Essays on Human Rights

should land right be given back to aboriginals

Most cultures around the world have ignored native rights and driven them to the margins of civilization. Like the Native Americans of the United States and the Aboriginals of Australia. This paper will concentrate primarily on the Aboriginal people of Australia and the challenges they have been through on land…

Words: 1811

Pages: 7

Government Relations on individual rights in business

There is a usual rumor that politics affects the corporate world. Despite the evidence that the statement is incorrect, it’s still not reason enough to weigh the risks. I think that there are expectations when one chooses to avoid politics mostly when it pertains the environment and human rights. A…

Words: 329

Pages: 2

In Defense of Capital Punishment

The death penalty is still one of the most contentious issues of our time. It is a worldwide issue. The death penalty has been abolished in some countries, but it is still used in others. Some argue that the death penalty is an inhumane form of punishment that has no…

Words: 1345

Pages: 5

Letter from A Birmingham Jail

Racial oppression is a heinous tragedy that has no place in the modern world. This is the message Reverend Martin Luther King is attempting to convey in his literary work, Letter from Birmingham Jail. The letter is being written at a time where tensions in the United States are running…

Words: 1137

Pages: 5

science and feminism

Gender disparity in physical appearance, mental capabilities, and intelligence has existed from the dawn of time. The definition of gender equity is focused on attempts to transcend people’s gender stereotypes. Feminism as a phenomenon started as an effort to combat sexism against women based on their sexual orientation. Feminists fight…

Words: 2260

Pages: 9

“How New York City became the capital of the Jim Crow North”

The essay “How New York City Is the Capital of the Jim Crow North,” written by Brian Purnell and Jeanne Theoharis and published in the Washington Post, debunks racial injustices and the series of events that led to racial segregation in the United States of America. The authors begin by…

Words: 315

Pages: 2

Comparative Development of Democratic and Authoritarian Government

Political and economic processes vary in each region, but there are a few parallels that characterize their mechanisms. Many nations in the world follow one of two government systems: democratic or authoritarian. People of democratic countries are required to participate in government relations (Lee and Zhang 1478). Individual freedoms such…

Words: 1350

Pages: 5

Limits and Freedoms; Analyzing John Stuart Mill’s Perception

Among the literary works on liberty, John Stuart Mill’s contribution is the most significant and elaborative. He expresses the value of an uncompromised conception of liberty in his essay On Liberty. Mill’s dissertation has withstood the test of time to be remembered as an exemplary contribution to critical thought regarding…

Words: 1791

Pages: 7

Freedom of Speech and NFL

Freedom of expression applies to the rights given to people in a certain place to ensure they represent themselves in a way that is appropriate under the constitution. Whereas it is a required duty for diverse people to air their complaints by speech, some choose to stay quiet or take…

Words: 1321

Pages: 5

Gender disparity

Gender inequality has been a topic of discussion in the media since the dawn of time. This is because women have had to struggle for their rights to be treated equally to men for a long time, something that was previously unheard of. However, as time passes, the issue’s simplicity…

Words: 1681

Pages: 7

Death Penalty

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is the carrying out of a sentence imposed on someone convicted of a capital offense. The death penalty has a long history, almost as long as human history. Electrocution, hanging, burning, boiling to death, drowning, gases, lynching, and crucifixion are among the…

Words: 1819

Pages: 7

Influence of King’s Tradition of Civil Rights Protests and Public Demonstrations: A visual Analysis

This essay is a visual analysis of four images from the long history of political and social protests in the United States. The goal of the essay is to uncover a number of hidden issues in the photos related to ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and logical appeal. This is significant…

Words: 1161

Pages: 5


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