As President of the United States what would you do?

Withdrawal from NATOWithdrawing from NATO will be one of the most tragic choices taken by the President. Withdrawal ensures that the geopolitical climate of West Europe will change dramatically, as will the rest of the world. In fact, the US is expected to lose the bulk of its strategic allies...

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NATO Plans to Increase Its Presence in Ukraine

NATO's Plans to Increase Presence in Ukraine NATO, the Western security alliance, has recently announced plans to increase its presence in Ukraine. The alliance was originally created in 1949 to counter Russian expansion in Europe after World War Two, but has expanded to include a wide range of former Soviet allies...

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NATO's New Asia Focus

Although NATO is a military alliance, its main focus is diplomacy and talking to other nations. It works to resolve conflicts without using force and to defend democratic values. Its members are both military and non-military experts who work to prepare for upcoming threats and challenges. If a country joins...

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