syndrome components. The presence of risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes,…

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Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrollable cell growth and division, which results in the formation of malignant tumors in body parts adjacent to the cells. Finding out what causes cancer is difficult, but research suggests that environmental pollution, microwave radiation, and obesity are all possible causes. It’s…

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Qualitative Research

Saboo, Talaviya, Chandarana, Shah, Vyas, Nayak, 2014, Prevalence of obesity and overweight in housewives and its relationship with household activities and socioeconomic status The prevalence of obesity among Indian housewives is discussed in this study (Saboo, et al., 20). Wealthy women, according to Saboo et al., are more likely to…

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Obesity in the United States

I come from a neighborhood where obesity is common. Obesity has become a significant health issue in our society, as I have learned over time. After spending some time learning about obesity and its consequences, I discovered that my findings match what I read in the literature. Obese individuals, for…

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Harmful Impact of Stereotyping

Overweight and transgender persons in society are in most cases the targets of bias and stigma. The essay will discuss problems of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and low self-esteem as the harmful effects of stereotyping to the obese and transgender individuals. Overweight is often associated with bad habits of ingesting…

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Obesity is a global epidemic merely because of the staggering number of people it affects around the world (Wong et al., 15). Obesity is a contributing factor in many medical conditions, such as hypertension, a risk factor for heart disease. Hypertension is more common in adults as their weight increases….

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Obesity Article Analysis

Obesity is medically defined as an abnormal accumulation of body fat on a person’s body that is not considered ideal; it is a 20% weight gain in most cases. Obesity has long been regarded as a health risk associated with diabetes and even though a cause of disability. The project’s…

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The War against Obesity

Although the authorities and other stakeholders have come up with measures to fight obesity, the war has now not been won yet. The continuing rise of humans that are affected by obesity stems from the lack of commitment to battle the condition. There is no one way in which the…

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fast food

obesitQuick food restaurants in the United States are blamed for rising obesity rates, but this is not entirely their responsibility. If today’s parents were asked who they admire most of their lives, children will be at the top of their list. As a result, it is alarming to see an…

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Obesity as a Social Problem Nowadays

High charges of obesity have been responsible for unites states fitness outcome declines and rapid amplify of healthcare costs. The unavailability and unaffordability of healthy food have improved the obesity epidemic. According to the ‘U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s third of American youths are obese and suffering from…

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Ethics of Health

Obesity is an unhealthy or excessive accumulation of fat that puts a person’s health at risk. Overweight is a key predisposing factor for deadly diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of obese people worldwide has nearly tripled since 1975. About 1.9…

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