Essays on Censorship

Current screening technologies and how to improve them

We live in a time of rapid technological advancement. This shift has resulted in both advantages and disadvantages for this new wave of spying and mass surveillance technology. Tracking devices, imaging devices, and body scans are examples of commonly used surveillance technology. Mass surveillance in the United States dates back...

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About Fahrenheit 451

The stunning work Fahrenheit 451 aims to show how humankind has a strong need to deny what it knows. The story takes place during the Cold War era and reveals a number of timeless truths about censorship and how it relates to how the media affects society. The book, which...

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the USA was at the height of the cultural warfare. The majority of the victims were individuals of color, and the debate between liberals and conservatives dominated the news. Although the war was fought on numerous fronts, it also affected the world of art and...

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Klausen, Final Reflection

Freedom of Speech and the Danish Cartoons ControversyCartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten by Flemming Rose. He didn't mean to offend Muslims' religious sensibilities. The intention behind sharing these images was to combat the self-imposed restriction that frequently results from intimidation and fear while...

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Fahrenheit 451 and Mass Censorship

Fahrenheit 451 is widely regarded as Ray Bradbury's masterpiece. It is also one of the futuristic novels (along with Brave New World and 1984) that are said to have correctly predicted the future. Although this novel, published in 1953, does not accurately forecast current affairs, it does eerily capture key...

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America and censorship

Censorship may have a variety of effects on individuals. It can have an effect on them by making them censored, or it can have an impact on the people evaluating the material by forcing them to respond differently. As a consequence, it is fair to assume that the idea of...

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When is censorship justifiable

Censorship can include the denial of knowledge for political, legal, moral, or other purposes. The federal government, for example, does not require book censorship on a wide scale in the United States. When the material includes child pornography or other illicit content, the government steps in. Censorship of books is...

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