Essays on Emergency Management

plan for contingency

A contingency is any unanticipated or unplanned occurrence that might or might not occur throughout the future. It is an occurrence that is normally outside the organization’s reach and can have an effect on its organizational operations as well as other procedures. The most important realization of disaster preparation is…

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Phase of Preparation

The preparation process offers a forum for policymakers and partners to build ” (FEMA, 2014). The six phases in the emergency planning process include: ” (FEMA, 2013). The amount of commitment to be implemented in the six separate phases of the planning process is recommended by FEMA. FEMA provides the…

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state of Alaska emergency operation

My class assignment is to study and critique the 2016 emergency activity in the state of Alaska. Understanding the situation is the planning phase stage that will assist me most with my project. This phase requires the detection of a specific place’s dangers and risks. The method of risk management…

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