Essays on War

War essay may define war as an armed conflict. War essays state that war usually happens between countries or groups of countries, bus sometimes it takes place within a single country or a region of the country. Some war essay samples define war as an act of violence intended to force the opposing party to some action. Authors of essays note that wars are usually fought over territory or to expand the influence of the country. Essays on war sometimes cover modern methods of warfare, that differ tremendously from the ones that our ancestors used. Some methods of warfare are prohibited by international law due to their destructiveness or inhumane effects. Take a look at our war essay samples for extra information. We cover various topics on the war in the essay samples so you can easily find some useful ideas for your essay.

The Effects of Globalization on Terrorism

Thesis Statement:  Globalization has led to a broad range of negative effects including insecurity and increased levels of terrorism; effects on income distribution; loss of national identity; and competition which compels countries to dangerously lower environmental standards. Reference Citation (APA style required) Bauman, Z. (2008). Globalization: The human...

Words: 1684

Pages: 7

Analysis of the Aviation Industry During World War II

The aerospace corporate organizations of the U.S. had tremendous development in the wake of the Second World War. As of 1944, the aircraft had become the most significant manufacturing industry in the country. During this time the industry had exploited piston technology virtually to the limits. Up to now, the...

Words: 632

Pages: 3

Somali Civil War

Located at the horn of Africa, Somalia has witnessed one of the longest civil wars dating back from 1991. Prior to the inception of this conflict, the country had enjoyed a democratic and peaceful rule from its leaders, after gaining their independence from Italy and Britain. Modern-day Somalia is, therefore,...

Words: 678

Pages: 3

Role of Online Communication in Developing Resistance to Terrorism

            Online communication is a tool used by terrorists on coordinating attacks, spreading propaganda, raising funds, recruitment and sharing information. Online conversations, however, are useful in developing resistance to terrorism as they create an attempt for the discovery of justification of insurgency of the threat. Technological developments provide a form...

Words: 1725

Pages: 7

Conflict Resolution in Syria

Conflict resolution is the amicable settlement of a conflict between two people by finding common ground that is acceptable by both parties. In the solution, it is essential for the two parties to address the source of the conflict to eliminate a repeat of the same. Every disagreement is an...

Words: 2301

Pages: 9

Position on the US Attack on Japan during the World War II

The question that most war historians ask is whether America had grounds to retaliate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, considering the fact that they would be killing hundreds of innocent citizens in Japan. More importantly, the manner in which the retaliation was executed was rather controversial because...

Words: 953

Pages: 4

Clara Barton and Dr. Dorothy Height

Dr. Dorothy Height was born in 1912 and died in April 2010. She was an American administrator and educator. She dedicated her life to social work, especially civil rights and women rights activist. She gave special attention to the issues affecting the African American women like unemployment, illiteracy and voting...

Words: 607

Pages: 3

The Consequences of Armed Conflicts on Developing Countries

Armed conflicts in developing countries such as Sudan have severe consequences on the country's economy and the infrastructure. It leads to the damage of infrastructures such as roads and the cost of repairing is so high. War also leads to a reduction of human capital due to the increase in...

Words: 160

Pages: 1

The Holocaust and Humanity: A Story of Kindness and Humanity

Is it that someone lacks humanity? Does it cost to have humanity? Some people have shown humanity to others and become a blessing to the society. The Holocaust is a period where mass murdering occurred under the reign of the Nazis lead by Adolf Hitler. He aimed to wipe out...

Words: 367

Pages: 2

My Lai Massacre

The My Lai Massacre is arguably one of the worst military crimes in the 20th Century. Approximately 100 American soldiers raided a tiny village in the South Eastern side of Vietnam and massacred non-combatants who mainly consisted of children, women, and elderly men (Fox 29). The soldiers arrived in the...

Words: 1180

Pages: 5

The Rise and Fall of Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism refers to the hostility or discrimination against the Jews on racial or religious grounds (Britannica). Paulsson calls it the new racist version of the old Jewish-hatred. Semitic-speaking people include the Arabs, the Jews, the Ethiopians among others but anti-Semitic hatred is only directed at the Jews. Discrimination against the...

Words: 712

Pages: 3

The Theme of War in the Poem "For The Fallen" and "The Wound in Time"

Language used in poetry or the works of literature affects the audience differently thus interpretation can also vary. Interpretation of words used can lead to varying ideas about the feelings of the writer even when he/she has not indicated in the work (Mayo 131). This essay compares and contrasts use...

Words: 1716

Pages: 7

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