Essays on Civil War

When writing a Civil War essay, remember that this devastating war influenced America greatly. Civil War in the United States lasted from 1861 to 1865. Civil War essays explain that it was a political and military confrontation, resulting from the conflict between the northern and southern states over slavery. Most essays on Civil War note that seeds of the war were planted in 1860, when Republican leader Abraham Lincoln, who advocated against slavery, won the presidential election. Slave-owning leadership of southern states did not accept the political program of the new administration and formed the Confederate States of America. Essays state that the Civil War was the result of an exacerbation of economic and socio-political contradictions. After the end of the Civil War with the victory of the northern states, slavery was abolished. We listed some various Civil War essay samples with more helpful information for you. Please check out our essay samples below.

The Role of Humanitarian Action in the Process of Peace Building and the Role It Plays in Prolonging Conflicts

There have been different views about the role of humanitarian action in the process of peace building and the role it plays in prolonging conflicts. Consequently, this section will examine how humanitarian action affects the regions affected by civil war negatively in terms of how it causes more harm than...

Words: 4892

Pages: 18

International Response to Sri Lankan and Nepalese Civil Wars

The Sri Lankan Civil fight was the armed rivalry between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The insurgency was fighting for the independence of Tamil state which is situated on the northern and eastern part of the island. However, the battle lasts for 26 years of...

Words: 3008

Pages: 11

The Reconstruction Era

During the Civil War in America, Abraham Lincoln came up with a plan to reintegrate the Southern States into the Union called the “10 Percent Plan.” The model stated that a state could be reinstated into the Union when ten percent of the 1860 votes cast in that particular state...

Words: 1193

Pages: 5

The Role of The Soviet Union in The Nigerian Civil War

The Nigeria Civil War of 1967 to 1970 is a significant event that drew much international concern. It was significantly caused by the struggle for power between Nigeria state and the civilians of Eastern Nigeria. The war had severe effects including loss of life and property which led to a...

Words: 2520

Pages: 10

Ta-nehisi Coates on The Importance of The American Civil War

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Ignored Issue of Slavery Ta-Nehisi Coates appears to ignore the issue of slavery but concentrates on issues such as the Jim Crow segregation. Considerably, it is important to note that with slavery, the white community used to execute it blatantly. In this case, when Africans were being...

Words: 226

Pages: 1

Confederates in The Attic

In his book “Confederates”, Tony Horwitz gives his personal experiences of his fascination with Confederacy during the Civil War. Tony’s fascination began when he was at a very tender age in the New Haven Connecticut. He narrates to his reader his personal account as a child, how he read, wrote...

Words: 656

Pages: 3

Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation of Emancipation

I Abraham Lincoln, hereby proclaim that the war will be prosecuted to restore the constitutional relation between the United States and the citizens. From 1st January 1863 henceforth, all slaves in the ten states that are still in rebellion will be free and will be safeguarded by the executive government of...

Words: 429

Pages: 2

The Life Story of Frederick Douglass

Fredrick Douglass' Early Life Fredrick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland in a slave family. According to him, he was not so sure of his exact year of birth as he was separated from his mother at birth. However, he knew it is between 1817 or 1818 because he must have...

Words: 1203

Pages: 5

The Westward Expansion and the American Civil War

American expansionism also regarded as westward expansion refers to the period of confederation when the USA was extending its borders to the west. The United States of America civil war was fought between 1861 and 1865. The war broke out in 1961 after the election of President Abraham Lincoln where...

Words: 1426

Pages: 6

Somali Civil War

Located at the horn of Africa, Somalia has witnessed one of the longest civil wars dating back from 1991. Prior to the inception of this conflict, the country had enjoyed a democratic and peaceful rule from its leaders, after gaining their independence from Italy and Britain. Modern-day Somalia is, therefore,...

Words: 678

Pages: 3

Clara Barton and Dr. Dorothy Height

Dr. Dorothy Height Dr. Dorothy Height was born in 1912 and died in April 2010. She was an American administrator and educator. She dedicated her life to social work, especially civil rights and women rights activist. She gave special attention to the issues affecting the African American women like unemployment, illiteracy...

Words: 614

Pages: 3

The Evolution of American Protest Music

The Evolution of American Protest Music The American protest music has historical underpinnings and characterized the historical transition of the nation from one era to another. The analysis of the use of rhetoric from the time of Yankee Doodle to Kendrick Lamar shows how the revolution and social change undertones embedded...

Words: 363

Pages: 2

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