Essays on Vaccination

Vaccination is a controversial topic that has caused many debates lately, so writing a vaccination essay is a great way to explore the subject from different points of view. The effectiveness of vaccination has been proven through decades of its practical application. Authors of most vaccination essays agree that vaccination is a leading factor in reducing the severity of many illnesses, mortality rate, and the number of complications. Essays on vaccination teach us that vaccination is the most effective and cost-efficient way of protecting against infectious diseases known to modern medicine. However, some people believe that vaccination can be dangerous due to side effects that may sometimes occur. We put together some samples of essays on vaccination for you to explore – review some vaccination essay samples below to gain perspective on a topic of vaccination for your essay.

Analysis of Gardasil as a Vaccine

Gardasil Vaccine: Preventing HPV Infections Gardasil refers to a vaccine that is administered to prevent particular strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), especially HPV types 18, 16, 11, and 6, which are harmful (Siddiqui & Perry, 2006). Strains of HPV types 18 and 16 have been found to be responsible for up...

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Arguments for Mandatory Vaccination

A vaccine is termed as a biological preparation which generally provides what can be termed as active acquired immune; thus against a particular harmful disease. Most vaccines are created from weakened as well as killed forms of a disease causing microorganism while others are made from either its surface proteins...

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Role of Anti-Vaxxer Parents in Vaccination Drive

Vaccination and the Anti-Vaccination Movement Vaccination is considered as one of the most successful public health measures worldwide in providing protection against mortality and morbidity from various infectious diseases. In Canada, majority of the people realize the value of vaccination and support the vaccination drive. However, over last few decades increasing...

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Sucrose decreases infant biobehavioral pain response to immunizations: a randomized controlled trial.

A randomized controlled experiment found that sucrose reduced baby biobehavioral pain response to vaccinations. Export Links Citation Central LA Hatfield is the author(s). The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy and age-related variations in analgesia of oral sucrose as a preprocedural intervention during routine immunizations in infants aged 2...

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Social and governmental vaccination policies in the US and other nations

An organization s or the government s health policies in relation to the vaccination process are referred to as vaccination or immunization policy. Varied nations and communities have different vaccination policies, and the measures taken by each state or other entity rely on the available funds and the importance of...

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The law should make vaccinations required.

Children must provide proof of immunization before enrolling in the public school system in the United States of America. The UK, on the other hand, does not have such a requirement (Cocchio et al. 3). The distinction makes it easier to compare the effects of vaccine safety and the success...

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Emil von Behring Contributions in Immunology

Behring made a significant contribution to immunology by creating the therapeutic diphtheria serum. The disease has been eradicated in many countries because to this efficient vaccination, which is currently being administered to millions of children (, 2014). Mechnikov made a contribution to immunology by identifying phagocytes, immune cells that absorb foreign...

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A study of febrile seizures and measles-containing vaccines in children aged 48 to 72 months.

The Relevance of Measles Vaccination and Society's View on ImmunizationThe relevance of the measles vaccination and how society views the immunization were both highlighted in the 2011 pediatrics study by Klein et al. in the United States. Children in the research received two doses of the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps,...

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Henrietta Lacks Multi-Billion Cells

Medical progress is heavily reliant on the utilization of human cells and tissue. Cells and tissues are used for analysis and later use in diseases such as polio and cancer, as well as medical techniques such as assisted fertilization and gene mapping. The selection and use of certain cells and...

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Overcoming Bias and Attitudes towards Vaccination

Despite evidence that vaccinations minimize and spread disease incidences, some individuals doubt the use of the vaccine and typically refrain from vaccination. The lack of security raises the risk that certain pathogens will attack populations and increases the cost of health care. One difficulty in convincing is to resolve the...

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Controversies of Vaccination in Public Health

Introduction There have been several public concerns from various segments regarding the entire issue of vaccination. No wonder the point is heavily politised in the world (de Cell s et al., 2014). The claims on the basis of its economic and ethnic outlook for and against vaccines can be investigated. In...

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Children Vaccination

Introduction In June 2015, California kingdom governor approved and mandated a law that applies stringent necessities in the exemption of vaccination for children especially on grounds of private and religious beliefs. In my opinion, this law used to be a politically sound move after the measles outbreak at Disneyland California in...

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