Essays on Childhood Obesity

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Children are the future of the world and everyone relies on them to take the nation forward. However, they are faced with a huge problem of obesity at an early age due to poor lifestyle habits. A large percentage of children in America are overweight and the number keeps increasing...

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Role of Socialization in Childhood Obesity

Socialization and Childhood Obesity Socialization is one of the most important aspects of human beings' lives. Essentially, socialization, which is as a result of interaction modifies the self. For this case, socialization agencies, which comprise of the family, mass media, school, and peers have an impact on the self. The increasing...

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The Effects of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior on Childhood Obesity

Thesis Although obesity is a first-rising problem that affects many children around the globe due to imbalanced diet, stress, and lack of adequate exercise, it is harmful to the economy and wellbeing of the respective children and thus demands immediate intervention. Pont, S., Puhl, R., Cook, S., & Slusser, W. (2017). Stigma...

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Obesity among Children

The paper is written with an objective of reviewing the present epidemiological information about obesity in the community and coming up with recommendations for developing health programs and policies for improving the management and prevention of condition which is emerging as a leading health problem. The major objective of the...

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An Assessment of Factors Contributing to Obesity among the Children in the Ohio

1. Topic: An assessment of factors contributing to obesity among the Children in Ohio United States of America 2. Background of the study  Globally, obesity has been known to influence the individual health of children and therefore call for medical attention. Children’ Obesity refers to the greater fatness of children that require...

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Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in Contemporary Societies

Globally, obesity has been known to influence the individual health of children and therefore call for medical attention. Childhood Obesity refers to the greater fatness of children that require medical attention due to the potential risks that it put on the life of the children. While human body size could...

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Childhood obesity in America

Childhood Obesity and the Rise of Fast Food Industries Over the past few years, there has been an increase in childhood obesity in America. According to the most recent data, obesity among young people and obesity-related diseases have increased dramatically over the past thirty years. In reality, since the early 1970s,...

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Childhood Obesity Facts

How would you feel as a parent if you were responsible for endangering your child's life? How would you feel if you knew your choices and actions were the cause of your child's medical complications? Every parent wishes the best for his or her children. Parents are willing to give up...

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Conversation Recap

We had a Talk about Childhood Obesity We had a talk with a group of other nursing students after one of my instructors' classes in late January 2017. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had just reviewed its data on childhood obesity on its website, and the study revealed...

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Introduction to child obesity in America

Childhood obesity has long been recognized in the United States as a severe health issue and a barrier to children's motivation. Since the 1970s, the proportion of kids who are obese has more than tripled. Children in the United States who are significantly obese—about 15% of them—are at danger of...

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fast food

obesitQuick food restaurants in the United States are blamed for rising obesity rates, but this is not entirely their responsibility. If today's parents were asked who they admire most of their lives, children will be at the top of their list. As a result, it is alarming to see an...

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Obesity is a huge worldwide health problem

Obesity is a major global health issue, especially in the United States, where fast-food restaurants are proliferating at an unprecedented pace (Ogden et al, 809). The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently discovered a 36% incidence of adult obesity (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1). What is...

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