Essays on Bullying

The problem of bullying is prominently present in the everyday lives of Americans, so writing a bullying essay may help get a clear view of the issue and its influence on youth. Bullying is verbal or physical intimidation intended to cause distress, directed towards another person. Essays on bullying recognize it as a serious issue, especially among children and teenagers. Bullying essays review its effects, such as chronic anxiety, nervous conditions, insecurity, low self-esteem, social maladjustment, even lover academic success. Bullying can harm existing relationships and the ability to build new healthy ones, and even affect health. People of all ages can be victims of bullying. According to statistics, 1 in every 5 students was bullied at some point in their life. Perceive our bullying essay samples as your learning ground. View essay samples below for info on the topic.

The Causes and Effects of School Bullying

Bullying is currently a widely reported issue in many schools globally. However, despite being reported the problem has been neglected and handled poorly in most of the schools with most victims keeping it for themselves due to fear of further victimization (Harris and Petrie 23). The solution to bullying cannot...

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Pages: 8

Evidence-Based Anti-Bullying Programs

Abstract                    With concerted efforts being made into preventing and addressing the problem of bullying in schools worldwide, one needs to understand that there is no one-size-that-fits-all answer to the same. Considering the varied and diverse population of elementary, middle, and high schools, there has never really been a simple solution...

Words: 1279

Pages: 5

The Impact of Cyberbullying on Teens

Mendez-Baldwin, M.,  Cirillo, K., Ferrigno, M "  Argento, V. (2015). An Examination of Cyber-bullying and Social Media Use in Teens: Prevalence, Attitudes and Behaviors. Journal of Bullying and Social Aggression 1 (1). Retrieved from The Research Article, An Examination of Cyber-bullying and Social Media Use in Teens: Prevalence, Attitudes, and...

Words: 1011

Pages: 4

Cyberbullying and Body-shaming

Bullying Bullying is a term that refers to the behavior of a person to another where one person is regularly and intentionally harassing and harming another person. Bullying takes many different forms such as verbal, physical, and indirect/relational and also can take place on different platforms. In the past, harassment was...

Words: 1054

Pages: 4

The Causes of Cyberbullying

The development of technology has brought with it many benefits, but menace associated with it are worth a mention. With the growing the use of the internet, a new crime carried online has emerged. Bullying is a traditional criminal offense that involved intimidation and harassing of the victim. Children and...

Words: 1744

Pages: 7

Negative Effects of Bullying on Elementary or Middle School Students

Bullying has been a topic of great discussion across the world due to high numbers of cases reported. Approximately, one-third of students in elementary or middle school get to encounter bullying either as a bully, a victim or both. Bullying does not have a specific definition and might be physical,...

Words: 1560

Pages: 6

Bullying and Social Cognitive Theory

For ages, bulling has been and still is a significant social issue that has brought substantial concerns in the contemporary society. For the purpose of understanding bullying and how bullying can be reduced, it is vital that we review and critique the article “Reducing bullying: Application of social cognitive theory”...

Words: 747

Pages: 3

Prevalence of Bullying in Schools

Bullying is a prevalent issue that continues to affect students, families, schools, and societies. The impacts of bullying on an individual’s health can be grave, and it is, therefore, essential to recognize and establish interventions that will bring bullying to an end and make schools a safer environment for learning....

Words: 3705

Pages: 14

A Review of Peer Harassment and Coping

Newman, R. S. (2008). Adaptive and nonadaptive help-seeking with peer harassment: An integrative perspective of coping and self-regulation. Educational Psychologist, 43(1), 1-15. Newman, as the prime objective of this article, seek to examine the dilemma that students faces while in school when harassed and the approaches that most apply to counteract...

Words: 864

Pages: 4

My Experience of Bullying

My issue is bullying. Indeed from own past experiences, bullying affects all the aspects of a person. Cognitively, a person bullied feels low and inferior. Secondly, they tend to detach themselves from everyone due to fear of being bullied. The demeanor shown by the bullied persons thus is gloom and...

Words: 1313

Pages: 5

The Effects of Cyberbullying

Introduction With today’s technology, cyberbullying has become easier than ever, and children and youth of this generation do not need to have a personal confrontation. The use of internet has become one of the most vital factors of the information source and a platform where people can share or communicate their...

Words: 2201

Pages: 9

The Role of Bullying in Academic Performance

The issue of bullying has gained much attention nationally following the association of teen suicide with cyberbullying and school bullying prevalence. A study by Jankauskiene et al. which involving 1162 pupils from 6th to 11th grade found out that 56.5% of learners were associated with bullying, 16.3% were bullies and...

Words: 1213

Pages: 5

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