Genocide Explained

Genocide is not a new thing when mentioned and has existed for the longest time. By definition, Genocide refers to violent crimes which are usually committed towards a group or groups whose intent is to destroy the group and its existence totally (Goldhagen). Genocide is generally defined by the intentionally...

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Darfur genocide cause

Land conflicts between people who engaged in sedentary agriculture and semi-nomad lifestyles were the root cause of the Darfur genocide. Access to water was also a major factor in the massacre. Another war in the south of Sudan is also blamed for the genocide in Darfur. Between animist black southerners...

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The Jewish Persecution

Since the founding of the Jewish nation in the history of biblical life and in the contemporary state of Israel, where they adhere to specific practices and beliefs attributing to a religion, the Jewish culture, one of the oldest cultures, has a lengthy history of abuse and persecution. Jews have...

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An Essay About Human Rights

In this piece, the author makes an argument regarding genocide, a problem that the people of Rwanda faced as a result of political unrest. For instance, because the Rwanda Patriotic Front killed the animals, it was difficult to see creatures like dogs and cats. Similarly, only white people possessed dogs...

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This is a term used to describe violence directed at members of a national, racial, ethnic, or religious group with the intent of destroying or eliminating the entire group. While the situation in Darfur is complex, the co-factors relying on and underlying this humanitarian disaster/pandemic bear a striking resemblance to...

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Sudan's Gender Based Violence

In a not too distant past, the world was an entirely different place and era. Practices that are now regarded as horrific crimes were widely used up until the late 1800s. These acts included genocide, rape, slavery, war crimes, and the murder of unarmed civilians. Such methods were abandoned as...

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Dr. Milgram’s Controversial Study

Stanley Milgram, a psychologist, directed an scan focusing on the argument between obedience to expert and morality. Milgram analyzed avocations for research of genocide obtained by means of those charged at the World War II, Nuremberg War Criminal trials. Their resistance often depended on requests from their bosses. The experiment...

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Genocide is described as the act of intentionally murdering a large number of people in a specific country or ethnicity. In the 1948 UN Genocide Convention, the killing of an ethnic group, a racial or even a religious group deliberately refers to genocide as a murder. The first genocide in...

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