Essays on Civil War

When writing a Civil War essay, remember that this devastating war influenced America greatly. Civil War in the United States lasted from 1861 to 1865. Civil War essays explain that it was a political and military confrontation, resulting from the conflict between the northern and southern states over slavery. Most essays on Civil War note that seeds of the war were planted in 1860, when Republican leader Abraham Lincoln, who advocated against slavery, won the presidential election. Slave-owning leadership of southern states did not accept the political program of the new administration and formed the Confederate States of America. Essays state that the Civil War was the result of an exacerbation of economic and socio-political contradictions. After the end of the Civil War with the victory of the northern states, slavery was abolished. We listed some various Civil War essay samples with more helpful information for you. Please check out our essay samples below.

Elizabeth Blackwell – Medical Pioneer and Civil War Hero

Elizabeth Blackwell was a pioneer in the field of medicine. She became the first woman to receive a medical degree and a membership in the General Medical Council. Blackwell was also the first woman to be listed on the Medical Register. Learn more about her life and career. Also, learn…

Words: 765

Pages: 3

The Killer Angels and Gettysburg

Michael Shaara’s novel about the Civil War is one of the most important novels of the modern era, and it’s had a profound impact on the way we perceive war. The novel was a key influence on the film Gettysburg, as well. Here’s a closer look at some of the…

Words: 512

Pages: 2

civil rights movement

When the civil rights movement is mentioned in a discussion, nearly everybody in the audience thinks about Martin Luther King Jr. and his commitment to the movement. Many young Americans equate the Reverend from Montgomery with the efforts and commitment made in the pursuit of freedom and justice for American…

Words: 2487

Pages: 10

The Reconstruction era came after Civil War

The Restoration period followed the Civil War and aimed at reuniting Union and Confederate states, which had divided the nation in two. Deep disputes over Restoration policies helped to further polarize both factions. The Southern states, mainly affiliated with the Confederacy, had been severely defeated and damaged by the North-aligned…

Words: 1518

Pages: 6

The Great Gatsby Paper

Fitzgerald (1925) explores the American dream concept in his novel The Great Gatsby. This strategy was devised shortly after the Civil War ended, as everyone hoped to prosper. The term “American dream,” as used by the author, conjured up images of a society that could provide limitless opportunities to everyone,…

Words: 1484

Pages: 6


Americans’ lives had an inequality depending on where they lived. In many ways, life in the suburbs differed significantly from living in cities or on farms. During the Civil War, many Americans relocated from the suburbs and farms to the emerging cities, searching for greener pastures. People from Poland, Germany,…

Words: 476

Pages: 2

Civil War’s Post industrialization

The Industrial Revolution that befell in the 19th century considerably changed America’s way of lifestyles and had a profound impact on the subsequent world economy. Industrialization is the method by using which a society transforms from an agricultural-based financial system to a manufacturing-based entity. It spurred the country’s financial growth,…

Words: 1864

Pages: 7

Injustice and Warfare

The paper compares and contrasts two factors of the story “An occurrence at Owl Creek” by Ambrose Bierce and “Guests of the Nation” by Frank O’Connor. The story with the aid of Ambrose presents a man by the mane Farquhar who is about to be hanged for his readiness to…

Words: 933

Pages: 4

Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek

Ambrose Bierce, the protagonist of An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge, is one of the enduring writers whose works stand over contemporary literature. The novel, which was first published in 1890, is about the American Civil War period and the horrifying experiences between soldiers and American civilians (Evans 8). The…

Words: 1872

Pages: 7

How does War and Peace effect on Foreign Aid

The repeated civil war which has prevented Somalia from advancing has also described Somalia. The collapse of the government in 1991 resulted in violent power disagreements between existing political forces. Over the years, especially, a large number of people were displaced and warlords redirected assistance. Even in the capital, Mogadishu,…

Words: 984

Pages: 4

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