Essays on Foreign Aid

Material Aid Approach by Pogge and Singer

In today’s world, global poverty is a problem. People do not understand who is to blame for the danger and how material assistance can be given. Thomas Pogge and Peter Singer served on material assistance projects. Singer discussed justice responsibility while Pogge concentrated on the natural law. The essay attempts…

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Health Care, Human Capital and Lending Institutions

In order to improve the social, economic and political well-being of Kenya, foreign funding organizations such as World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have played a key role. As it aligns with country emphasis on achieving a Vision 2030, the position of international funding agencies is obvious. In the…

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Human Capital, Health Care, and Lending Instituations

Globally, developed countries face different problems that have a negative effect on the lives of people. Thus, in order to ensure that they undergo social, economic and political growth, these nations need financial assistance from foreign lending institutions. Kenya, a developing country in Africa, is one of the nations that…

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How does War and Peace effect on Foreign Aid

The repeated civil war which has prevented Somalia from advancing has also described Somalia. The collapse of the government in 1991 resulted in violent power disagreements between existing political forces. Over the years, especially, a large number of people were displaced and warlords redirected assistance. Even in the capital, Mogadishu,…

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