Essays on War

War essay may define war as an armed conflict. War essays state that war usually happens between countries or groups of countries, bus sometimes it takes place within a single country or a region of the country. Some war essay samples define war as an act of violence intended to force the opposing party to some action. Authors of essays note that wars are usually fought over territory or to expand the influence of the country. Essays on war sometimes cover modern methods of warfare, that differ tremendously from the ones that our ancestors used. Some methods of warfare are prohibited by international law due to their destructiveness or inhumane effects. Take a look at our war essay samples for extra information. We cover various topics on the war in the essay samples so you can easily find some useful ideas for your essay.

The burning of Cross burning was a Scottish tradition first adopted by Guerrilla groups such as Ku Klux Khan

Cross burning was a Scottish practice that was first embraced by guerrilla groups like Ku Klux Khan. It was supposed to frighten or intimidate the new freed slaves. This was also a way to assert the group’s dominance. The tradition was commended in a 1915 film about the birth of…

Words: 1304

Pages: 5

October 1962 and The Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962 marks the duration of the Cuban Missile Crisis. As a result of the clear and serious rivalry between two of the superpowers, the crisis was (United States and Soviet Union). It was during the Cold War when the incident took place. The two countries almost involved themselves in…

Words: 1479

Pages: 6

U.S. Nuclear Influence after World War II

U.S. Nuclear Influence after World War II Atomic modeling approach to the use of nuclear war warnings to fulfill strategic aims. This was the tsunami that shortly following World War II engulfed the rest of the world. This form of warfare was quite uncommon, not until 1895’s invention of the…

Words: 1896

Pages: 7

Airplane flight as a form of transportation

The earliest powered flight was produced the year before the start of World War I. Yet, during construction time, aviation’s advancement happened at a slow pace, enhancing the speed becoming apparent throughout the war. The time between the two world wars saw numerous advances in aviation (Donatelli, 2011). The change…

Words: 371

Pages: 2

Nuclear Weapons and North Korea

Nuclear bombs are still a source of contention today. Despite the fact that some may regard them as a regrettable relic or remnant of the Cold War. Nuclear-weapons states are clinging to them as tightly as they can, inventing new designs and functions for them. They’ve also proposed tiny arms…

Words: 2222

Pages: 9

The Cold War influenced American foreign policy.

Since the Second World War, the Cold War controlled America’s foreign policy. It was just Britain, the United States, and its allies who supported the policy. In 1947, a United States diplomat known as George Kennan established the method. The Soviet Union was described by Kennan as a belligerent, anti-western…

Words: 664

Pages: 3

Osama Bin Laden

Following the death of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011, the paper attempts to study the speeches of President Obama and the CIA director. It seeks to shed light on the two speeches’ underlying messages. The message in the “President’s Note on Osama Bin Laden” The landmark announcement of Osama…

Words: 908

Pages: 4

The Bulge Fight and Fascism in World War ii

The Second World War is mostly remembered as the moment when countries united against the tyranny of Hitler, the most famous tyrant in Germany. Germany will attempt to occupy and dominate neighboring countries under his rule in the hope of becoming the greatest nation of all times. Around the same…

Words: 2057

Pages: 8

A literal analysis of All the light we cannot see

All the Light We Can’t See begins in the media res, a Latin term that means “pop” in the center of things. The story blends the depiction of the bombing of Saint-Malo with the protagonists of the stories to depict the city’s chaos and uncertainty when the bombing starts. While…

Words: 1877

Pages: 7

The Cuban Missile Crisis

In October 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred as an outcome of the direct and deadly battle between the United States and the Soviet Union, two worldwide superpowers. The incident happened during the Cold War. Throughout this disaster, the two lands almost involved themselves in a nuclear war. When the…

Words: 1540

Pages: 6

Injustice and Warfare

The paper compares and contrasts two factors of the story “An occurrence at Owl Creek” by Ambrose Bierce and “Guests of the Nation” by Frank O’Connor. The story with the aid of Ambrose presents a man by the mane Farquhar who is about to be hanged for his readiness to…

Words: 933

Pages: 4

United States role on global stage

In that post, the generals who led the army were aware of America’s intentions. It reveals that the bombing of Hiroshima was not due to other interests as a result of war nuts. They claim the Hiroshima bomb was dropped to save the life of thousands of Americans who were…

Words: 660

Pages: 3


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