Essays on Foreign Aid

China- Africa Infrastructure Investment

The Aim of the Paper The aim of the paper was to find out the reasons behind the China-Africa infrastructural investment. Establishing the Drivers In order to establish the drivers, the researcher conducted an exploratory research examining what previous scholars had instituted using research objectives and questions. Secondary data thus became the main...

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The Effect of Foreign Aid to Economic Performance of Eastern African Countries

Evidence of the ineffectiveness of foreign aid is easily observed in the African Countries. The deliberation and research on the effectiveness of this foreign assistance is still and ongoing debate and perhaps it may still go on for a long period of time. Going back to the post second war...

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Does Foreign Aid to East Africa Help to Improve the Region's Development?

As stated by the Global Policy Forum (2018), International aid offers a key element of development financing. Official Development Assistance plays a fundamental role in supporting the public infrastructure, health, education, and agricultural sectors in developing countries. The dissertation seeks to prove that despite the benefits, foreign aid to East...

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Foreign Aid: Pros and Cons

While foreign Aid is one tool for economic development, some of the international aid programs have come under criticism because of benefiting the donor country over the recipient country. Evidently, there are many positive effects of the foreign aid programs. However, the majority of this programs are always tied to...

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The Effects of Peace and War on Foreign Aid in Morocco

War and Peace: Effects on Foreign Aid in Morocco War often presents a series of conflicts between communities, which usually leads to societal disorders, excessive aggression, and high mortality. Often, war is orchestrated by the wrangles between different members or factions of a society with the intention of rearranging the material...

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The Role of International Lending Institutions in Fostering Economic Development

The availability of resources in a country is one of the major requirements for the implementation and improvement of relevant health policies. Ideally, financial resources are important in balancing healthcare services in a given population. However, most countries do not have this privilege and they, therefore, depend on the international...

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Foreign aids

Foreign aid has become a hot topic, with supporters claiming that some countries are growing overly reliant on such financial assistance. This study seeks to analyze potential solutions and alternatives. The goal of such an assessment is to identify whether there are any alternatives to foreign help. There have been...

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World Bank

Even though beneficiaries and donors of foreign aid have the best intentions for their individual countries, when institutions are damaged, they might become aid-dependent. A study using equilibriums discovered that the institutional capacity of nations is important when considering the assistance that would be provided. A short-term reduction in aid...

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Foreign aid

Foreign aid is any type of support sent to developing nations to aid in or promote their social, political, and economic advancements. This includes financial, humanitarian, military, and technological aid. Developed nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, and China among others frequently give aid abroad. Foreign help has...

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Material Aid Approach by Pogge and Singer

In today's world, global poverty is a problem. People do not understand who is to blame for the danger and how material assistance can be given. Thomas Pogge and Peter Singer's Perspectives on Material Assistance Thomas Pogge and Peter Singer served on material assistance projects. Singer discussed justice responsibility while Pogge concentrated on the...

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Health Care, Human Capital and Lending Institutions

In order to improve the social, economic and political well-being of Kenya, foreign funding organizations such as World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have played a key role. As it aligns with country emphasis on achieving a Vision 2030, the position of international funding agencies is obvious. In the...

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Human Capital, Health Care, and Lending Instituations

Globally, developed countries face different problems that have a negative effect on the lives of people. Thus, in order to ensure that they undergo social, economic and political growth, these nations need financial assistance from foreign lending institutions. Kenya, a developing country in Africa, is one of the nations that has gained...

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