Essays on Accident

Railroad sabotaged 1995

On October 9, 1995, a section of the railroad running through the vast desert of Arizona was sabotaged, causing an Amtrak train carrying 268 passengers to derail. One crew member was killed in the disaster, while at least 100 others were injured. The train derailed in the middle of the...

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The Aloha Airlines Flight 243 accident

The crash of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 is one of the most remembered incidents in the airline business. On April 28, 1988, at 1346hrs, a Boeing 737-200, N73711, operated by Aloha Airlines Inc. as flight 243, experienced an explosive decompression and subsequent structural failure at 24,000 feet while flying from...

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investigation of an aircraft accident

This document is an investigation of an aircraft accident involving a Zonk Air Charters aircraft. A pilot and four passengers on board were killed in the collision. The twin flight took off from Tahoe Airport around dusk, when the weather was not conducive to a flight launch. The clouds were...

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Overview of Clinical Situation

This paper focuses on a clinical practice incident that occurred at a healthcare facility in my state. For the sake of privacy, I will refer to the hospital as Healcare Community Hospital and the dialysis nurse officer in charge of the facility's kidney dialysis unit as Abby. She had been in...

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What needs to be done to resolve SMS problems.

To reduce the airside risks of car accidents and collisions on the apron, harm to ground personnel, and damage to airside equipment and aircrafts, CAP790 regulations and guidelines should be considered. Businesses who hire ground handlers and personnel who operate airside equipment should make certain that their employees have an...

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Role of risk management within the homeland security enterprise

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks. The basic goal of risk management is to ensure that uncertainty does not detract from company objectives. The environment of homeland security in the United States is complex, with several requirements, incentives, and interests that must be balanced and...

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National Incident Management System

In the event of an airport accident, the following national incident management systems are likely to be activated: operations, planning, logistics, and finance administration systems (Walsh, 2012). In the implementation of the operations' systems, in the event of an airport accident, the various operational procedures would be used to ensure...

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The Roles of a Safety Professional

It is your duty as a safety expert to make sure that everyone who works in that facility or location has a safe and healthy workplace. I would like to participate in the identification and management of dangers as a safety professional. This can be achieved by analyzing the OSHA...

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Hazard Control

Hazards control has been used as a tool to enhance the workstation's working environment. Numerous accidents that occurred at the company resulted in lawsuits from the parties harmed. The management resisted paying the wounded employees' claims for compensation. However, the company's new leadership structure provided a chance to start implementing...

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Health and safety program in workplaces

A plan of action that is created to prevent illnesses and accidents at work is known as a health and safety program. The program entails the evaluation of hazards that may affect the welfare, health, and safety of workers, clients, contractors, guests, and suppliers. To ensure that the job reaches...

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safety professional roles

It is your duty as a safety expert to make sure that everyone who works in that facility or location has a safe and healthy workplace. I would like to be a part of hazard detection and control as an SP. It can be carried out by looking at the...

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About Manufacturing Facilities

The management program modification is an effort to develop an appropriate framework that will assist the plant floor personnel in comprehending the hazards affecting their working activities (Helms, 2000). The management of the production facility has already acknowledged the drawbacks of the earlier techniques by installing cantilever storage racking. A...

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