My Contribution to Cancer Research

Personal Experience with Cancer Having a personal experience with cancer, whether in the form of a friend or family member is not normal for many people. However, my case is unique and astonishing. The demise of my grandmother from breast cancer developed in me an intense interest in biology. Ultimately, I...

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The Importance of Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Although the causes of caner are not fully understood, there are some several recognized factors. Non-modifiable factors that place an individual at risk include age and race and gender; on the other hand, modifiable factors include inadequate nutrition, physical activity, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, obesity, occupational carcinogens, and tobacco use. There...

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Exploring Lung Cancer

All over the world, cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. There are different types of cancer, lung cancer being one in the list. Lung cancer begins in the lungs and affects the cells of the windpipe and the lung cells as well (Gazdar et al. 725). The disease occurs...

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A Student-Specific Cancer Support Group

The Effects of Cancer on the Mental Health of Students The poster is designed to raise awareness on the effects of cancer on the mental health of students. The poster also informs the target audience, which is the general public, that there are ways that could be used to help mitigate...

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Firefighters Cancer Risks

Studies on Cancer and Carcinogenic Agents Studies by health professionals have indicated that there is an increase in the rate of cancer-related to oral, primary digestion, urinary, and respiratory. Among the most common cancer agents include asbestos, arsenic, formaldehyde, soot, and diesel engine exhaust. Most of these carcinogenic agents are mostly...

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Cancer and its Effects on College Students

I'm sorry, but it seems like the text you provided is incomplete. Could you please provide the full text that you would like me to work on?Bibliography: The Impact of Cancer on School-Going or College Patients Cancer occurs due to uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that invade other tissues/cells in the...

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Alcohol Consumption and Cancer

IARC stands for International Agency for Research on Cancer. This body is responsible for classification of alcoholic beverages as the causative agents of Group 1. It orders the consumption of alcoholic beverages as the reason behind female breast, larynx, liver, pharynx, colorectum, and throat cancers. Alcohol use contributes to 3.5%...

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Meat Consumption, Cooking Methods and Dietary Carcinogens

According to Bouvard et al., 2015, red or processed meat at high temperatures increases the risk of different types of cancer. People need to understand that excessive consumption of meat cooked at higher temperatures according to Bouvard et al., 2015 is considered as “carcinogenic to human” (P. 1600). There is...

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Firefighter's Exposure to Carcinogenic Agents

Studies on the Increase in Cancer Rates Studies by health professions have indicated that there is an increase in the rate of cancer-related to oral, primary digestion, urinary, and respiratory systems. Among the most common cancer-causing agents include asbestos, arsenic, formaldehyde, soot, and diesel engine exhaust. Most of these carcinogenic agents...

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The Use of Robot Pills in Cancer Treatment

Normally in the case of delivery system of targeted drug treatments, the drugs are given directly to the identified tumor cells by the bionanorobots. This move is meant to minimize the negative side effects while at the same time improve the quality of life of the affected patient following the...

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Interview with Uncle Jack

Since I was a child, Uncle Jack and I have been close. He was around more often than my father, in my memory. I was therefore surprised to learn from him that he had cancer for a while. Despite our near proximity, I chose to interview him because I was...

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Study of palliative care & cancer pain to derive overall impact of different drugs

Cancer rates have skyrocketed in recent years, and the suffering that accompanies with it is excruciating. As the condition progresses, the discomfort worsens as the bones breakdown and become weaker. It may result in bone fractures, creating additional pain. The study focuses on the use of medical marijuana versus opioids...

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