Essays on Human Rights

Unslut – A Documentary Film

There are many reasons to watch the documentary film, “Unslut.” It is an examination of sexual sex, and the way that society uses this to shame and humiliate women. The filmmaker, Emily Lindin, examines the effect of societal sexual shame on women and girls. It is both a heartbreaking and…

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Discrimination and Racism in Prisons

With a new surge in mass incarceration figures into the twenty-first century, it is clear that the American experiment has failed as a result of increased awareness, a state that has compelled stakeholders at both the federal and state levels to embrace strategies aimed at reducing the scale of imprisonment….

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Will the Younger Families Have a Better Life in Clybourne Park in the Play, “A Raising in the Sun?”

A variety of recent plays and literature are a stronghold in the movement to combat inequality and bigotry myths in today’s culture vis-à-vis prejudice vices such as ethnicity, color, and religion, among others. Similarly, Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raising in the Sun portrays racial injustice against younger black families, as…

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“Privacy and Monitoring Systems in a Mental Institution”

Dr. R, the current superintendent of the Meller Valley Institute, also agreed to add television surveillance systems in the mental institution’s visiting rooms, hallways, and patient spaces. The key reasons for the installation are to make it easier to locate staff in the hospital, which is a difficulty, and to…

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Why does violence exist in humanity

Human beings are unpredictable species, but one thing remains constant: everyone is engaged in conflict, whether actively or passively. They are either actively involved in violence by participating in violent acts against their fellow beings or passively involved in violence by arranging or hoping for their counterparts to be involved…

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Extending Equal Rights to Gay Americans

The battle for civil justice for gay people in America has reached a tipping point. Gay people are fighting for their civic rights in courtrooms, Congress, and, on occasion, in the streets. Famous people publicly debate their sexual orientations, and gay people are sometimes cast as full members of the…

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In which way the rights of Afro-Americans changed for the better in 1754-1865

The rights include the collection of privileges awarded to an individual either by an arrangement between themselves or by the authority. Between 1754 and 1865, the redefinition of privileges of the Afro-Americans happened and led to the expansion and implementation of rules and policies which affected their lives for the…

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Connecting a Song of Solomon Theme to a Current Event in America

In today’s American society, men are encouraged to either respect or devalue women based on their values and laws. This is despite the fact that anti-discrimination statutes exist to prohibit such action. Women face sexism in a variety of settings, including the workplace and their homes. Women may be refused…

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Various Interpretations of the Dream and Experience

Many stories have been heard that indicate that Americans wished for a world where people are treated equally, there is no segregation based on culture, refugees are given chances to meet their needs, and persons are free from injustice or slavery. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights places a stronger…

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Representation of Women in Modern Epics

Women have often been looked down upon in past realities and epics, with claims that they are incapable of performing such tasks. Gender inequality has been noted in some myths, where women are only portrayed as men’s helpers. They’re often referred to as “pleasure instruments” in some plays. Gender and…

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the death penalty

In most cases, the death penalty is the only sentence. Death, on the other hand, is the most severe penalty that can be meted out to a person. At the moment, only fifty-eight countries currently have the death penalty. America is one of the nations that currently uses the death…

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death penalty

The death penalty has existed for a long time, even during the medieval period when kings hanged criminals when it was not yet recognized as the death penalty. Others condemn the death penalty, although others support it. Despite the fact that the death penalty has been in use for many…

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