Essays on War

War essay may define war as an armed conflict. War essays state that war usually happens between countries or groups of countries, bus sometimes it takes place within a single country or a region of the country. Some war essay samples define war as an act of violence intended to force the opposing party to some action. Authors of essays note that wars are usually fought over territory or to expand the influence of the country. Essays on war sometimes cover modern methods of warfare, that differ tremendously from the ones that our ancestors used. Some methods of warfare are prohibited by international law due to their destructiveness or inhumane effects. Take a look at our war essay samples for extra information. We cover various topics on the war in the essay samples so you can easily find some useful ideas for your essay.

The Role of Humanitarian Action in the Process of Peace Building and the Role It Plays in Prolonging Conflicts

There have been different views about the role of humanitarian action in the process of peace building and the role it plays in prolonging conflicts. Consequently, this section will examine how humanitarian action affects the regions affected by civil war negatively in terms of how it causes more harm than...

Words: 4892

Pages: 18

Impacts of International War on Terrorism on Human Rights

The war on terrorism has currently been intensified due to the rise in deaths and destruction that arise from terror attacks in the United States of America. Most measures that have been employed to deal with terrorism often touch on intelligence gathering and surveillance. In recent years, however, such measures...

Words: 1040

Pages: 4

The Impact of Carbon Offsetting on Aviation Industry

The first project on carbon offsetting took place in 1989. The project was undertaken by Applied Energy Services where commitment to plant 50 million trees were made in Guatemala. In exchange, consent to construct a power station fired by coal would be granted (Smith, 2007, p. 14). Nonetheless, it took...

Words: 1277

Pages: 5

War in Chad

I looked at the orange sun as it shone lazily in the horizon. The town would be dead quiet were it not for some loose roofing of a house across the street that was dancing at any slight breeze that blew. The weak rays of the sun fell on me,...

Words: 2420

Pages: 9

Manipulation of War Memory as a Political Weapon: Post-War Lebanon as a Case Study

Literature Review: The ramifications of the Civil War in Lebanon continue to be felt today. The purpose of this dissertation is to illustrate and critically examine how war memories can be manipulated and used as a political weapon. While previous scholars have explored this issue in some depth, the case of...

Words: 1850

Pages: 7

The Just War Theory

The Just Cause Principle In the seven jus ad bellum principles, the one that I find most compelling is the “just cause.” The “Just Cause” principle is the most convincing because it supports the right to self-defence against aggression in assisting the attacked allies as the probable justification for war. A State...

Words: 350

Pages: 2

The Just War Theory

In the seven jus ad bellum principles, the one that I find most compelling is the “just cause.” The “Just Cause” principle is the most convincing because it supports the right to self-defence against aggression in assisting the attacked allies as the probable justification for war. A State has the...

Words: 334

Pages: 2

Explaining the Causes of Terrorism

There are many ways that evil can be defined based on different perspectives such as cultural, religious, and even the psychological point of view. All in all, the term evil describes the acts that can be considered as morally wrong, wicked or horrible. Usually, these deeds entail one party acting...

Words: 2413

Pages: 9

Suicidal Behaviour Prevalence in Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD

IntroductionSuicidal behavior, which includes repeated thoughts and feelings of ending one’s life (suicide ideation); the actual incident of trying to end one’s life (suicide attempt); or ending one’s life (completed suicide), is more prevalent in veterans diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and other psychiatric disorders such as depression...

Words: 1495

Pages: 6

Just War Theory and Pacifism

On a daily basis, many people die due to water scarcity around the world. Poor people are suffering of water shortage, while the rich consume enormous amounts. In most cases, insecurity, instability, and conflict in many countries are brought about by water scarcity. Technological advancement is changing the mode in...

Words: 593

Pages: 3

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Aside from the World War II that was fought with ammunition, there were many more wars (verbal and non-verbal) surrounding the main war; wars on morality and religion, wars on whether to please the electorate or take a firm individual stand, wars on liberation and equality of gender, class and...

Words: 1304

Pages: 5

The Impact of World War I on the Modern World

“World War I shattered the dominance of Western Civilization. Although the West would endure, its empires would collapse over the next several generations.” In my view, this statement from the textbook implies that the first world war led to the destruction of Western empires and created several new states by...

Words: 329

Pages: 2

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