Unslut - A Documentary Film

Reasons to Watch the Documentary Film "UnSlut"

There are many reasons to watch the documentary film, "UnSlut." It is an examination of sexual sex, and the way that society uses this to shame and humiliate women. The filmmaker, Emily Lindin, examines the effect of societal sexual shame on women and girls. It is both a heartbreaking and important film to watch. It will leave you with a newfound appreciation for women.

The Story of Rehtaeh Parsons

The documentary film "UnSlut" follows the story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a suburban Boston middle school student who took her own life after being branded a slut by her classmates. For years, she endured constant bullying and sexual harassment from her peers. She kept a journal of her experiences, which she subsequently published in her memoir "UnSlut: A Documentary Film." The film has also been screened at several conferences, including the International Bullying Prevention Association's 2016 convention and the American Psychological Association's Film Festival.

Sharing Personal Experiences

Besides sharing personal experiences, "UnSlut: A Documentary Film" also features the stories of young women and men who have suffered sexual abuse. Emily Lindin, director of the film, is inspired by her own experiences of sexual abuse and has launched a campaign to provide a space for survivors of sexual abuse to heal. It is a compelling film that offers hope and support to those who are struggling to come to terms with the impact of societal stigma on them.

The UnSlut Project

Lindin's story inspired the creation of a documentary film titled "UnSlut: A Diary and Memoir" and The UnSlut Project. Emily has become an expert on the topic of slut shaming and hopes to spread the word about the plight of teen girls. In the meantime, her film is screening all across North America. If you are interested in seeing the film, be sure to check out the screening times in your area.

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