Essays on Cold War

Cold War essay covers a period in world history from 1946 to 1989 that is known by the confrontation between two political blocs led by the USSR and the USA. Cold War essays state that after World War II, the world was divided into two spheres of influence – USSR wished to expand the outreach of communism, while the opposite party tried to contain it. Essays on Cold War go into detail about the events of the war. As countries felt the need to build up their military potential, an arms race started. Essays note that after both sides acquired enough nuclear weapons to guarantee mutually assured destruction, the conflict came to an end. There is much to be said about the events of the Cold War – our Cold War essay samples cover it in detail, so feel free to check them out. We listed our best essay samples below.

Korean War

Different Western and Eastern Power philosophies served as the foundation for the Korean War. Both the Soviet Union and the United States of America reviewed their respective objectives in Korea. The National Security Council (NSC) of the United States produced Document 24.1 in December 1949. The US President uses the National...

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Pages: 4

McCarran Act

The Cold War, U.S. internal security, and growing communist nationalism were all causing tension at the time the McCarran Act was enacted. The legislation aimed to combat the danger of a domestic subversion and the rapidly escalating communism. A communist organization had to register with the Attorney General under the...

Words: 609

Pages: 3

The Vietnam War

In the first episode of the Vietnam War, which lasted from 1858 to 1961, the Vietnamese revolutionaries headed by Chi Minh put an end to a century of French colonialist rule. As the cold war heats up, we witness the division of Vietnam in Geneva. While America backs Ngo Dinh...

Words: 2040

Pages: 8

The Cold War Essay

After World War II, there was a unique kind of conflict called this one. The cold war, which involved intense political, economic, and ideological disagreements between nations without engaging in any military combat, was nonviolent in contrast to the violent and lethal World War II. The main reason for this...

Words: 957

Pages: 4

The History of the affluent Society of the United States

The history of the United States from 1950 to 1960 is examined through the lens of the affluent society by talking about its economic success, the civil rights organizations, its conformity, and cultural critics. The time period covered by this history includes the impact of Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon,...

Words: 1777

Pages: 7

The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America by Stephen G. Rabe

The Killing Zone: The United States Wages Cold War in Latin America, by renowned scholar Stephen G. Rabe, provides a detailed account of what happened in Latin America during the Cold War era. The book is widely praised for its in-depth analysis and criticism of the US government's then-regional policies....

Words: 1318

Pages: 5

About Cold War

Shortly after the Second World War, the Cold War came to a close. It's essential to remember that the Cold War between the US and the USSR was distinct from other wars in that it involved a diplomatic struggle. One historian, Fleming, describes the cold war as something that only...

Words: 612

Pages: 3

The Influence of the Cold War on the Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement had a commonality that had an impact on the cold war both directly and indirectly, as well as the other way around. Many African Americans did not have the same rights as their white American counterparts during the cold war, and there was outrage about the...

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Pages: 4

No Child Left Behind Act Of 2001

The cold war fueled competition between the United States of America in a variety of fields, including armories, nuclear weapons, education, and space exploration. The successful launch of Russia's Sputnik spacecraft in October 1957 prompted calls for reform in the United States' national education system. President John F. Kennedy proposed...

Words: 2252

Pages: 9

the war between Somalia and Ethiopia

During the Cold war, the war between Somalia and Ethiopia was crucial in defining the course of the East African region. To begin, one must understand that Somalia was attempting to create a Greater Somalia by annexing regions of Ethiopia and Kenya populated by Somali-speaking ethnic populations. Despite being well-funded...

Words: 1559

Pages: 6

The cold war

The term "cold war" refers to a period in history during which major countries such as the United States and the Soviet Union competed militarily and politically. The cold war period of 1974-1991 was followed by the significant, impacting decades of years ahead globally. Warfare such as the Korean War...

Words: 3067

Pages: 12

The Second World War

The Second World War brought about a significant shift in the world's political and economic landscape. Following the war, significant political realignment occurred, shaping the future of international relations. According to Lebow, the events of World War II convinced significant political forces in Europe, America, and Asia of the importance...

Words: 1761

Pages: 7

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