Essays on Human Rights

Themes in The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Malcom X was a renowned human rights activist as well as an African-American Muslim minister who advocated for the rights of blacks. He was an outspoken activist and considered by many especially the black population as an outspoken public voice of the Black Muslim faith. His prominence was felt in...

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Gender Discrimination and Virtue Ethics

Gender discrimination can be defined as the situation in which someone is subjected to prejudice, intimidations and of a less being due to the sexuality of the person. This has been mostly dominated by when being discriminated by the men. It has been evident in most communities and even it...

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Gender Discrimination at Work

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Gender discrimination concerning pay, promotion opportunities, and career development remain a concern in most workplaces. It is socially, and morally wrong to mistreat employees, unfavorably, or differently because of their gender. There are two options that the board members can select to solve the dilemma Oilee...

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Human Rights in the United States

Human beings are organisms that rely on strict adherence to laws and regulations for a peaceful co-existence. The optimal functionality of the rules depends on their equality on all people irrespective of the gender, ethnic background or financial power. Human rights refer to constitutional freedom available to all people with...

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The concept of Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment: A Controversial Concept Capital punishment refers to a legal death penalty for defendants found guilty of their charges; a concept that is continually finding its way into all circles in life due to its controversial nature. In Western Europe, the United States is the only country currently where the...

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Arguments for and against the Death Penalty

In the present times, most nations are determining in ensuring that the individuals live in peace and harmony. In order to achieve this, there are numerous laws that have been established relating on how to deal with individuals who commit crimes such as murder, robbery with violence, rape, physical assault...

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The Voting Rights Act of 1965

Introduction: The voting rights adopted has prevented the specialists to proximity and the condition of the use of tests of skills, absolute terrorization and different procedures to kill the African Americans interested in races in this way to make a massive change in the status of the Negros. The civil...

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The Effects of Affirmative Action in South Africa, India and Malaysia

Does Affirmative Action Work? By Graham K. Brown evaluates the efficiency of affirmative action programs keeping the focus of the programs implemented in Malaysia, India and South Africa. The article was written based on the author’s interests in research of identity, political mobilization, and inequality. The piece joins the constant...

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Arguments for and against the Death Penalty

Head, Tom. “5 Arguments for the Death Penalty.” ThoughtCo, 19 Feb. 2017, Accessed 30 Jul. 2018. In this paper, Tom Head puts forward his arguments in support of the death penalty. He observes the waning support of the capital punishment in the United States by referring to a recent Gallup...

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Hawaiian Prisoners

Human Right and the Film "Out of State" Human right is essential moralities belonging to an individual and in whose application a Government may not interfere. Out of State is one of the film line up of USF's sixth Annual Human Rights Film Festival. The producer of Out of State is...

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The Canadian Mining Industry and Human Rights

Global economy cannot thrive without a stable global legal justice system. This is evident in the proliferation of human rights violation claims to the Canadian mining companies overseas, where victims of social and economic injustices are often denied the justice they deserve. Female sexual harassment at the workplace is another...

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The Role of Legislation in Protecting and Maintaining Positive Health, Social and Educational Outcomes for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This essay is going to examine and explore how different strategies are used to protect and maintain positive health, social and educational outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities. These paper is also going to focus and discuss on various themes in the body of this paper such...

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