Essays on Individual Rights

Are Human Rights Still Relevant in International Politics?

Since the establishment of the United Nations, the human rights discourse has appeared to be an insular universe. It is regarded as a system with its own standards, methods, and institutions. It is also perceived as a domain of experts that has yet to resonate with ordinary people's daily activities....

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Industrial Relations - unions

In order to protect workers' rights and make sure that their employers pay attention to them, unions are created. The amount of pay a worker should receive and the benefits that should be added on top of it all are heavily influenced by the worker's unions. Additionally, there are both...

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Effects of Politics on Gay Rights

Before the November 2004 US elections, disputed social norms and shifting demographics caused widespread anxiety and a volatile political calculus. The national uproar and outrage over same-sex marriage prompted then-President George W. Bush to pledge to use constitutional amendments to prevent a gay couple from marrying in San Francisco. During...

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Whistleblowers Safeguarding

Despite whistle-blowers exposing unethical behaviors, dishonesty, and misconduct in organizations, they often face persecutions. Does Australia offer sufficient guards to protect whistle-blowers? Opening Paragraph (Including Thesis Statement) The Australian authorities provides equal protection to its citizens beneath various Acts regulating individual rights. Even though whistle-blowers appear as sources of conflicts in many...

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In which way the rights of Afro-Americans changed for the better in 1754-1865

The Rights of African Americans: Redefined from 1754 to 1865 The rights include the collection of privileges awarded to an individual either by an arrangement between themselves or by the authority. Between 1754 and 1865, the redefinition of privileges of the Afro-Americans happened and led to the expansion and implementation of...

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civil rights movement

When the civil rights movement is mentioned in a discussion, nearly everybody in the audience thinks about Martin Luther King Jr. and his commitment to the movement. Many young Americans equate the Reverend from Montgomery with the efforts and commitment made in the pursuit of freedom and justice for American...

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Communication and Media

Thorny Topics and Battling for One's Interests As Chang points out, there are competing sides when it comes to some very thorny topics that involve battling for one's interests. Students from all white-majority colleges should enjoy equal opportunities and the climate should also be conducive for them to obtain their education....

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Jill Lepore's “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”

Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman is a lengthy but catching tale that any reader would like to capture. Wonder Woman's Advocacy for Women's Rights Wonder Woman is an Amazonian superhero who advocates for women's rights, with a secret agenda of gaining access to free...

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Aspects of Women Reproductive Rights Vision by a Feminist

In particular since the eighteenth century The problems of the population have led to much discussion about how to achieve fair and sustainable social change. Malthus disagreed with other scholars about the relation between population growth and agricultural production and thus contributed to ongoing political economic discussions (Jackson and Pearson, 238). After...

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Government Relations on individual rights in business

Politics and the Corporate World There is a usual rumor that politics affects the corporate world. Despite the evidence that the statement is incorrect, it’s still not reason enough to weigh the risks. I think that there are expectations when one chooses to avoid politics mostly when it pertains the environment...

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Denial to the consideration of Euthanasia for the ailing patient

Please offer me the chance to illustrate my decision on the medical dilemma of Mary Jane's medical condition. The 45-year-old patient had an accident that caused her two legs and both limbs to be amputated. The patient had been in such agony and, as a result, two days earlier, proposed to...

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Gender Inequality

Inequality between men and women is the unfair treatment of people because of their gender. He applies to the belief that men and women are not equal and that thus in society they should not have equal rights. Differences in the position of the sex and the differences result from...

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