Essays on Opioid Epidemic

The History of Opiates

The opiate issue first emerged during the Neolithic era, when the local inhabitants cultivated papaver, which gave rise to poppy seeds. These individuals were the first to use opiates after learning that the poppy plant had narcotic properties. As more people became aware of the opium poppy's potential, demand for...

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Addiction to Opium and Its Consequences

Opium, like any other drug, has a high potential for addiction. Opium is extracted from the opium poppy plant. Opium contains 10 to 11 percent of alkaloids used to produce heroin for illicit drug trade or medical purposes. However, due to the high number of addicted opium users, most people...

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Globally, The Drug Epidemic

Opioids are medications that are used that are often used as analgesia and anesthesia to cause central sensitization of the nervous system. Opioid misuse is a problem that exists in 50-state America in the form of flow-out drug mill facilities where pain relief treatment is dished out like sugar and...

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Youth and Narcotics

Ling, W., Mooney, L., M. Hillhouse, M. 2011. (2011). Abuse, pain, and addiction to prescription opioids: health problems and consequences. Analysis of drugs and alcohol, 30(3), 300-305. These two authors identify the importance of reducing the risk of harmful effects associated with opioid analgesics and provide recommendations for research on...

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Cocaine is an opioid abuse substance that can contribute to drug addiction and the adverse health effects associated with it. The drug is classified in Canada as one of the prohibited drugs under the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and its possession, trafficking or use is a criminal offense...

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