effect of cancer on society

Around the world, cancer is a major factor in many socioeconomic problems. After cardiac diseases, it is the social issue with the second-highest social cost. The serious ramifications for numerous stakeholders are examined in this article. Even while communities spend billions on anti-cancer initiatives, the disease continues to be a…

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Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment using nanotechnology

The development of nanoparticles in the realm of nanotechnology has increased. The benefits and evaluation of its biological applicability in breast cancer screening. This comes after the failure of the conventional methods of breast cancer screening. Numerous nanoparticles, including fluorescent nanoparticles, have been employed in the detection and treatment of…

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About Leukemia Cancer

A type of cancer known as hematologic malignancy develops in the immune system cells or bone marrow of organs that produce blood (Zhang et al. 2017, p.02). One of the main causes of death worldwide and some of the frequent malignancies are hematologic illnesses (Tomblyn, Winkfield & Dabaja 2012, p.368;…

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Treatment for Brain Cancers

The term “brain cancer” refers to a group of neoplasms that originate in the brain tissues and each of which has a unique biological makeup, prognosis, and course of treatment. For instance, lymphomas and meningiomas are two neoplasms that develop from the parenchyma of the brain. The histology of the…

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Cigarette Smoking Associated with Cancer

The purpose of the study was to investigate the notion that cigarette smoking causes various cancers, increases general mortality, and causes recurrence of biochemical diseases (BCR). Metastasis and castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) are cancer forms that have been associated to smoking cigarettes. The researchers used 1450 smokers as participants in…

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Cancer in 21st Century

In the US, bladder cancer accounts for around 7% of all cancer cases and accounts for about 3% of all fatalities (Kumar and Robbins 662). Urothelial carcinomas account for around 90% of bladder malignancies, which are the most common type. With a 3:1 male to female ratio, men are more…

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Risk Factors of Service Line Task 2

According to the assessment, there is a growth in demand for all of the orthopedic service line’s key services, including orthopedic, cancer, and cardiovascular care. According to predictions, the demand for orthopedic treatments will rise by 46% as a result of increases in outpatient-inpatient joint and spine surgeries of 30…

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New York Police corruption

Police incompetence is a disease that has spread and killed over time. About every week, there is coverage or a report in the media about police complicity in an incident of misconduct. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is well-known for setting a high standard for corruption in comparison to…

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The Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer involves the prostate gland, from which the ureter flows. The prostate gland is in charge of secreting prostate fluid, which is a part of sperm. Thus, prostate hyperplasia is caused by cancer occluding the urethra, resulting in dysuria and, evidently, outsiders. Gary’s prostate cancer is related to his…

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cancer of colon

Colorectal cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the colon and rectum. The most prevalent form of gastrointestinal cancer is colorectal cancer (AlSohaily, Biankin, Leong, KohonenCorish, & Warusavitarne, 2012). It is linked to substantial morbidity and mortality all over the world. According to research, it is the third…

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Digital Age Medicine and Connected Health

NantHealth is headquartered in Culver City, California, and is a subsidiary of NantWorks. The organization is engaged in several activities, including creating and promoting a variety of holistic and systematic healthcare solutions. The business is particularly interested in healthcare technology. The company’s goal is to enhance outcomes around the care…

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Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrollable cell growth and division, which results in the formation of malignant tumors in body parts adjacent to the cells. Finding out what causes cancer is difficult, but research suggests that environmental pollution, microwave radiation, and obesity are all possible causes. It’s…

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