Essays on Women'S Health

Women rights and funding for the family planning methods

The US government has focused on women s rights and provided funds for family planning methods in response to the cries of all women. However, there have been disagreements between the federal government and Texas regarding support for parenthood and the rights of women. Texas has been forced to reduce...

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Unslut - A Documentary Film

Reasons to Watch the Documentary Film "UnSlut" There are many reasons to watch the documentary film, "UnSlut." It is an examination of sexual sex, and the way that society uses this to shame and humiliate women. The filmmaker, Emily Lindin, examines the effect of societal sexual shame on women and girls....

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Violence at home

The essay, Till death addresses domestic abuse in society in detail. South Carolina, which ranks among the largest and most consistent deaths among women as a result of domestic violence, is the subject of the study. The paper addresses the complaints of women who survived abusive marriages and relationships....

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